Juvenile Medical God Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 Superior in stratagem

Wu Wenxiang naturally had a computer in his study room, Qin Lang inserted the USB drive in it and presented the evidence contained within it to Wu Wenxiang.

These evidence not only showed the proof of Pure Beauty Bay club’s illegal activities, but also made them a suspect in forcing young underage girls in selling their bodies. What was even more shocking was that there were nude photos of a lot of Xiayang city’s important authorities and businessmen, it was certain An Desheng had tasked people to shoot their photos and his purpose was to use those photos to threaten and control these people.

Wu Wenxiang carefully browsed the photos, but apparently there were no photos of himself, he was just about to browse again, when Qin Lang smiled from the side: “Mayor Wu, don’t worry, you are not in here. They don’t have your photos, but I have!”

“En …….”

As his thoughts were seen through, Wu Wenxiang could only give an awkward hollow laugh, “Are these evidence reliable? I didn’t think there would unexpectedly be so many scums among our civil service system!”

Wu Wenxiang said these using a tone of righteousness, he completely forgot that he himself was also a ‘scum’.

After a while, Wu Wenxiang also seemed to realize this, as he explained: “That day was my first time to Pure Beauty Bay, I was just transferred over to Xiayang city, and some people had invited me to drink over, I don’t know how but I couldn’t control myself and reached that place in a confused state. Now that I recall it, I really let down my political identity, and even more let down the organization’s and people’s trust in me! …….”

Qin Lang didn’t have time to listen to Wu Wenxiang’s ‘self-criticism’, so he interrupted his speech and pretended to ponder: “Yes, I also think this is strange. I have carefully checked it, and discovered Pure Beauty Bay club had been using all kinds of drugs to control the people they need. So when I carefully thought for a while, maybe you were also under the effect of their drugs which is why you couldn’t control yourself ——”
“Fuck, it definitely was that!”

Hit a snake and it crawls up the stick, when Wu Wenxiang heard Qin Lang, he immediately took advantage of the situation and angrily rebuked, “I, Wu Wenxiang can also be said to be an old party member, with my twenty years of cultivating political spirit, how could I so easily be corroded by such sugarcoated bullet! It definitely was because they secretly drugged me —— these scums really are unscrupulous!”

“Right.” Qin Lang agreed, but in his heart, he thought ‘Bullshit political spirit, I only gave you a way out of the embarrassment, who made me hope to use you to deal with An Desheng and others?’ Hence, Qin Lang continued on with this, “Mayor Wu, I have brought the evidence, so how do you intend to handle these people?”

“Little Qin, don’t get excited.” Wu Wenxiang said with a heavy voice, “Like you said, this thing is a ‘big gift, but at the same time it is also an ‘explosive package’, because this involves many authorities and businessmen of Xiayang city. If we wholly investigate into this, I am afraid it will bring a major upheaval and the consequences would be something that even I won’t be able to take responsibility for —— however, little Qin, tell me your intentions.”

Wu Wenxiang knew this evidence Qin Lang gave him was a double-edged blade; if it was used properly, it could indeed give him promotion and wealth, along with consolidating his position at Xiayang city, but if it was used badly, it could instead doom him eternally. Thus, Wu Wenxiang first wanted to clearly understand Qin Lang’s intention, he knew this kid didn’t give this ‘big gift’ to him out of pure kindness.

“Mayor Wu is a smart person, so I won’t talk in a roundabout way —— the person I want to handle is An Desheng. As for the bureaucrat scums who are in collusion with him, if they still can’t see the situation clearly and try to stop me, I want mayor Wu to punish them according to the law. As for others, you can deal with them as you like.”

After hearing Qin Lang’s words, Wu Wenxiang couldn’t help releasing a breathe of relief, he was worried Qin Lang wanted him to punish all these people; if it was like that, then it would implicate a lot of people and might very well touch upon some unwritten rules of bureaucracy, which would provoke a lot of senior level leaders and in the end, Wu Wenxiang also wouldn’t gain any benefits. After all, he was also not a completely honest and upright official.

“Little Qin, you have a profound way of looking at problems, so I am reassured.” Wu Wenxiang smiled, “Don’t worry, I guarantee I will handle it in a way which will satisfy all the sides. As for those degenerates, we will take fierce actions; as for those that have been controlled by drugs by An Desheng, we will put them through rehabilitation …….”

