Juvenile Medical God Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 Stormy Night

At Wu Wenxiang’s instructions, Chen Jinyong drove Qin Lang to the base of the Clear Sky hill.

Right now, it was already nine at night.

Clear Sky hill was originally a desolate hill; there were very few people who came to take a stroll at this place during daytime, let alone at night when not even a ghost shadow existed.

The moon was hanging brightly above in the sky, but the lush trees and clusters of weeds on the Clear Sky hill appeared to be ever more eerie, even the night wind gave people an icy bone-chilling sensation

Insects’ cries were echoing throughout the hill.

A formless pressure was present everywhere, as if the dangers were lurking all around.

Qin Lang went along the hilly road, and walked to the top of the Clear Sky hill with large strides.

His pace was steady, despite knowing that An Desheng had already set up a trap.

Qin Lang had thought he could force An Desheng to negotiate and give in, with the evidence in his hands, but he hadn’t expected this old guy could be so patient and also was in control of a portion of the police force of Xiayang city. He even forced Qin Lang to come here, on the contrary, it could even be said he was superior in stratagem.

Merely, An Desheng thought he had already prepared everything at the Clear Sky hill to make this place the burial ground for Qin Lang, but he could have never expected that at this Clear Sky hill, Qin Lang possessed ‘home ground superiority’, because how could there only be few snakes at this desolate hill?

Hence, Qin Lang simply didn’t need to carefully check where those police scums were hiding, as his ‘friends’ would find each and every one of these scums.

At Qin Lang’s low-pitched whistle, the originally quiet Clear Sky hill was suddenly ‘bustling’; from within the clusters of grasses and trees came xi~xi~suo~suo, bone chilling sounds, almost all the poisonous creatures of the whole Clear Sky hill had come out of their caves.

There was a common saying ‘Dragon Boat Festival, the weather is hot; five poisons wake up, there is no peace’; around the Dragon Boat Festival, all kinds of poisonous creatures would frequently move about, but Xiayang city’s weather was sizzling hot, so the poisonous creatures had started their movement early, thus at Qin Lang’s deliberate urge, not only the poisonous creatures of the whole Clear Sky hill started gathering towards the hilltop, even the ones from nearby hills also started rushing over ‘to join in the fun’.

In no time, snakes and other beasts formed a ‘flood’ all around Qin Lang, and this ‘poisonous creatures’ flood’ was continuously moving towards the hilltop, unrestrained; giving off an extremely horrifying feeling to people.

However, Qin Lang didn’t have the slightest fear, because these poisonous creatures simply didn’t dare to approach him, they could only follow his commands.


Right at this time, a scream echoed from halfway up the hill, a dark silhouette was forced to jump down from a tree due to the snakes, after which this dark silhouette was quickly drowned under the flood of the snakes. This guy had thought of shooting while hiding on the tree, but he simply couldn’t conceal himself from these snakes’ perception, and under the distraction due to the snake, he rashly jumped from the tree, the aftermath was obvious.

Within another two minutes, gunshots echoed out. Someone was clearly so frightened that he was using guns to shoot the snakes. But right now, more than hundred thousands of snakes had rushed forth to the hill, even if this guy used up all the bullets, he could only kill few snakes and those gunshots stimulated these snakes’ vicious character, on the contrary. And the guy was quickly bitten to half-death state.

Soon after, a blood curdling scream echoed again; this time, the guy who was attacked by the snakes was very valiant, he killed several large snakes using a military dagger, but his fierceness was only short lived.

Qin Lang continued to move forward, then he heard a ‘rustling’ sound beside him ——

This was a sound of a large snake moving!

Qin Lang glanced and couldn’t help exclaiming ‘good heavens!’, the creature that was inclining towards him was a python which was at least seven-eight meter long and sixty-seventy kilo; its color pattern was whitish with brown blotches, Qin Lang looked at it and knew this ought to be an asian rock python, apparently it was also attracted by snakes commotion pill’s scent. Qin Lang held out a hand and patted this rock python’s head, the rock python quickly slowed its speed and followed Qin Lang from behind, maintaining the same pace as Qin Lang’s.

