Juvenile Medical God Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 Life or Death Gamble

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Palm collided with fist, producing a clear sound of collision, one could well imagine the force in this fist and palm.

Although Qin Lang wanted to dispose Chen Gang in one move, he knew this guy had doped up, completely exciting his hidden potential and strength, not only was his strength astonishing but he also would feel no pain, and light injuries would only agitate his vicious nature.

While Qin Lang and Chen Gang were fighting, An Desheng’s expression had become grim: Qin Lang’s kung fu was strong, stronger than his estimations. Looks like this kid has some background, such person must be eliminated completely! Remove any future troubles!

Lu Jun, however, was dumbstruck right now, he himself was a kickboxing expert and he had even received an award for it during his university times. He thought he could be considered as a ‘master’, but right now, as he looked at Qin Lang’s and Chen Gang’s fight, he knew his little kung fu could only be considered to be superficial! Chen Gang’s moves were fierce and bloodthirsty, like a ferocious beast; Qin Lang, however, looked like he had everything in control, steady and calm, he even had some bearings of a martial master. Not sure why, but Lu Jun didn’t feel optimistic about Chen Gang.

Lu Jun just had this thought, when he heard Qin Lang shout loudly and take a step forward, the earth shattered under his foot, then with a quick movement, he positioned himself before Chen Gang’s median line and hacked with his knife hand in a lightning speed; his blow was like a blade cutting the sky, bringing an irresistible force with it.

“Not good!”

Ander Sheng inwardly cried out, Chen Gang also inwardly shouted not good. It was precisely this self-created move of Qin Lang ‘car-breaking mantis’ that had injured him at the detention center. And now, Qin Lang was using it again, naturally it gave Chen Gang an enormous mental pressure. But Cheng Gang had a fierce character and was maddened, he unexpectedly didn’t evade and instead lifted his hands to block Qin Lang’s knife hand, so that he could grasp a chance to counterattack.

But this was Qin Lang’s full strength ‘blade’, how could it be easily blocked? Qin Lang had been storing up power in the Hidden Dragon Pillar, so when he took a step forward earlier, the whole force of his body had condensed towards his knife hand, his knife hand could even be said to be as fierce as lightning and held thousands of catties of force, the strength being magnified several folds. So when Chen Gang’s pair of hands and Qin Lang’s knife hand collided, it immediately produced a wretched sound of bones breaking. Qin Lang’s knife hand continued on, like splitting bamboo, and chopped at Chen Gang’s chest.

It was different from last time, this time Qin Lang didn’t hold back his power!


Chen Gang’s sternum also shattered, and he lost his consciousness in an instant.

This move thoroughly shocked Lu Jun and others, for a moment they didn’t dare to step forward to challenge Qin Lang.

Tao Ruoxiang was also shocked, she hadn’t expected Qin Lang’s kung fu was so tyrannical and his actions so unbridled, he broke the counterpart’s bones with just his bare fists. And this guy said he was a doctor? He was simply a true chinese bandit!

“Ferocious!” When the crowd was being shocked, An Desheng unexpectedly applauded and praised Qin Lang.

“An Desheng, are you going to personally do the job?” Qin Lang wasn’t saying this to provoke An Desheng, but with a tone of inquiry, because Qin Lang’s intuition told him that An Desheng was much more difficult to handle than Chen Gang.

Let alone, how could Old Poison’s assignment be that easy to complete?

“Not bad, I haven’t moved my body in a long time, you younger generations already don’t put those of us in the front of the generation in your eyes.” An Desheng said, while tearing off his suit, revealing a black kung fu clothing. Apparently this old guy had already made preparations to personally move tonight.

Old but crafty, precisely referred to this!

After removing his suit, An Desheng seemed to have become a new person, imposing aura began to discharge from his body.

Although this guy already approached fifty, he gave a feeling of still being at his prime years. It could be seen that An Desheng had persisted with practicing and tempering his skill all along, and due to his training, his body still appeared to be in its prime.

“Kid, do you know why Chen Gang is deferential to me? Because I was his boss at the Coastal Underground fighting! His kung fu skill also came from me!” An Desheng arrogantly said.

“Really?” Qin Lang was unmoved, “Looking at the disciple’s kung fu skill, you as a master shouldn’t be much good!”

“Kid! You don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!” An Desheng coldly snorted, he quickly approached Qin Lang, then suddenly punched.

