Juvenile Medical God Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Legal Sanction

“If you continue shrieking, it will be very difficult for me guarantee their obedience.” Qin Lang said coldly to Fu Yingxiao.

After Fu Yingxiao heard this, she quickly shut up.

Ss Ss~Ss Ss~

At this moment, only the sounds of the snakes swallowing their displeasure could be heard inside the room.

Qin Lang said to Fu Yingxiao and Lin Xiaoquan: “Both of you are frequently involved in the business of carnal pleasures, so I assume your acting are certainly not bad. Now, I need you to display your specialities and play a scene. I want you to very naturally drink wine and chat all about Sang Kun and An Desheng’s instructions to you regarding those shady businesses. Stage props have already been prepared by Qiang bro.”

Han Sanqiang unscrewed a bottle of red wine and poured Fu Yingxiao and Lin Xiaoquan both a glass of wine, and while handing it to them, he coldly snorted: “More than five hundred per bottle, you two are cheaper!”

“Big brother……..we are only minor characters, you want to fight against Sang Kun and An Desheng, don’t involve us.” Lin Xiao Quan showed herself to have been in the mixed path, she vaguely guessed the kind of dispute she was being drawn into.

But Fu Yingxiao, however, was unaware of the situation, she only knew that she had to follow Qin Lang’s commands, or else, she would certainly become these snakes’ food.

“Quan sis, time is very precious for us, I can’t waste it to play with you. You have two options, either you don’t speak and these hungry snakes will play with you; Or, you do what I say.” Qin Lang spoke very calmly, there didn’t seem to be even a bit of threat.

“We will do as you say!”

Lin Xiaoquan and Fu Yingxiao spoke in unison because they felt these snakes advance towards them again.

“Good, if you do as I say, I won’t make things difficult for you——Qiang bro, turn on the background music.”

At Qin Lang’s ‘conduct’, Han Sanqiang turned on KTV’s jukebox, a very popular background music slowly echoed out.

Qin Lang immediately blowed a whistle and made those snakes withdraw to the side for the time being.

Fu Yingxiao and Lin Xiaoquan drank two mouthfuls of red wine to forcefully calm down and then the two gradually entered the mood. At this time, Lin Xiaoquan said to Fu Yingxiao: “Yingxiao, aren’t there any new beautiful girls in the art school these days? Brother Sang Kun and Master An are hoping you could deliver two ‘new commodities’ to have a fresh taste.”

“Quan sis, I am looking for it. That’s right, there is a girl that has been coming to study in our art school since a few days ago to prepare for art majors examination——However, Quan sis, after this is done, how much will I receive?”

“Old rates! Ten thousand!” Lin Xiaoquan gestured with her fingers.

“But that girl is really good——”

“If she is especially outstanding, can increase by five thousand!”


The two were drinking on one hand while talking about these dirty businesses.

At the same time, Han Sanqiang was filming this with a video camera.

And Qin Lang was leisurely sitting on a sofa and solemnly directly this movie.

Qin Lang felt this way of ‘extorting a confession’ was really good since it would not fall under the extorting a confession by torture crime. Moreover, this evidence was even more convincing.

Soon, Qin Lang obtained what he wanted to know.

What Zhou Lingling and Wang Yue said previous was confirmed now, Lin Xiaoquan and Fu Yingxiao were looking for beautiful girls from the art school under the orders of Sang Kun and An Desheng, then they would lure them into depravity or directly force them to give up under drugs. Jiang Xueqing was precisely the target that was being watched by Lin Xiaoquan and Fu Yingxiao, but their plans were, however, destroyed by Qin Lang.

After getting the evidence, Qin Lang placed the poisonous snakes in an iron cage and then he gave a call to Tao Ruoxiang: “I have considered it properly, I should trust the police. We will bring these two girls and the evidence to the police!”

“You…….you said you won’t make things difficult for us.” Fu Yingxiao said furiously to Qin Lang.

“I won’t make things difficult for you but whether police will do so or not, I don’t know.” Qin Lang said indifferently, “Of course, I don’t mind if you want to remain here and sleep among the poisonous insect.”

“You…...you……” Fu Yingxiao was seething with anger but she didn’t dare to flare-up in front of Qin Lang because although she hated Qin Lang, she also feared him, afraid that he would release the poisonous insects again to deal with them.

Tao Ruoxiang hadn’t thought Qin Lang would change his decision this quickly so gratefully praised him: “Student Qin Lang, you made the right decision. Although this world has dark sides, you cannot doubt everything.”

“Teacher Tao, you were correct so I changed my decision. We will go to the police station to report the case.” Qin Lang smiled and nodded.

Tao Ruoxiang nodded her head and the two decided to go report the case to the southern street’s police station which was rather close to Seven Mid.

It was already over seven at night and there were police working in the police station. An on-duty young police heard Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang’s purpose, and replied: “Since this case occurred in the Ouhai Art School, why didn’t you report it over there?”

When Tao Ruoxiang heard this, she immediately got angry: “You! Police comrade, you are clearly passing the ball to another!”

“Miss, I warn you not to make irresponsible remarks!” The police stood up and shouted, “I am handling this according to the regulation, what’s wrong with it!? Let alone, when we police handle things, do we need you to point directions? Originally, I intended to help you contact some police over at that police station to quickly file your case but you don’t want to speak reason. So I am sorry, you think of it by yourselves!”


Qin Lang hadn’t imagined that a little police would be so unbridled, when he said these words, he was simply bursting out with a tyrant’s anger.

Qin Lang was thinking of calling Wu Wenxiang to let this little police know what was a true tyrant’s anger but at this time, Tao Ruoxiang had already taken out her cell-phone and called someone: “Hello——Is this Lu Jun? I am Tao Ruoxiang…...director Lu, I ran into a bit of problem and called you for a favor. I ran across a case and this case is a bit complicated. I originally wanted to report the case today and talk with you about it tomorrow but how would I know that your on-duty police would not file the case……..”

One minute ago, the on-duty police was still showing off with tyrant’s anger but when he heard ‘Lu Jun’, he immediately became dejected because Lu Jun was this police station’s director! Nothing like having a connection to smooth the way, how could the on-duty police not be afraid when he was dealing with his boss?

“Little Li, quickly bring water to the two comrades——ah, I better bring it myself, you two please take a seat……”

The on-duty police ordered an assistant police to pour water for Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang but he quickly felt that it was not proper so he personally brought two water cups and poured tea for Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang. Then, he made someone lock Fu Yingxiao and Lin Xiaoquan in the restraining room, and began to file the case.

After almost ten minutes, a police car arrived and a young police officer entered the police station with great strides. The on-duty police immediately stood up when he saw this person: “Director Lu, you came.”

“If I didn’t come, you would have completely destroyed the civil police’s image!” Lu Jun sternly reprimanded the on-duty police, “Someone comes to report a case and you don’t file it!? By tomorrow morning, you need to turn-over ten thousand words of profound self-criticism to my office!”


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