At this moment, Qin Lang’s phone rang.

This was an unfamiliar number.

Qin Lang pressed down the answer key and heard a voice from the other end of the phone: “Kid! Didn’t I say you aren’t qualified to negotiate with me! Now, bring all the evidence in your hand to the Clear Sky hill! Otherwise, I will kill your beautiful teacher!”

This was An Desheng’s phone, and Qin lang could hear Tao Ruoxiang’s voice in the background.

It was clear that Tao Ruoxiang had fallen into An Desheng’s hands!

Qin Lang clenched his fists, it seems he had still underestimated An Desheng’s methods.

But Tao Ruoxiang had clearly agreed to stay inside the school, how could she fall into An Desheng’s hands? In Qin Lang’s view, Tao Ruoxiang was a careful person and wasn’t likely to be captured easily.

Thinking of this, Qin Lang quickly phoned Zhao Kan and asked him about Tao Ruoxiang’s departure from the school.

Zhao Kan’s information channels were very wide, he quickly found out what Qin Lang wanted; during the afternoon school hours, a police had come to find Tao Ruoxiang and it seemed she recognized him, after which she left with him.

Police? Recognized?

“Could it be Lu Jun!?”

Qin Lang could vaguely guess the course of the events, it seems Tao Ruoxiang still trusted the wrong guy.

“Little Qin, what happened?” Wu Wenxiang saw Qin Lang’s expression was not good, so he couldn’t help asking.

“Mayor Wu, please immediately inquire if there is going to be a significant police activity in the evening, I want to know all the details because the black sheeps have already made their moves and kidnapped my teacher!”

“What! How dare they!”

Wu Wenxiang coldly snorted, he knew Qin Lang was getting angry, if this kid was really angered and he sent that evidence to the provincial department, then who knows what kind of storm will be set off at Xiayang city. Even he, himself would be out of luck! Hence, Wu Wenxiang absolutely couldn’t allow anyone to make the situation out of control; he immediately called Xiayang city’s bureau of public security’s chief Zhao Zhiwei, and inquired about the police movements in the evening.

Just as expected, Wu Wenxiang learned from Zhao Zhiwei that there was a significant crackdown arranged by the southern sub-bureau of public security, and their target was Han San Qiang and his men. Additionally, a small team was organized to be sent to Clear Sky hill ‘to investigate into a case’.

“Zhao Zhiwei! Hurry and remove that Zhang Guanrong!” Wu Wenxiang was furious. Although he was not a person of the police department, he had accumulated a lot of experience in his many years of political struggles, and so he could immediately guess that there were some issues with the bureau chief of southern area’s sub-bureau of public security, Zhang Guanrong. This guy suddenly made such actions at this critical juncture, he was definitely An Desheng’s lackey. Moreover, Wu Wenxiang had also seen Zhang Guanrong’s picture before and this guy even had transactions with An Desheng.

Zhao Zhiwei could hear the bad mood from Wu Wenxiang’s tone, so he questioned closely: “Mayor Wu, why are you so angry?”

“Do it quickly!” Wu Wenxiang knew there was no time to delay, “You need to personally take charge of the situation, remove Zhang Guanrong and surround Pure Beauty Bay club! Don’t worry, I will take responsibility for it! Xiayang city is about to go through a great change!”

Zhao Zhiwei was frightened when heard Wu Wenxiang wanted to deal with the Pure Beauty Bay club, but when he heard Wu Wenxiang say that he would take the responsibility, he started to calm down. He knew Wu Wenxiang definitely had some guarantee since he gave the word, if there really was a ‘great change’ at Xiayang city, then he would also definitely get a share of the victory gains by following Wu Wenxiang.

Regarding Wu Wenxiang’s plans, Qin Lang wasn’t opposed to them, and merely said to Wu Wenxiang: “Mayor Wu, don’t let anyone go to the Clear Sky hill tonight!”

“Little Qin, are you going alone?” Wu Wenxiang was shocked, and he thought in his mind ‘is this kid mad? Does he not know there will be An Desheng’s people at the Clear Sky hill? Moreover, there will also be police department’s scums and they will have firearms on them!

But at this moment, Qin Lang had already walked out of the study room.


