Juvenile Medical God Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 Big Gift

Qin Lang hung up the phone, he couldn’t help shaking his head; An Desheng was much more calm than he thought and was even more of a crafty old goat. Qin Lang had thought that as long as he had these evidence, he could force An Desheng to make a deal with him and then take the opportunity to control him and seize his assets. But he didn’t expect this old thing would not even give the chance to negotiate, this was out of his expectations.

“Could this old thing really have an extremely strong backer? Is that why he is fearless?” Qin Lang guessed inwardly, this matter seemed to be more challenging than what he had anticipated.

Thinking for a while, Qin Lang decided to join up with Han San Qiang and first deal with Sang Kun, who was An Desheng’s pawn.

However, he couldn’t let Tao Ruoxiang learn of this, hence he dropped her off at the school and repeatedly warned her not to leave the school rashly.

Only after that, Qin Lang went to Golden Dragon Palace to meet Han San Qiang.

“Qin bro, you finally came.” Han San Qiang complained, “I wanted to wait for your news, so I didn’t open my business for these two days, and now, others are thinking my business has gone bankrupt!”

“Ah’Qiang, no need to complain so much.” said Qin Lang, smiling, “Not opening the business for two days won’t cost you too much. Wait till we take care of Sang Kun and An Desheng, our assets will at the minimum, increase by more than double, and you still care about such little loss?”

“Ah …… Qin bro, you are finally prepared to make a move?” Han San Qiang was itching to have a go, “So long as Qin bro, personally brings up the rear, no matter if it is Sang Kun or An Desheng, they will all be swept clean!”

“Since you have so much confidence, I will let you deal with Sang Kun.” Qin Lang smiled.

“What!?” Han San Qiang was shocked, “Qin bro, if you don’t help us, our odds of success won’t be big! At best, both sides will suffer.”

“What if we add Man Niu’s subordinates?” asked Qin Lang.

“Then we should have seventy percent of chance in dealing with Sang Kun, but what of An Desheng?” Han San Qiang was not stupid, he at least clearly understood the disparity between the strength of his enemies and him.

“I will personally handle An Desheng!” said Qin Lang, “You and Man Niu, go tidy up Sang Kun, dead or alive! This is your chance to take revenge!”

“Alright! This will be a heck of a fight! Sang Kun, that bastard will definitely die!” Han San Qiang seemed to have resolved his heart, Sang Kun was his enemy and when he recalled how he had found people to deal with him, the fiery hatred inside Han San Qiang had already burst into a blaze.

“Naturally, brothers’ blood should not flow in vain, so I am giving some weapons to you!” said Qin Lang.

“Weapons?” Han San Qiang was horrified, “Qin bro, you …… are you thinking of using weapons? We don’t dare to use this things in the city!”

“My mind isn’t so small!” Qin Lang snorted, he took out two white pills and handed them to Han San Qiang, “Dissolve these into two bowls of warm water and soak the knives into it, then dry them with fire. When the time comes, so long as the knife draws blood, the enemy will be paralyzed and lose their fighting strength!”

“Shit! There is actually such a good stuff! This is truly a good weapon!” Han San Qiang excitedly spoke, their fighting strength would more than double, at the minimum, with this. Sang Kun, that tortoise egg will definitely lose, this time!

“Hm.” Qin Lang slightly nodded his head. Actually, if he personally moved, there would be much more guarantee of dealing with Sang Kun, but he knew that as a behind the scenes boss, if he attended to everything personally, then how could that be considered behind the scenes boss? Moreover, if he dealt with everything by himself, it would be very difficult for Han San Qiang to take the lead in the future.


The curtain of night descended quickly.

When Han San Qiang and Man Niu joined hands to go deal with Sang Kun and his group, Qin lang contacted Chen Jinyong, to take him to see Wu Wenxiang personally.

Chen Jinyong had already received Wu Wenxiang’s instructions, there couldn’t be the slightest neglect, each and every time Qin Lang looked for him.

Hence, listening to Qin Lang, Chen Jinyong quickly drove the car and received Qin Lang. While on the road, Chen Jinyong rushed through two red lights and was captured by the roadside camera. But he simply didn’t care about it because the traffic police would not be stupid to send a violation ticket to the city hall office.

With no obstacles on the whole ride, Qin Lang quickly reached the city hall courtyard.

Seeing the license plate number, the gate guards hurriedly saluted and let the car pass.

Finally, under Chen Jinyong’s lead, Qin Lang arrived at Mayor Wu’s house.

Chen Jinyong pressed the doorbell and the one who opened the door was an old lady, Qin Lang thought this old lady was Wu Wenxiang’s housekeeper, who could have thought Chen Jinyong would differentially address the old lady: “Aunt Yan ——”


Qin Lang’s brains moved, he immediately realized this village elder lady should be Wu Wenxiang’s mother, because there was some resemblance in their facial features.

“Little Chen, this is ——” Old lady Yan was looking at Qin Lang.

“Mother, this is Qin Lang, a student, his family’s background is related to traditional chinese medicine, so I called him here for guidance.” Wu Wenxiang’s voice echoed from inside the house.

When Qin Lang entered the house, he saw Wu Wenxiang had just came out of the bathroom; his complexion looked pretty good and his mood also seemed to bright, it seems the function of that certain part should have already recovered.

However, Wu Wenxiang was somewhat guarded against Qin Lang. As Xiayang city’s third in command, he could be said to be a veteran in politics, and as such, he had never thought he would be controlled by a young lad. This feeling of being controlled was very unpleasant to him, but he didn’t show it on the surface. Because as a veteran politician, the important thing was to hold oneself steady, and not kick his own foot.

Wu Wenxiang knew there was eighty percent chance that Qin Lang looked for him, because of some matters, so he was not worried at all.

What he didn’t expect was that Qin Lang actually sat without any worries and calmly drank the tea, occasionally talking about several irrelevant topics.

Wu Wenxiang hadn’t expected Qin Lang could be so patient, and after thinking that the handle to his lifeblood was in Qin Lang’s  hands, he took the initiative to speak out: “Little Qin, there are two old medical books in my study room, and since you are here, I would like to ask for your help to appreciate them.”

Politicians were politicians, they always liked to speak in a roundabout way.

Qin Lang knew Wu Wenxiang wanted to discuss some business with him, so he turned around and followed him to the study room.

Inside the study room, Qin Lang pretended to be unaware and said to Wu Wenxiang: “Mayor Wu, where are your old medical books?”

Wu Wenxiang gave an awkward cough: “Little Qin, I know you are here for some matters, so how about we directly get right to the point? Old Zhao has told me that with your current situation, giving you a medical release could be considered to be very good, but I am afraid it won’t be possible to withdraw the case in short-term, at least till the things develop in our way or we get evidence which is in your favor.”

“Did I say I want to withdraw the case?” Qin Lang chuckled, “What’s more, I have sufficient evidence to prove my innocence.”

Qin Lang wasn’t talking nonsense, Zhou Lingling was alive was a fact, so Qin Lang’s murder case would collapse by itself, he didn’t have any worries regarding this.

“Then ….. The purpose for your visit is?” Wu Wenxiang had thought he had already seen through Qin Lang’s purpose for the visit, but now, he was somewhat confused.

“To give you a ‘big gift’ for your promotion and wealth!” Qin Lang handed a USB drive to Wu Wenxiang.


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