Juvenile Medical God Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 You cannot provide

“Brat! You dared to control the snakes again, I’ll kill her—”

At the thunder striking plain, only An Desheng’s bellows could be heard, his shout reverberated through the dark night like a devilish voice.

But to Ander Sheng and his men, Qin Lang was an even more dreadful existence than the devil.

Because there were snakes everywhere and the one that had summoned them was Qin Lang!

So long as Qin Lang gave the order, An Desheng and his group wouldn’t even have bones remaining.

Ander Sheng had thought that at this desolate countryside Clear Sky Hill, he’d be able to deal with Qin Lang even more easily, but he had never expected, his painstaking plans only gave Qin Lang the superiority.

Qin Lang could manipulate the snakes, so he naturally held superior advantage at this desolate countryside area; conversely, if it was in the city where there were fewer snakes, even if Qin Lang possessed such a unique skill, it might be of no use.

“It is your people that don’t have eyes, trying to sneak attack me!”

Qin Lang coldly snorted, “Even if your sneak attack was successful and you killed me, my death would free these snakes and these unrestrained snakes would then consume all of you! Don’t think that I’m trying to scare you, even if you were carrying a machine gun, do not even think of being able to kill your way out of here!”

Hearing Qin Lang’s words, the other several gunmen quickly released their fingers which were already moving about the trigger.

Too frightening!

If it was really like Qin Lang said, once these snakes went out of control and took revenge against them, then not a single one of them would be able to survive!

“Director Lu, how are you!?” Qin Lang greeted Lu Jun who was standing beside An Desheng.

Beside Lu Jun was Tao Ruoxiang and her pair of hands was bound by handcuffs, but she seemed to be rather calm. In this situation, she didn’t want to be a distraction to Qin Lang

Right now, Tao Ruoxiang’s heart was full of regret, if it wasn’t because of her excessive trust in the police and her ‘senior brother’, then she wouldn’t have been kidnapped and used as a hostage, becoming a burden to Qin Lang. After she had returned to the school, she received a call from Lu Jun who told her that he was forced to let An Desheng off due to the pressure from the higher ups, and so long as she had the evidence, then he was ready to investigate to the end and not even hesitate to send the materials to the Provincial Public Security Department. Tao Ruoxiang decided to trust Lu Jun this time, so she came out of the school and was then captured by Lu Jun.

Qin Lang looked at the situation; besides An Desheng and Lu Jun, there were also Chen Gang and others, altogether eleven people.

The number was not many, but none of them were benevolent type, moreover they still had guns on them, apparently they were already assured of their victory, at least An Desheng and Lu Jun had thought so, before. Especially Lu Jun, he simply didn’t believe someone could fight bare-handed against over ten people that were carrying guns.


Unfortunately, Qin Lang could do that!

Because behind him were millions of snakes and other poisonous creatures. He only needed to move his lips or perhaps snap his fingers, and Lu Jun and An Desheng along with others would all die a tragic death.

Lu Jun didn’t reply, he only gave a cold snort, because the authority to speak was still at An Desheng’s hands.


An Desheng’s hatred for Qin Lang had intensified, but right now, he had to admit that Qin Lang indeed had the qualification to negotiate with him. So he suppressed his anger, and attempted to solicit Qin Lang, “I have been able to move unhindered at business area for decades, today I can be considered to be an experienced person who is at the frontlines! Never mind, since you have the qualifications to negotiate with me, I will also get right to the point, I really appreciate your capability and methods, tell me what you want, so long as I can do it, I will definitely fulfill your demands!”

“What I want, you can’t provide!” Qin Lang coldly snorted.

“I can be considered to have reputation at Xiayang city, tell me what you want!” An Desheng asked.

“I want you to lose everything!” Qin Lang gave the answer.

“Is there a blood feud between us?”

“There isn’t.” said Qin Lang, “Everyone has the right to punish scums!”

“It seems there is no room for discussion.” An Desheng coldly said, “If so, are you prepared to sacrifice your teacher?”

“Qin Lang, it doesn’t matter! If I die, then I die, but you cannot let these scums get away with their crimes!” Facing life or death situation, Tao Ruoxiang was resolute, this instead made Qin Lang admire her.

“Qin Lang, since there is no room for discussion, do you dare to make a bet with me?” An Desheng suddenly spoke up.

“I am listening.”

“Looks like you also are a martial artist. That’s good ——we won’t use guns, you also cannot control the snakes, we will compete with our fists to see who is better!” An Desheng suggested a way to break the impasse.

“If I win, you have to release teacher Tao, and be willing to be captured!” Qin Lang put forward a condition.

“If you lose, you have to hand over all the evidence, you can leave with this woman. And you have to sign a death oath to never meddle with my affairs!”

The condition An Desheng mentioned was not excessive because he didn’t dare to force Qin Lang to a corner. However, An Desheng had some other plans; as long as he could lead Qin Lang during the fight, perhaps he could safely leave here and then he would thoroughly get rid of this trouble.

“Okay!” Qin Lang agreed.

His martial skill had recently progressed again, he believed he could defeat An Desheng and his people.

“Here I come!” One man shouted loudly and rushed at Qin Lang, this man was Lu Jun’s subordinate; he normally enjoyed San da and boxing, he believed himself to be infallible in bare-handed fights, so he simply didn’t put Qin Lang, this ‘baby student’ in his eyes. When he rushed and reached Qin Lang, he threw a punch with all his strength towards Qin Lang’s face.

Qin Lang didn’t move, his hair and sleeves floated in the night wind, but his whole body gave a feeling of an immovable mountain, as if he was an ancient pine that had taken root at the hilltop——no matter how much it was battered by wind and rain, it would remain high and mighty, never moving!

Right when the counterpart’s fist exploded in front of him, Qin Lang moved his hand like a lightning, a knife hand attacked the incoming fist.


A wretched sound echoed——this was the sound of fist bones shattering!

Lu Jun gave a cold snort, he still thought his subordinate had broken Qin Lang’s fist. He knew how much weight his subordinate’s blows had, he believed it was not a difficult thing to KO Qin Lang in one blow. But Lu Jun’s smiling expression soon froze, because the one crying out for his dear life was his subordinate, his fist was clearly broken by Qin Lang’s knife hand!

“Police scum!”

Qin Lang coldly snorted, he again used a knife hand to strike that guy’s neck, that guy immediately lost consciousness.

“Great! It’s my turn now!” Chen Gang was unable to hold back, as he rushed forward.

In the previous trip to the detention center, Chen Gang lost to Qin Lang, all the underground people learned of it and that had put Chen Gang in a very bad mood. He wanted an opportunity to put it right, so he was already dosed up with stimulants now. He condensed all his energy and roared loudly, as he pounced on Qin Lang.

This guy’s origin was underground boxing and now that he was dosed up with stimulants, he became even more fierce like a ferocious beast that had seen blood. His fists had an imposing aura which made Tao Ruoxiang inwardly afraid, she couldn’t help being worried for Qin Lang:

“The enemy is so strong, will he be okay, alone? Qin Lang, I am sorry …....”

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