The instant An Desheng moved, Qin Lang clearly saw that his movement was steady, as though he was wading through a torrential stream, it seemed this guy was a genuine practitioner!

Like Qin Lang, he was a genuine expert who had experienced strength training and pillaring.

“This old guy really concealed his skill!” Qin Lang coldly snorted, his feet was still on the ground like it had roots, as unmovable as a mountain, he wasn’t the least bit impatient.

Previously, when he fought with Cheng Gang, he had wasted some energy, but Hidden Dragon Pillar not only condensed power, but also wasted very little energy, so this little consumption didn’t have any affect on Qin Lang. Seeing An Desheng’s fist exploding over, Qin Lang still used the ‘mantis blade’.

Now, Qin Lang’s mantis knife hand had already reached the point of perfection, even being able bring out a little of its essence, it was both ferocious and accurate, was really difficult to resist. But when Qin Lang’s mantis knife hand chopped An Desheng’s fist, the latter’s fist suddenly loosened and changed to snake hand, it swished and spiralled around Qin Lang’s knife hand, directly jabbing at Qin Lang’s throat.

“Snake fist!”

Qin Lang raised his knife hand, flicking An Desheng’s wrist, preventing the latter’s snake hand from puncturing his throat.

“Good judgement!” An Desheng said, domineeringly, “Tonight, I will see, whether your mantis is ferocious or this ‘snake’ of mine! I forgot to tell you, my kung fu has already reached the fourth realm ‘intent’! It has both form and intent, you will soon know of its ferociousness!”


Qin Lang’s heart shook. Mortal martial realm’s third layer ‘style’, there were many styles practiced by the sects and martial practitioners, but majority of them had evolved from birds and animals. Especially Xing Yi Quan was even more so. However, in Xing(形) Yi(意) Quan(拳), form(Xing) didn’t leave intent (Yi), only by practicing ‘intent (意)’ and bringing out its essence, could one be said to have crossed the threshold to Xing Yi Quan.

But Qin Lang had comprehended the ‘style’ realm not long ago, An Desheng, however, had already reached the ‘intent’ realm, Qin Lang’s current situation didn’t seem to be too hopeful. But facing a powerful enemy, Qin Lang didn’t have a least bit of fear, calmly extending his hand in a provocative way to An Desheng: “Don’t brag! Whether you are a mule just strolling about, we will know!”

“Kid, you dare call me a mule!” An Desheng was furious, mules couldn’t give birth, Qin Lang was clearly cursing him as an eunuch. He was unable to remain calm anymore, as he aggressively rushed forward and used the snake fist directly to Qin Lang’s face. Extremely vicious!

Qin Lang’s pace was steady, he blocked An Desheng’s snake fist with his knife hand, but this guy’s snake fist suddenly moved back and forth, it seemed to be like a genuine poisonous snake


An Desheng’s snake fists unexpectedly offset Qin Lang’s mantis knife hand, and with an extremely crafty angle, he attacked Qin lang’s ears from lateral sides!

Qin Lang hadn’t expected An Desheng’s snake fist kung fu to be so sinister, he had no alternative other than to retreat a pace to avoid this attack.

But An Desheng’s snake fist was the same as a poisonous snake, like a snake following the rod; Qin Lang retreated one pace and An Desheng immediately moved forward a pace, sending off another snake fist in a lightning speed from behind his back, the snake fist formed ‘snakehead palm’ and attacked towards Qin Lang’s kidneys.

Qin Lang used the mantis blade again, and although he cut off An Desheng’s snakehead palm, he felt there was not much power in the palm strike, moreover the latter had immediately taken back his palm as soon as it was touched——

This clearly was a feint!

Qin Lang inwardly shouted not good. Just as expected, An Desheng’s snakehead palm sank down and became snake tongue; the hollow of the palm faced upwards,  and the back of the palm downwards, the tips of the palm suddenly lifted up to attack Qin Lang’s genitalia, this was a killer move in the snake fist style, also known as ‘clever snake seeking its hole’. Extremely crafty and sinister!

“Curses! This old guy wants to destroy my lifeline!”

An Desheng used this move to provoke Qin Lang into anger.


snakehead are gangs who deal with human trafficking.

As usual, the italic I, my are arrogant way of denoting to yourself, literal translation would be 'your father'.


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