In the next several minutes, two concealed shooters also suffered calamities.

But Qin Lang had no time to be concerned whether they lived or died.

An Desheng’s actions had already thoroughly infuriated him, making him have the desire to kill.

Right at this time, Qin Lang’s mobile phone started to ring.

“Kid! Make these fucking snakes retreat!” An Desheng’s tone was full of fear and endless anger.

An Desheng had learned from his subordinates that Qin Lang possessed ‘snake manipulation’ skill, so he had made special preparations for it by smearing some realgar powder on himself and his subordinates. However, he never expected that Qin Lang’s snake manipulation skill was so abnormal; he could actually manipulate hundreds of thousands of snakes at once, as if all the snakes of Xiayang city had come under his control and formed a great snakes army, sweeping everything before them. The realgar powder on An Desheng and his group simply had no use before the dauntless advances of these snakes.

What was even more terrifying was Qn Lang not only was manipulating the snakes, but also other poisonous creatures! Such as scorpions, centipedes, toads and so on.

In An Desheng’s view, Qin Lang was simply not a human for having such a skill, but clearly a devil!

To be honest, An Desheng was already regretting now, perhaps he should have accepted Qin Lang’s negotiation talks previously, then the situation might not have been as bad as now. But now, so long as Qin Lang wanted, he could kill An Desheng and his subordinates without even leaving their corpses behind, An Desheng’s sole bargaining chip was Tao Ruoxiang!

“These snakes were not called by me.” Qin Lang coldly smiled.

“I know this is your doing!” An Desheng bellowed, “If you bring these snakes to here, I will kill this woman! Let her accompany us in our death! Fucker, do you dare! Come fight one on one!”

Qin Lang’s methods had already made An Desheng insane, all his arrangements he had made before were failing, the gunmen he arranged were also useless.

Before these gunmen could even see Qin Lang, they were already bitten half to death by the snakes and other creatures.

But Qin Lang couldn’t not care about Tao Ruoxiang’s life, so he made these snakes temporarily retreat to the periphery of the hill and walked towards the summit by himself.

Clear Sky hill’s hilltop was called ‘thunder striking plain’ by the locals, it meant that lightnings frequently occurred in this plain, so not many plant life could grow here. It was rather flat just like a level ground, with only some trees and some wild grasses.

Under such landscape, if the snakes went to the hilltop, An Desheng’s group of people would definitely discover them.

For Tao Ruoxiang’s safety, Qin Lang could only walk to the thunder striking plain alone.


Right at this time, a terrified cry could be heard coming from a tree and a person was seen falling down the tree. Moreover, an enormous python was coiling around this guy’s body, and that python was the rock python that Qin Lang had just tamed earlier.

This guy was hiding in the trees, he originally intended to jump down to do ‘aerial surprise attack’ and cut down Qin Lang, but who would have known that he was instead surprised attacked by the python. Although that rock python was only about seventy kg, in case it coiled around something, it would definitely not rest till it killed its prey.

However, that ambusher was also a fierce character; after falling down from the tree, he fiercely smashed his fists at the python’s head, but this only infuriated the rock python, it swung its tail and coiled it around that ambusher’s neck, and within a moment’s passing, Qin Lang heard the sound of the ambusher’s neckbone and sternum disintegrating.

Death by constriction, this was the python’s killing method.

The night was silent, the sound of the ambusher’s neckbone shattering clearly echoed over the hilltop and in these peoples’ ears, all of them involuntarily shivered in fear——

This kid was too vicious!


Dragon Boat Festival, the weather is hot; five poisons wake up, there is no peace - Dragons Boat Festival is celebrated during summer and that time is said to be the time where all sorts of poisonous creatures are in their most active state. Five Poisons refer to five poisonous animals - snake, scorpion, centipede, toad and spider.

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