Juvenile Medical God Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 Wounded


The knife gave off a brilliant light, as it streaked through Qin Lang’s shoulder and carried dark red blood with it.

Qin Lang lifted his right foot and struck the biker’s helmet.


The biker fell down from his motorcycle, the motorcycle screeched and smashed against a roadside tree.

Qin Lang covered his injury with his arm and approached the biker. He removed the already unconscious biker’s helmet and then used his cellphone to take the latter’s pictures.

Qin Lang was confident this guy was Sang Kun’s trusted subordinate, as this guy was an Uighur.

Tao Ruoxiang caught up at this moment and looked at the injury in Qin Lang’s left arm with concern: “Qin Lang….. sorry …… let’s go to a hospital quickly!”

Seeing Tao Ruoxiang being concerned for him, Qin Lang suddenly laughed.

Tao Ruoxiang had felt like crying, but she didn’t expect Qin Lang would laugh at this moment, so she couldn’t help but get angry: “You …… what are you laughing for!? You still dare to laugh at such a moment!?”

“I am happy because you are so concerned for me.” Qin Lang was still laughing. That knife attack just now seemed fierce, but since Qin Lang could push aside Tao Ruoxiang in advance, he also could make advance preparations. Hence, that knife attack had only caused superficial wound. And to Qin Lang, exchanging this little injury for Tao Ruoxiang’s concerned feelings was totally worthwhile.

At the very least, in Qin Lang’s opinion, this attack by Sang Kun’s subordinate had shortened the distance between him and Tao Ruoxiang by several mountains.

“Still laughing! Hurry to the hospital!” Tao Ruoxiang snorted, someone had already called for police and the police that rushed over turned out to be Lu Jun.

Lu Jun had hurried over, after receiving the news.

“Sorry, teacher Tao, we didn’t do our duty properly, and let you be frightened. It seems we need to increase the forces to deal with the criminal elements!” Lu Jun gave a long sigh.

However, Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang already had enough of Lu Jun’s hypocritical righteous face that could cause nausea. Tao Ruoxiang coldly said: “Sorry, director Lu, student Qin Lang is injured, I need to take him to hospital!”

“Okay, don’t delay the treatment.” Lu Jun smiled faintly, “Teacher Tao, criminal elements are running wild nowadays, let us, police, handle the case. Don’t take matters into your own hands, so as to avoid retaliation from those criminal elements.”

These words seemed to be showing worry for Tao Ruoxiang, but in reality, he was saying Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang’s private investigations could not only interfere with police’s duty, but also attract retaliation from the criminals. Hence, these words were a warning to Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang.

“Many thanks for director Lu’s warning.” Tao Ruoxiang coldly snorted, and left with Qin Lang.

“Aunt Tao, there is no need to go to the hospital, I only got a flesh wound.” Qin Lang assured Tao Ruoxiang.

“That won’t do, it is better to go to the hospital to check.” Tao Ruoxiang was still worried.

“There really isn’t anything to worry about.”

“Not okay! At least, go to the school medical office to have it bandaged.” Tao Ruoxiang said, “I will bandage it myself!”

Since Tao Ruoxiang said she would personally bandage him, Qin Lang didn’t resist anymore, there was a sweet feeling in his heart.

Inside the school’s medical office, there would usually be a doctor surnamed Wang and a young, petite nurse named Han Ning.

Seeing the blood stains on Qin Lang’s clothes, Dr. Wang promptly stood up and shook his head: “Sigh, why do you, youngsters, frequently get into fights these days? Even using a knife, at that! Really —— if this knife wound was just a bit more fierce, you would have lost your arm, do you understand!?”

Dr. Wang was scolding Qin Lang, but Tao Ruoxiang’s eyes were getting redder, as she thought of how Qin Lang had nearly lost his arm for her, she really didn’t know how to express her thanks to him. Moreover, Tao Ruoxiang was a shrewd person, she knew the reason they suffered this misfortune was because the news of them going to the police station, yesterday, to report the case was leaked. If she had listened to Qin Lang and did not go to report the case temporarily, then today’s misfortune might not have happened.