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    Chapter 55 – You Can’t Give In

    “Brat! You dare order your snakes, I’ll kill her—”

    Moments later, Ander Sheng issued a thunderous roar, his shout reverberated through the dark night, like a devil.

    But for Ander Sheng and his men, Qin Lang was even more terrible than the devil that existed.

    Because as far as the eyes can see, there were snakes and the man that gathered them to come was Qin Lang!

    So long as instructed by Qin Lang then not even bones, nothing will remain after the snakes ate up Ander Sheng and his accomplices.

    Ander Sheng’s first thought was that in this barren place of Clear Sky Hill, he’d be able to easily and conveniently deal with Qin Lang, but who could have imagined, his hardly laid out plan only gave Qin Lang superior advantage.

    Qin Lang can urge snakes so of course, in this barren open field, he really held superior advantage. On the contrary, if it was in the city where there were fewer snakes, even if Qin Lang has such a unique ability would maybe find difficulties.

    “You’re people dare to trap me, think you can sneak up on me!”

    Qin Lang coldly grunted, “Even if you’re sneak attack is successful and perhaps killed me, even if I’m dead, these overflowing snakes will eat all of you! Don’t think that I’m just trying to scare you, even if you’re carrying a machine gun, do not expect to kill your way out of here!”

    Heard these words of Qin Lang, several gunmen quickly loosened their finger on the triggers of their guns.

    Extremely horrible!

    If it was as Qin Lang have said, once these snakes were out of control and turned against them, then not a single person can escape alive!

    “Director Lu, you alive!” Qin Lang said to greet Lu Jun who was standing beside Ander Sheng.

    At the side of Lu Jun was precisely Tao Ruo and her pair of hands was bounded by shackles, but seemingly calm and composed. In this kind of situation, she unexpectedly has decided not to distract Qin Lang.

    At this time, Tao Ruo was so full of regret, if it wasn’t because of her excessive faith for the police, trusted her own “senior brother”, then she would neither be kidnapped, or be used as a hostage, but instead became a burden to Qin Lang. After she went back to the school, because Tao Ruo received a call from Lu Jun, and that Lu Jun told her, that he was forced to let Ander Sheng off temporarily due to the pressure from the higher ups, but if Tao Ruo handed the evidence then he was ready to investigate to the end. So at the cost of not sending the evidences to the Provincial Public Security Department, Tao Ruo has once again believed Lu Jun which resulted to leaving the school and a hostage of Lu Jun.

    Qin Lang closely considered the situation, in addition to Ander Sheng, excluding Lu Jun, the party of Chen Gang have altogether eleven people.

    Not many people, but all weren’t friendly and on their hands were firearms, seemingly believing that success was already within their grasp, at least that was what Ander Sheng and Lu Jun believed before. Especially Lu Jun, he didn’t believe that unarmed people can rival against a dozen people holding a gun.


    Qin Lang can make it happen!

    Because behind him, there were a hundred of thousands of snakes and poisonous creatures, he just had to order it, or snap a finger, then Lu Jun, Ander Sheng, and all their people can all miserably die here.

    Lu Jun did not answer back, just coldly snorted, because the authority to speak was in the hands of Ander Sheng.


    While Ander Sheng’s hatred for Qin Lang seeped through his bones, but he had to admit that this time, Qin Lang indeed had the right to negotiate with him. So he suppressed the anger in his chest, and attempted to drum up Qin Lang, “I, Ander Sheng, first is reasonable, in the business world, I am a superior symbol and was able to move completely unhindered for years, but now finally tasted what it meant by the wave behind the Yangtze River pushes the wave ahead! Fine, since you have the qualifications to negotiate with me, Ander Sheng, I will also get right to the point, I very much appreciate your capability and resourcefulness, what exactly do you want, so long as I, Ander Sheng, can get, certainly will give you!”

    “I want something that you cannot give!” Qin Lang snorted loudly.

    “I, Ander Sheng, can be considered in Xiayang City as the head, the face, someone with character, so see and tell me, what is it you really want!”Ander Sheng asked.

    “You must lose all that you have!” Qin Lang gave the answer.

    “We don’t have blood feud or deep hatred?”

    “No.” Qin Lang clearly said, “Scum, everyone must be punished!”

    “Seems like we don’t have anything to discuss?” Ander Sheng coldly said, “So tell me, are you prepared to sacrifice you’re teacher?”

