Juvenile Medical God Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Legal Sanction II       

Seeing Lu Jun reprimand the on-duty police so severely, Tao Ruoxiang felt apologetic, and persuaded: “Director Lu, senior Lu, it is only a small matter, you didn’t have to personally make a trip. And moreover, this police has already filed our case.”

“Right, right, my approach was bad, I have already learned my mistakes.” The on-duty police promptly explained.

Lu Jun snorted and the on-duty police trembled with fear.

Qin Lang saw this Director Lu was really impressive, although he was only a Director, the aura he gave off was formidable. No wonder, he was able to get the Director’s position at such a young age.

And honestly speaking, this Lu Jun’s appearance was also good; 180 cm in height and with the police uniform on, he looked a little heroic.

Qin Lang had good impression of Lu Jun but Lu Jun’s first sentence gave rise to Qin Lang’s dislike.

Because Lu Jun actually called Tao Ruoxiang by her first name ‘Ruoxiang’, this was clearly ‘Sima Zhao's trick is obvious to every man in the street’. Looks like this guy also had intentions towards Tao Ruoxiang, he was unexpectedly a wolf wearing police uniform, Qin Lang immediately started to pay attention to him.

“Ruoxiang, tell me about this case. Don’t worry, I will put all my effort to deal with this case properly without violating the principles.” Lu Jun said, he gave people an awe-inspiring righteousness feeling.

Tao Ruoxiang clearly believed in Lu Jun, hence, she informed everything about the case to Lu Jun and handed all the evidences.

Soon after, Tao Ruoxiang said, jokingly: “Senior Lu, you will achieve significant merits if you solve this case and even get a promotion. Don’t forget to treat us then.”

“Haha…...of course, of course.” Lu Jun said, smiling, “You can be at ease, I will personally focus on this case!”

Tao Ruoxiang was completely relieved upon hearing Lu Jun’s words and as she felt her work was a success, she took Qin Lang and left.

Ponytail dropped Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang to the school’s gate.

Qin Lang asked Tao Ruoxiang at this moment: “Teacher Tao, you really believe An Desheng and the other related people will receive legal sanction?”

“Yes, I believe in it!” Tao Ruoxiang nodded her head, “Moreover, Director Lu was my senior in the university, he is a righteous person. I believe he can definitely handle this case and produce quick results.”

“I hope so.” Qin Lang nodded his head but his heart was thinking otherwise.

Qin Lang dropped Tao Ruoxiang to her dormitory and then called Han San Qiang: “Qiang bro, make preparations to deal with Sang Kun!”

“Great, Qin bro! I thought you didn’t want to make a move.” Han San Qiang said with excitement, Sang Kun had instigated Man Niu to deal with him so he was quite eager for revenge.


“Qin lang, you have finally returned.”

When Qin Lang returned back to his dorm, he found that Zhao Kan was unexpectedly not playing games.

Zhao Kan was still in an excited state: “Qin Lang, I really didn’t think you knew Han San Qiang and moreover he calls you ‘Qin bro’, you are really awesome!”

“Zhao Kan, you were excited for half a day for this?” Qin Lang looked at Zhao Kan with astonishment.

“Not just due to this.” Zhao Kan said, smiling, “In fact, I was thinking since you were so familiar with Qiang bro, then I don’t need to be afraid when I am reckless in Xiayang City in future, right?”

“What the f*ck!? Is this what you want to do in future?” Qin Lang snorted.

“Qin bro, ……..I have thought about the future.” Zhao Kan said, smiling, “With my grades, I know I definitely won’t be able to enter the key universities. At most, I will spend money to join a crappy school and afterwards, I can only carry on my father’s business and make small accomplishments at Xiayang City. But to do business now, one should be familiar with both black and white paths, otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to take a single step.”

“You want to take on the black path to do business? Isn’t your family in the construction business?” Qin Lang was puzzled.

