Juvenile Medical God Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 Drawing a snake out of its hole

What Qin Lang said was correct, as Tao Ruoxiang soon learned about the Snake Commotion Pill’s use. This thing was true to its name, it really caused a ‘snake commotion’; after this pill burst, it seemed that all kinds of snake in the cluster of reeds, in the river and even holes, were alarmed. Not only that, all of these snakes were very quickly gathering towards Qin Lang’s location.

Unfortunately, the other eight guys also had gathered towards Qin Lang’s position.

In this way, as far as these alarmed and irritable snakes were concerned, they were obstructions in their way. Under these condition, these snakes clearly would not forgive these eight guys.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Within a short period of time, blood-curdling screams echoed out from within these cluster of reeds, along with shouts and curses.


Sounds of snakes’ crawling and spitting could be heard all around, Tao Ruoxiang already felt absolutely horrified just from listening to these sounds. One could imagine what had happened to those eight guys by now.

“Don’t worry, they won’t bite you.” Qin Lang gently held Tao Ruoxiang’s arm, in a timely manner, hinting her to not worry.

Tao Ruoxiang knew Qin Lang was taking advantage of the situation, so she fiercely glared at him.

“Ahh ——”

Right at this time, a person madly yelled and rushed out of the cluster of reeds, he was running on one hand while pulling off the snakes that had coiled around his body.

Among the eight people, this guy had the biggest courage, he actually broke through the group of snakes’ encirclement, but it was not sure how many snake bites were on his body. When he was fleeing, he was practically like a madman!

Moreover, a small group of snakes were tailing him.

The guy who was observing from the river bank was terrified when he saw this situation, and without caring for whether his comrades died or not, he started off his motorbike to run far away.

“Qin Lang, these several guys should have all been attacked by the snake groups by now —— will they die?” Tao Ruoxiang began to be anxious for the enemies. It was not be cause her heart was like the Holy Mother’s, but she knew that if these several guys died, it could cause inconvenience to her and Qin Lang.

“Don’t worry, they shouldn’t die.” Qin Lang calmly replied, “There are not many poisonous type snakes in Xiayang city, let alone when they are gathering so suddenly. Well, if their luck is bad, then they might really die, that would be their own bad luck. Anyway, it is none of our business if they die from these field snakes’ bites!”

Qin Lang knew if it was Old Poison, he would make sure to especially command those poisonous snakes to poison these guys to death.

Because the way that Old Poison dealt with his enemies could be summed up in five words: Kill to the last one!1

Naturally, Qin Lang also wasn’t kindhearted and merciful, but he knew that if these people were killed, it would definitely bring unnecessary troubles. Hence, he didn’t really want their lives, but he knew that after today, these guys will definitely have nightmares for their whole lives!

Soon after, Qin Lang gave a low-pitched whistle, those irritated snake groups gradually calmed down, the snake movements in the cluster of reeds also gradually disappeared, Tao Ruoxiang was horrified, as she asked: “You ……. How did you do that?”

“It’s nothing more than a small trick to drive snakes away.” said Qin Lang indifferently.

Indeed, as far as this poison sect’s disciple, Qin Lang, was concerned, repelling the snakes was simply an insignificant skill.

“Small trick?” The shock on Tao Ruoxiang’s face had still not disappeared, “You are actually saying this is a small trick? This method of yours can be considered to be a supernatural power! How did you learn this skill?”

“My master taught me.” said Qin Lang, “My master is an eccentric doctor, he went to countless places in his early years and saved numerous peoples’ lives. Like that, one time, at a mountain, he saved the life of a son of a person who could repel snakes, so the counterpart taught this snake repelling skill to him, and he taught it to me.”

“It was that simple?” Tao Ruoxiang didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Yes, it was that simple.” Qin Lang replied with confidence, then he changed the topic, “Let’s leave here quickly, otherwise there will be more inconveniences.”

“Okay.” Tao Ruoxiang nodded her head and the two people quickly left the cluster of reeds. Qin Lang then said to Tao Ruoxiang, “ By the way Aunt Tao, the evidence we have this time, could you make a copy of it and give it to me?”

“What are you up to?” said Tao Ruoxiang, “I know I made an error in judging people, last time, but this time, I intend to hand the evidence directly to the Provincial Public Security Department. I guarantee that I absolutely won’t let those criminals get away with their crimes!”