“Dr. Wang, thank you for your warning, I will pay attention in the future.” Qin Lang faintly smiled, he didn’t seem to feel any pain at all.

“Youth —— forget it, us old people’s words will only fall on your deaf ears.”

Dr. Wang apparently felt Qin Lang was already incurable, so he didn’t wish to preach anymore. At this moment, Tao Ruoxiang spoke: “Dr. Wang, that’s not what happened, Qin Lang was slashed by a gangster only because he was protecting me.”

Hearing Tao Ruoxiang, Dr. Wang and Han Ning felt deep respect for Qin Lang.

Nowadays, even at Seven Mid, they could see many students getting into fights. They had come across many people that had the courage to cut down others, but they rarely saw someone who would stand for a just cause and take the attack for another person. Qin Lang took the knife attack for his teacher, this courage was really worthy of admiration!

“Kid! Admirable!” Dr. Wang gave a thumbs up to Qin Lang and then, made Qin Lang take off his upper clothes carefully. Like this, it would be much easier for him to check the injury, disinfect it and bandage it.

“Wah! Your muscles are really firm!”

When Qin Lang took off his jacket, the young nurse, Han Ning couldn’t resist praising his body.

Tao Ruoxiang had only been paying attention to the seven-eight centimeter long wound on Qin Lang’s arm, but with the young nurse’s praise, she couldn’t help but look at Qin Lang’s muscles.

Qin Lang’s muscles were truly firm; although they were not as exaggerated as the body-builders, every parts were clearly defined. The whole body gave a very good sensation and made people feel these muscles were full of formidable energy.

This was also the truth. Many martial practitioners didn’t have exaggerated muscles, like those of bodybuilding stars, but a true martial practitioner’s strength far surpassed those bodybuilders’. Hence, muscles were the same as other stuffs, more big didn’t mean more strength.

By this time, the young nurse had already used disinfectant and cleaned his wounds.

Throughout the whole process, Qin Lang hadn’t frowned even once.

“Really tough!” Han Ning couldn’t help praising Qin Lang again, “Each time I use disinfectant on people, even if it was just a cut from pencil sharpener, those people would all scream like pigs being slaughtered. But you didn’t even groan, really amazing!”

“With such a beautiful nurse sister treating me, how could I have the effort to pay attention to anything else?”

Qin Lang jokingly teased the young nurse. As far as Qin Lang was concerned, this little pain could not be considered to be anything, the true pain was when he was forced by Old Poison to cultivate poison arts. By comparison, this pain was the same as an ant bite.

“Haha, you can really talk, huh, but too bad, I already have a boyfriend, otherwise I might have really considered it.” Han Ning didn’t feel embarrassed at all, but instead gently felt the muscles on Qin Lang’s stomach.

“Dr. Wang, does he need to go to a hospital?” Tao Ruoxiang was still a little anxious.

“No need, young people have powerful recovery, so long as there is no infection, it will take half month for complete recovery, at most.” Dr. Wang spoke.

“Good, then Dr. Wang can apply the treatment medicine and I will bandage him.” Tao Ruoxiang intended to keep to her word, and personally bandage Qin Lang’s wound. This made Qin Lang feel very happy.

However, Qin Lang refused the Yunnan Baiyao, which Dr. Wang was holding, and instead, took out a small bottle which contained pale brown powder, and applied it on his wound. After that, he asked Tao Ruoxiang to bandage it.

Tao Ruoxiang was a graduate of criminal investigation field, she naturally had ordinary first-aid knowledge. She didn’t dare to say that her bandaging skill was professional, but she was rather familiar with it, so she quickly finished up bandaging Qin Lang’s wound.

Qin Lang observed that Tao Ruoxiang had a deeply concerned and distressed expression while bandaging his wound, he felt very good in his heart, but also immediately felt that he was a little too ‘mean’, because he could have completely avoided that knife attack.

But, if Qin Lang was given the same choice again, he would definitely make the same choice!


Yunnan Baiyao - a medicine for stopping bleeding


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