Juvenile Medical God Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 Snakes Commotion Pill

Having ran into an annoyance, Tao Ruoxiang couldn’t help but burst out with swear words.

In Tao Ruoxiang’s view, a place like Pure Beauty Bay club definitely wouldn’t have advanced network security, because it was a place of entertainment, after all. Moreover, the boss of such places wasn’t likely to spend too much money at such a pointless thing. However, Pure Beauty Bay club actually had rather advanced wireless network security, this meant that they had definitely asked for a professional to upgrade their network security.

But, this also stirred Tao Ruoxiang’s pride, as she said to Qin Lang: “Forget what you heard just now. I need to contact a friend who will give me access to login into the cloud computing server, and then I will be able to break in, no matter how long their password is …....”

Tao Ruoxiang seemed to have went into a trance, as she connected with her friend and entered a series of calculations, then she waited.

Almost half an hour later, she finally cracked the password and was able to login into Pure Beauty Bay club’s wireless network

Following which, she entered Pure Beauty Bay club’s mainframe computer through various loopholes in the network, and then she started downloading the data.

Image after images appeared in Tao Ruoxiang’s laptop, these images were precisely the profiles of those young girls, or also the so-called ‘menu list’. Along with these menu lists, there were also the prices.

However, Qin Lang was worried that these were still not enough to destroy An Desheng, so he reminded Tao Ruoxiang: “According to Pure Beauty Bay’s server, they only offer companions to drink and sing along with, and not the ‘that kind’ of service, as that is completely up to the customers and the young girls’ private discussion ……”

Covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell!” Tao Ruoxiang snorted in disdain, “This is just a clever trick! Even if they were more crafty, their income and expenditure account will show the holes.”

After saying that, Tao Ruoxiang opened a document which had just finished downloading, and said to Qin Lang: “Look, they say it is private transactions between the customers and the young girls, but they are taking way too much profit, hence so long as these accounts are carefully checked, I am hundred percent certain of finding the problems!”

When she had just finished speaking, she suddenly said: “Not good, they have found out! They have closed the mainframe server, we need to quickly leave! Anyway, they discovered only now, it’s already too late for them!”

Tao Ruoxiang threw the laptop to one side and quickly climbed into the driver’s position and started the car.

However, two cars along with two motorbikes also suddenly rushed out from Pure Beauty Bay’s underground parking area, then they chased after Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang’s car. It seems they already discovered that someone had stolen and downloaded their data, so they immediately set off on a chase.


Within tens of minutes, the rear part of the Santana had already been bumped roughly by the counterpart’s car.

Though Qin Lang’s kungfu was pretty good, the same couldn’t be said or his driving skill; after all, he still didn’t have driver’s license.

On the contrary, Tao Ruoxiang was very calm; steadily driving the car, without a slightest bit of fear.

Naturally, in Qin Lang’s view, there was indeed no need to have much fear, because reality was different from movies where the pursuers chased with guns and firearms.

But just as Qin Lang had this thought, he saw a motorbike had already approached the car from the left side and the biker was taking out something, and Qin Lang didn’t like this situation. Previously, Man Niu had gotten hold of a gun through Sang Kun, could this guy also have one?

With this thought, Qin Lagn didn’t dare to be careless; pulling out a wrench from inside the car, he fiercely threw it towards that biker.


The wrench struck its target, and due to the sheer force, that biker’s helmet was almost smashed open. The front part of the helmet exploded, and the biker immediately lost control, the other vehicles hit the brakes as the motorbike skated along the highway, creating bright sparks.

Tao Ruoxiang took the opportunity to slam the accelerator and increase the gap from the two cars in the back, speeding towards the bridge.

But Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang both knew, this was only a temporary break away from the counterparts, as they would soon be chased again.

“Qin Lang, what do we do?” Tao Ruoxiang asked, “There is traffic light at the bridge, that’s definitely a traffic jam!”

“Then let’s get off the car with the evidence!” said Qin Lang.

“They are too many!” Tao Ruoxiang reminded Qin Lang.

“Did you not train kungfu? What are you afraid of!?” Even at such a moment, Qin Lang joked.

Tao Ruoxiang also didn’t know of what else to do, she could only stop the car after they reached the bridge. Then she followed Qin Lang and they ran along the river bank.

Although Qin Lang was carrying Tao Ruoxiang’s black suitcase, his speed was not affected in the slightest.

However, Pure Beauty Bay club’s people also didn’t give up in their chase. Qin Lang clearly saw this group was comprised of eight people and there was also a biker who was riding along the river bank, he was clearly observing Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang’s position.

Since the river was ‘nourished’ with garbage, long and dense reeds had grown in the river bank, Qin Lang took Tao Ruoxiang and entered the clusters of green reeds.

Like this, even if the counterparts had guns or such weapons, they wouldn’t be able to use it properly, because they simply couldn’t see Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang’s specific position. But, this group of people were not idiots, that biker stopped at a high place to observe Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang’s position. Additionally, the eight people entered the clusters of reeds from different directions, intending to force Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang out of the reeds.

“Qin Lang, they are too many, they will find us sooner or later. It is disadvantageous to play hide and seek here!” Tao Ruoxiang thought it was not wise of Qin Lang to choose to hide here. She felt that they should have escaped to city area where there would be many people.

Qin Lang didn’t explain why they had ran into here. He said to Tao Ruoxiang while smiling: “Don’t worry, they will quickly be out of luck! Do  you still remember that I told you the Clear Sky mountain where Zhou Lingling was residing in, is in fact, the safest place?”

Tao Ruoxiang nodded her head.

“Do you know the reason?” Qin Lang grinned, then he took out a pigeon-egg sized red pill from his waist bag and threw it at the ground. That pill fell on a pebble and popped, bursting out with red mist and also, carrying a bizarre fragrance.

“Qin Lang, what are you doing ——”

Tao Ruoxiang watched Qin Lang with amazement, she thought what Qin Lang did had clearly exposed them, wasn’t this asking the enemy to come over!?

Sure enough, when Tao Ruoxiang raised her, she saw that biker on the river bank had already discovered this smoke, and was calling the other eight people to notify Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang’s whereabouts.

Tao Ruoxiang was anxious, but her mind moved quickly: “Qin Lang, are you deliberately using the smoke to draw their attention, so that we can take advantage of it and escape from a different route? Right, feint and pretend to go east while in reality attacking west, your way of thinking is pretty good, let’s leave quickly!”

“Aunt Tao, do you think I am such a boring person? Just to handle these bandits, do we need to misdirect them and play hide and seek?” Qin Lang smiled, “I will tell you the answer to that question just before, that is because there are a lot of snakes in the Clear Sky mountain. And, at this place too, there are many snakes! The pill I smashed just before is called ‘snakes commotion pill’, you will quickly learn its use.”


Covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell - Deceiving oneself. The story behind this idiom : http://chinablog.cc/2010/07/plugging-ones-ears-while-stealing-a-bell/


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