    “Qin Lang, it doesn’t matter! I die then died, but you must not let these scums to get away with it!” Faced with life and death, Tao Ruo’s determination was completely firm and a bit of admiration touched Qin Lang.

    “Qin Lang, since you’re not talking, dare you to bet with me in this situation?” Ander Sheng suddenly opened up.

    “Say it, I’m listening.”

    “Seems like you also know martial arts, and good at it— we won’t use gun, you must not also order your snakes, we’ll see who is right and wrong barehanded!” Ander Sheng proposed a method to break the deadlock.

    “I win, you will let go of teacher Tao, without a fight!” Qin Lang raised a condition.

    “If you lose, all evidences must be turned over; you and this woman are free. But you must promise not to meddle with my business ever again!”

    The proposed condition by Ander Sheng doesn’t seem to be too much because he didn’t dare put Qin Lang in a corner. However, Ander Sheng has another plan, so long as the barehanded fight against Qin Lang was prolonged, there remained an indeterminate possibility for him to forcefully safely depart from here, then to decapitate the root of all his problems.

    “Good!” Qin Lang accepted it.

    Lately through his diligent effort his martial arts have progressed vigorously so he believed that he can win against Ander Sheng and his people.

    “I’ll come!” A man shouted and heavy steps came rushing to Qin Lang, this man was Lu Jun’s subordinate and quite fond of mixed martial arts and boxing art, a self-proclaimed barehanded combat master, so basically assessed Qin Lang as typical “school brat” in his eyes. He rushed to the side of Qin Lang’s body and unleashed a full-fist boom towards the face of Qin Lang.

    Qin Lang did not move a single jot. His hair and clothes sleeve fluttered in the evening wind, but the entirety of this person gave everyone a sense likely to a still mountain, as if rooted like a pine in the hilltop— despite blown by the wind and rain, himself however was steadfast!

    [TN: Another idiom “纹丝不动”or to not move a single jot.]

    At the time when the opponent’s fist arrived but before the boom sounded, Qin Lang’s lightning fast hands were raised, a hand-knife hacked on his opponent’s fist.


    A horrifying crisp echoed— this was the sound of bones fragmented and crushed.

    Lu Jun despised the cold cry believing that Qin Lang was taken care of by his subordinate and crushed the bones of his hand. He knew the strength of his subordinate’s fist, and thought that for his guy to KO Qin Lang in a single move shouldn’t be difficult, but soon the smile on Lu Jun’s face vanished because the desperate cry came from his subordinate. Obviously, his hand was cracked and crushed by Qin Lang’s hand-knife.

    “Scum police!”

    Qin Lang coldly snorted and his hand hacked at that person’s neck. Suddenly, that chap fainted over.

    “Atta boy! I’m coming for you!” Chen Gang has long restrained himself, and rushed up.

    On a trip to the detention center, Chen Gang lost to Qin Lang. People who learned of this talk to people and this placed Chen Gang in an ill mood, and so he longed to have an opportunity to wipe clean this disgrace. Hence, after taking a stimulant, this made him already thrilled, condensed all his strength, and a tiger roared, rushed toward Qin Lang.

    This guy has always been of Black Fist Origin, after taking a stimulant eagerly, he became more like an extremely savage beast out for blood and gave birth to Tiger Fist Style. When Tao Ruo saw this, she was secretly scared, and cannot refrain from being anxious for Qin Lang.

    “This opponent is so strong, is he still human? Qin Lang, sorry…”

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    Chapter 56 – Life or Death Gamble

    Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

    Bare fist connected, delivering a crisp sound on collision, imagine the strength of each thrust of each fist.

    Though Qin Lang can’t wait to get rid of Chen Gang, he knew that this chap consumed a stimulant, completely boosting his internal strength and power, but not only was his power astounding, he knew nothing of pain, and any minor injuries can only inspire his fierceness.

    During the fist fight between Qin Lang and Chen Gang, the appearance of Ander Sheng became severe: the strength of this brat, Qin Lang’s martial art, greatly exceeded his expectation. It appeared that this brat has some backing, and faced with such people, must certainly cut the weeds and eliminate the roots! And all future troubles!