“This …….. It is not that I don’t believe you.” said Qin Lang, “An Desheng has been able to live safe and sound till now, it is clear that there are black sheeps among the police department, even that Lu Jun could be one of them. It is not bad that you will hand the evidence to the Provincial Public Security Department, but I am afraid the grass will sway as long as there is wind, these black sheeps would immediately go into hiding and by the time the people of the Provincial Public Security Department arrived, they would have all slipped away.”

Actually, Qin Lang said this in hopes of finishing the following affairs according to his arrangements, because he must complete the mission given by Old Poison, otherwise Old Poison would be true to his word and kill Tao Ruoxiang! Although Old Poison cared for the master and disciple relation between him and Qin Lang, he had not even a little sympathy towards others!

“There is some reason to your words.” Tao Ruoxiang seemed to be moved, but was a little doubtful, “If I give the evidence to you, what do you intend to do with it?”

“I intend to begin from the internal system of Xiayang city.” said Qin lang, “Do you know why I smoothly got a medical release this time?”

When Qin Lang said this, Tao Ruoxiang felt baffled because although there was a provision for medical release, it was a complicated process and for a person who didn’t have any connections, medical release is simply a matter of legend, almost the same as waiting for life imprisonment to end.

“I have an uncle who is a member of the standing committee.” In order to dispel Tao Ruoxiang’s doubts as quickly as possible, Qin Lang immediately provided the answer.

“So it was like that.” Tao Ruoxiang suddenly understood, “No wonder, you were able to come out so quickly —— Alright, I will make a copy of the evidence and give it to you. However, if you aren’t able to make any progress, I will take these evidence to the Provincial Public Security Department.”

“Don’t worry, there definitely won’t be any problems.” Qin Lang complied, his heart was happy.


“All of you, useless!”

At the top floor of Jianglan mansion, an angry bellow suddenly resonated within a large office that overlooked the river.

There was a forty something years old middle-aged man sitting on the office boss’s chair. At a first glance, this person looked to be a very accomplished businessman, but at this moment, he was releasing a violent aura from all over his body, he definitely wasn’t a benevolent type.

A youth who was steaming with violent and murderous aura, was standing beside him. If Qin Lang was here, he would immediately recognize this guy as Chen Gang.

Like that, the one sitting on the boss’s chair was certainly An Desheng!

The rest of the people didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, when they saw An Desheng’s anger.

“Speak! How did the data get stolen!?” An Desheng said furiously, “Didn’t the office find a professional to upgrade the security!? And this idiot, how did you not discover it earlier!?”

“Master An ….. Please forgive me, I worked overtime yesterday evening, so I felt asleep today and didn’t notice the invasion …..” A bespectacled youth was trembling as he replied.


An Desheng suddenly stood up and slapped that bespectacled youth causing blood to splash out of that youth’s nose, “Useless! What a shame for you to be a graduate of computer major! If you were not my distant relative, I would have made people throw you down from here!”

“Master An ….. Forgive ….”

“Shut your mouth!” An Desheng shouted, then he looked at another injured person, “How did this happen? Nine people and you couldn’t even deal with a ruffian kid and a woman!?”

“Master An …… it was really odd, we also don’t know how it happened but a large group of snakes attacked us inside the cluster of reeds.”

“Attacked by snakes?” An Desheng furrowed his brows, seemingly thinking of something.

“Yes, master An, if not for that, we would have already captured them.” That person promptly explained.

“With you useless people!?” An Desheng coldly snorted.

Right at this time, the office phone rang, Chen Gang picked up the phone and then asked for instructions from An Desheng: “Master An, the reception below said someone called and is asking for you, saying he had your lost items.”

An Desheng seized the phone receiver and immediately spoke: “Kid, you are dead! There has never been anyone who can threaten me!”

An Desheng then hung up the phone and said to Chen Gang: “Go and capture that woman!”

Chen Gang nodded his head, he was just about to leave when An Desheng again called him: “Forget it, let Zhang Guanrong find people to deal with this! He has taken our money, so he will help us avoid any disasters! Otherwise, humph ——”


1 Raws has it as four words, but couldn't make a cool translation with just four words, so I edited it to five words.

Drawing a snake out of its hole - An idiom, it means to expose the malefactor.

my and I - In italic writing, because it means 'your father' or an arrogant way of denoting yourself.


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