“This was also said to me by my father.” Zhao Kan said, “My father said; don’t think of construction business as easy, every aspects need to be considered, using the white path to spend money for all kinds of paperwork is just the beginning, if you don’t have any connection to the black path, then it will be difficult to protect your warehouse from being stolen or even be burned…….”

“Okay, how can there be such darkness?” Qin Lang said, “Is your father not against you entering into the mixed society?”

“You are joking, right? Of course, he is not against it. He told me there was no need to care if the path is dirty, everything is same, because black and white simply don’t have a boundary. So long as you are able to  be blend together with the top people, you will have succeeded! That is how you get success!”

“This is your father and son’s values. No wonder your father instigated you to go to the Pure Beauty Bay?”

Hearing Qin Lang speak of the Pure Beauty Bay, Zhao Kan’s expression immediately darkened, he sadly said: “Qin Lang, let’s not talk about that place.”

Zhao Kan then turned around to look beyond the balcony and sighed: “This feeling could have become a memory but it has come and gone before I realized!”

Qin Lang knew Zhao Kan was heart-broken because of Zhou Lingling’s ‘death’. After all, he was secretly in love with her and he had hated her due to her depravity, but now he was blaming himself as he remembered her.

“Zhao Kan——” Qin Lang intended to comfort Zhao Kan.

“Qin Lang, ‘gather sweet flowers while you can, and not the twig of flowers’.” Zhao Kan was apparently in a poetic mood at this moment, “Lives should be lived to the fullest. Don’t delay in chasing after the one you like, quickly get her! So, Qin Lang, I support you chasing after teacher Tao!”

“F*ck!” Qin Lang had originally wanted to pretend to comfort Zhao Kan, but he didn’t expect this guy to actually make him the subject of a talk. Anway, Zhou Lingling was not dead, Qin Lang also didn’t wish to comfort Zhao Kan anymore. Changing the topic, he asked, “That’s right, didn’t I ask you to investigate the one responsible for spreading the rumors at the school saying that I had an affair with Zhou Lingling? Have you made any progress with it?”

“I have already found the culprit.” Zhao Kan said, “You may not believe it, but the one who gave me the clues was actually Zhao Guang. I remembered that he wanted to handle you on your first day at school.”

“Not bad.” Qin Lang said, “Everyone can change. So, lay it on me, what clues did you obtain?”

“Zhao Guang informed me that there is eighty percent probability of this news being spread by the guy with surname ‘Cai’. Because the first person to jump out and curse at you was someone with pretty good relation with the young Cai.” Zhao Kan said.

“Good, then tell Zhao Guang to continue to have good relation with the guy with surname Cai, and inform you if there is any activity.” Originally, Qin Lang had not put that young Cai in his eyes, but this guy spread harmful rumors at that time which led to Qin Lang being taken to the police station. This was enough proof that this kid could scheme, and so he couldn’t be totally ignored.

Old Poison had said previously: “It is possible for an insignificant poisonous insect to kill a martial arts expert.”

These words were a warning to Qin Lang to not ignore any opponents. Because even a small thumbtack can pierce through your foot.

“Oh, Qin Lang, you don’t intend to conceal your whereabouts? Why are you swaggering back to the school?” Only at this moment, Zhao Kan realized that Qin Lang was on release for medical treatment, and right now, he had many enemies waiting to handle him.

“There is no need to conceal it. Anyway, the opposite side should have already gotten the news.” Qin Lang calmly said. Because after he and Tao Ruoxiang went to the police station to report the case, everything should have already been brought to light. Unless Sang Kun and An Desheng were deaf or blind, they would quickly know what happened.

Now, what Qin Lang was doing was precisely waiting for legal sanction to fall on Sang Kun’s and An Desheng’s head. If that didn’t happen, he could only carry out his own way to give them more crueler punishment than the law.

The result ought to be clear by tomorrow.


Sima Zhao's trick is obvious to every man in the street - a person's supposed hidden intention is so well known that it is not really hidden.

gather sweet flowers while you can, and not the twig of flowers - Do what you can today cause tomorrow who knows if the situation won't turn bad.


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