    Lu Jun was overwhelmed with shock this time, as he was also a strong bareknuckle fighter, and has received awards for this field during his college years, have even considered himself as a “master”, but to have witnessed the bareknuckle fight between Qin Lang and Chen Gang, he was made aware that his martial art was merely superficial! Chen Gang’s method of fighting was ferociously bloody, like an ominous beast; But Qin Lang was equally great, fought steadily and surely, and instead have a presence of a true martial art master. Not knowing why, but Lu Jun felt that Chen Gang shouldn’t be optimistic.

    Lu Jun was just having these thoughts when he heard Qin Lang suddenly fiercely shouted, violently took a step forward, earth and stones were crushed under his foot, and then quickly dodged to the side, then sliced right at Chen Gang, knifehand chopped at lightning speed, as though a long knife split the sky, producing a thunderous sound.


    “Not good!”

    Ander Sheng couldn’t help cry out, Chen Gang also gloomily shouted, that time at the detention center, this was exactly the move Qin Lang used “Mantis Breaker” that injured him, and now Qin Lang intentionally used it again, to give Chen Gang immense psychological pressure. But this Chen Gang was equally fierce, unexpectedly didn’t dodge, and lifted his pair of hands with the intention of blocking Qin Lang’s knifehand, and subsequently to counterattack.

    However, Qin Lang copiously raised this “knife” instead, which made it easy target for blocking, just then Qin Lang used his Hidden Dragon Style gathered strength, timely took a step in, and with equally accumulated force of both hands, that could be as fierce as lightning, increased by a thousand fold, fiercely completely amplified his power, so when the raised hands of Chen Gang and the knifehand of Qin Lang clashed, it instantly delivered a sound broken bones, and came that knifehand of Qin Lang that chopped Chen Gang’s chest like a hot knife through butter.

    Unlike once before, this time Qin Lang didn’t withhold his power!


    Chen Gang also has broken chest bones, briefly lost his Qi and lost consciousness.

    This knifehand completely astounded such people like Lu Jun, for once didn’t dare to challenge Qin Lang.

    Tao Ruo was also equally astonished, she didn’t imagine for Qin Lang to have such tyrannical martial arts, viciously cruel hands, even managed to split bones in a barehanded fight, and this fellow claimed to be a Chinese medicine? Precisely a genuine Chinese-style ruffian!

    “Awesome!” Just while everyone was terrified, Ander Sheng really clapped in praise.

    “Ander Sheng, do you want to fight in person?” Qin Lang said these words not to tease Ander Sheng, but seriously asked him, because intuition told Qin Lang that Ander Sheng compared to Chen Gang was much difficult to deal with!

    Besides, Old Poison gave Qin Lang this task, how can it be easily accomplished.

    “Right, haven’t exercise muscles and bones for a while, you’re such a promising new wave, but already not putting us past waves in one’s eyes.” Ander Sheng joked around, then tore off his overcoat and revealed a set of martial art suit. Apparently, this old stuff have prepared well all day for tonight.

    Old and completely treacherous, truly so!

    After he tore his suit, Ander Sheng became a different person, his Qi began to emerge out of his whole body.

    Though this guy has been nearly fifty years old but the impression he exuded was that of a man at the prime of his life, clearly Ander Sheng have persistently practice one’s skill, and his training method was probably the reason for his prime condition.

    “Brat, do you know why Chen Gang was so respectful to me? Because the one that taught him Black Fist, it was me his boss! His martial skill came from me!” Ander Sheng arrogantly said.

    “Is it?” Qin Lang remained indifferent, “Looking at the martial skill of the disciple, you being this master, shouldn’t be impressive!”

    “Brat! You don’t know the magnanimity of heaven and earth!” Ander Sheng coldly said, rapidly approach toward the position of Qin Lang, then suddenly raised hands.

    At Ander Sheng’s momentary rapid pace, Qin Lang saw it and clearly understood, this fellow’s steps were steady, as though wading across torrent of water. Ander Sheng gave the impression of a trained specialist!

    With Qin Lang’s equally refined strength, piled real martial skill.

    “This old chap, surely deeply hid it!” Qin Lang grunted coldly, pair of feet landed still taking root, not moving at all, and seemed not the least bit impulsive.

    Previously in his bareknuckle fight with Chen Gang, Qin Lang indeed wasted some physical force, but Hidden Dragon Style didn’t only gather force, it also saved him quite Qi energy, and so this bit of consumption of Qi for Qin Lang wasn’t enough to affect him. Noticed the incoming fist of Ander Sheng, Qin Lang utilized “Mantis Knife” as he remembered it before.

