Juvenile Medical God Chapter 47

                Chapter 47 Unexpected

Next day, morning, self study class. Qin Lang was at the class but it didn’t cause any uproar, contrary to what he had imagined.

The pitiful student Qin Lang, only then, realized that he was actually not famous at Seven Mid. It was the same even at his own class eleven, a lot of students couldn’t even connect him with his name.

The first period was barely halfway through, when Tao Ruoxiang suddenly entered the classroom, then she said few words to the teacher and took Qin Lang out of the class.

Once they were out of the school building, Qin Lang asked Tao Ruoxiang: “Aunt Tao, what did you call me for? You seem to be very happy, did something good happen?”

“It is a good thing, indeed.” Tao Ruoxiang said, smiling, “I have no choice but to admire Senior Lu’s efficiency and methods in handling a case! He deserves to be called a great talent of our  Southern China University of political science and law. In a single night, he solved the case! In one night! Really amazing! However, he still has something he wants to be clear about from us, to finally conclude the case. Hence, I could only take up some of your study hours.”

“Oh?” Qin Lang was also a bit shocked, he didn’t imagine the Lu Jun to be this amazing, this was really like ‘pass like thunder and move like wind.’

Qin Lang thought in his mind ‘could this guy be deliberately showing in front of Tao Ruoxiang to win her favor?’ If that’s the case, it seemed to be working cause Tao Ruoxiang looked to be happy, admittedly. But this would be inconvenient for Qin Lang’s next actions because he had promised Old Poison to take control of the entirety of An Desheng’s properties and make this guy be penniless.

Not long after, the two reached the Southern street’s police station.

Lu Jun invited Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang to his office, moreover, asked someone to make them tea.

“I am sorry to have taken up both of your time. I called you here, first to understand the situation at that time; second is to inform you guys about the case results, and conclude the case.” Lu Jun was very polite and his voice made people want to listen to him.

“Director Lu, you are too polite. The circumstances of the case are the same as we told before and it was also filed at the same time. But if Director Lu still needs to clarify it, we can reiterate it again.” Tao Ruoxiang said, smiling.

“Since Teacher Tao says so, there is no need to go through this process again.” Lu Jun smilingly said, “Then I can say our Police department’s investigation has reached a verdict; with our investigation, Lin Xiaoquan and Fu Yingxiao really were suspects in coercing young females to commit crimes. Moreover, they also sold drugs, the evidence is conclusive. Hence, they will quickly be sent to the prison. Their accomplices will also be brought to justice! As for these bad elements, our public security department will definitely take severe measures against them!”

After speaking till here, Lu Jun stopped.

Tao Ruoxiang thought Lu Jun was still going to say more, but after waiting for Lu Jun to take several sips of the tea, she found that he didn’t speak anymore. Thereupon, she couldn’t help asking: “That……. what about Sang Kun and An Desheng? Aren’t they the masterminds behind this?”

“Sang Kun? An Desheng?”

Lu Jun couldn’t help frowning, he looked grim, “Teacher Tao, I know this Sang Kun, he is a ruffian at the train station area and indeed not a good person. But currently, we don’t have any evidence to his crimes, so we can’t just arrest him when we like, right? As for An Desheng, he is a decent businessman. Teacher Tao, do you have any misunderstandings about him?”

When Lu Jun said this, Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang immediately became flabbergasted. However, Qin Lang actually felt relieved because he had already thought that Lu Jun couldn’t have truly gotten to the bottom of the case this quickly. He knew the current efficiency of the civil police to solve a case had yet to improve. Hence, Lu Jun closing the case this quickly showed that him that looked like he was possessed by Lord Bao was just for show.

Qin Lang was relieved but not Tao Ruoxiang. She had graduated from University of Political Science and Law, so she was not able to put up with such half-hearted work of Lu Jun. She knew that Lu Jun was no fool, he was a talent of the Criminal Investigation major, it was impossible for him to not know of Sang Kun’s involvement!

“Decent businessman? An Desheng has become a decent businessman?” Tao Ruoxiang’s tone was full of anger, she stood up and glared at Lu Jun, “Director Lu, you are a talent of Criminal Investigation major, I don’t believe that you don’t have the ability to connect this reasoning!”

Lu Jun’s complexion fell upon listening to Tao Ruoxiang, he then spoke, displeased: “Teacher Tao, since you also studied Criminal Investigation, you should know our police system requires evidence for everything, right? You say An Desheng is guilty, but where is the evidence? We are not the judge, even if we were the judge, we need to pay particular attention to evidence, in this modern society!”

“Isn’t it your duty as a police to look for the evidence!?” Tao Ruoxiang said furiously, “Does an ordinary citizen need to collect the evidence to convict the criminal when reporting a case? If it is like that, then what do we need the police for?”

“Teacher Tao ——” Lu Jun heavily slapped the  desk, he said with a dark expression, “You have no right to blame our way of handling the case! I can’t say anything if you are not satisfied! I won’t bother seeing you out!”

“Teacher Tao, the director is correct, we should believe in equal justice, believe in police.” At this moment, Qin Lang suddenly opened his mouth and his tone was unusually calm.

Tao Ruoxiang also knew there was no meaning in continuing to dispute, so she turned around and walked out of the director’s office with Qin Lang.

Out of the police station, Tao Ruoxiang snorted: “Qin Lang, why did you compromise just before? Why didn’t you let me argue?”

“Is there any meaning in arguing with him?” Qin Lang said, calmly.

Tao Ruoxiang immediately became speechless. Indeed, since Lu Jun insisted on closing up the case, what could Tao Ruoxiang do?

“But, we can’t forget about this just like that!” Tao Ruoxiang said with hate, “People like An Desheng who go as far as kidnapping minors are simply worse than a beast. These guys must receive legal sanction!”

“But how will they receive legal sanction?” Qin Lang sighed, “You also saw Director Lu’s manner just before, they showed clearly that they wouldn’t continue to investigate this. Are we going to wait for the day when he has a change of mind? I am afraid many innocent girls would suffer a calamity in that time.”

“Right!” Tao Ruoxiang seemed to have decided as she said, firmly, “We need to continue to look for evidence! Until we tie all these scums with the rope of law! Qin lang, just wait till we find the evidence and I will deliver the evidence to the Provincial Public Security Department, I don’t believe that even the Provincial Public Security Department won’t move against these people!”

“Good.” Qin Lang nodded his head, he didn’t dispute with Tao Ruoxiang because with regard to the present conditions, he also needed evidence to deal with An Desheng.

After the two agreed on the opinion, Qin Lang said to Tao Ruoxiang: “Aunt Tao, you are a professional person in this aspect, where should we go to gather the evidence now?”

“Straight to the dragon’s lair——Pure Beauty Bay!” Tao Ruoxiang said.

“Be careful——”

Right at this moment, Qin Lang suddenly pushed Tao Ruoxiang gently. At Tao Ruoxiang’s shocked gaze, she only saw a motorbike whizzing from behind and a knife slashed at Qin Lang.

“Qin Lang ——”

While falling to the ground, Tao Ruoxiang shouted loudly, she couldn’t say if her heart was anxious or moved, because she knew Qin Lang had taken her place in blocking off this disaster.


Lord Bao - A character known for his honesty.


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