    Right now the mantis knifehand of Qin Lang has already reached the point of perfection, even trained a bit of the core essential, fiercely strong and tempered, which in reality difficult to withstand. But when the mantis knifehand of Qin Lang went against the fist of Ander Sheng, suddenly it loosened into a snake fist, sou sound rang as it went around Qin Lang’s knifehand, and immediately pierce toward Qin Lang’s throat.

    “Snake Fist!”

    Qin Lang pulled his knifehand, struck on the wrist of Ander Sheng, and prevented the Snake Fist from piercing his throat.

    “Good eye!” Ander Sheng madly proudly said, “I have observed all night, is your mantis powerful, or is it my “snake” that is ferocious! Forgot to inform you, your old man’s martial art style is already at the fourth layer “Flawless”! It has both the Embodiment and Essence, and very soon you will understand as well!”


    Qin Lang’s mind was abruptly surprised. Military standard of recruitment was at third layer Crystal. Though there were many sects of martial arts style in the world, but the majority of styles came from evolution of the birds and beasts combat stance, particularly Chinese Martial Art. However, Chinese Martial Art, Embodiment and Essence, having trained the “Essence”, also trained the essential core, so Chinese Martial Art’s capability can be considered the true path.

    While Qin Lang have just reached the layer “Crystal”, Ander Sheng, this one however have already reached the “Flawless” layer. The situation wasn’t so optimistic for Qin Lang. Yet faced with a stronger enemy, Qin Lang didn’t have the slightest fear, cool and collectedly lightly poised a challenging hook towards Ander Sheng, and delivered a provocative gesture: “This the martial art your proud of! You’re no better than a mule, only strolling through!”


    “Fine brat! You dare call me mule!” Ander Sheng was furious because mules weren’t able to produce offspring, so this Qin Lang was clearly cursing him like a Eunuch. Ander Sheng no longer suppressed his Qi, rushed to attack him, snake fist directly piercing towards Qin Lang, extremely ruthless!


    Qin Lang stably took steps, knifehand warded off Ander Sheng’s SnakeFist , but this guy’s SnakeFist suddenly came in and out indefinitely, against Qin Lang’s guard, it appeared like a real snake, continuously swayed its body, ready to attack from difficult areas to deliver a fatal blow!


    As expected, Ander Sheng’s SnakeFist surprisingly staggered the knifehand of Qin Lang’s praying mantis, attacked his ear from the side, at an extremely tricky angle!

    Qin Lang did not imagine that Ander Sheng’s SnakeFist has baleful ruthlessness, was forced back a step, in order to avoid this blow.

    But Ander Sheng’s SnakeFist was like a snake tapped by a stick, when Qin Lang retreated, Ander Sheng immediately took a step forward, and from the middle opening flashed the other SnakeFist , formed the “snakehead fist”, and assaulted Qin Lang’s loin.

    Qin Lang’s mantis knifehand struck once more, this time to slice down Ander Sheng’s SnakeFist , but he didn’t feel much force from his opponent’s hand, and when his opponent’s hand almost connected to his, he retreated back—

    This was clearly a tricky false hand!

    Qin Lang’s gut didn’t feel right. As predicted, Ander Sheng, this fellow’s snakefist sank down, changed into a Snakehead Palm, his main hand went upwards, backhand facing down, palm pointed forward, then suddenly assaulted that thing below waist of Qin Lang. This Snakehead Palm has recorded a lethal move called “Phantom Snake Pit”, tricky sinisterly peerless!

    “Curses! This old stuff wanted to destroy my family jewel!”

    Ander Sheng used this hand, obviously to retaliate back at Qin Lang.


    [TL Notes :
    Family Jewel = Qin Lang Was Almost A Eunuch. Hahaha, Bad Ander Sheng.]

    Third Layer – Zhāoshì (Manifest, Declare) Translated To “Crystal”.

    Fourth Layer – Liàn Yì (Perfect, Refine) Translated To “Flawless”

    My Naming Sense Is Still Lacking So Sorry About That…
    I Might Change This In The Future When I’Ve Verified The Other Stages.
    If You Have Other Suggestions, Then I Am Also Open To That.

    “”I have it until chapter 64 of long ago. nose if they want it or no””

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