Juvenile Medical God Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Savage madness

Qin Lang’s heart was filled with obscure anger, but he didn’t dare to meet An Desheng’s blow head-on and risk being an eunuch. So with no choice, he sent power through his two feet and flew back in retreat.

An Desheng sneered, chinese kung fu paid particular attention to drawing power from the ground, so martial practitioners wouldn’t rashly leave the ground unless absolutely necessary. Because they couldn’t borrow strength in the air, it was possible that they might be struck by a vicious blow by their enemy while they were in this powerless state.

Hence, An Desheng had used the sinister clever snake seeks its hole to force Qin Lang to jump into the air, he was inwardly proud of himself, saying in his mind ‘this kid is just a wee nipper after all, he doesn’t have enough combat experience, and now that his pillaring technique has been broken, he will definitely die now!’ So, An Desheng swiftly chased after Qin Lang, then with his two hands in snake palm form, he struck towards Qin Lang’s chest, abdomen and other areas in lightning speed.

Right now, in Qin Lang’s eyes, An Desheng’s two hands were like two long vicious snakes!

If one didn’t have strong willpower, they might be scared stiff by An Desheng’s vicious fighting techniques.

Qin Lang’s retreat seemed to have been made in impulse, but actually it was after careful deliberations, because two meters behind him was a large pine tree, and Qin Lang’s supposedly careless jump just happened to lead him to the tree. His one foot stepped on the trunk of the pine tree and another foot touched the ground, taking the hidden dragon pillaring stance, his body leaning forward. In an instant, he exchanged countless moves against An Desheng’s snake palm, and unexpectedly cut off An Desheng’s snake fist completely!

With his attacks being ineffective, An Desheng could only retreat a pace to stabilize the situation.

Qin Lang unexpectedly could take pillaring stance while in a slanted position, it was way out of An Desheng’s expectations, he coldly snorted: “Your pillaring is actually stable! But too bad, your kung fu lacks a bit!”

In fact, An Desheng was very envious of Qin Lang’s pillaring technique because genuine martial practitioners all understood the logic of ‘power was born from earth’ ‘power was born from pillaring’, if the pillaring stance was broken, the martial practitioner’s martial prowess would be greatly reduced, this was also the reason why An Desheng was inwardly happy when he broke Qin Lang’s pillaring form before. How could he have known that Qin Lang’s hidden dragon pillaring was so profound, not only could it take root on the ground, so long as there was a place to borrow strength from, it could immediately take root there. Moreover, when Qin Lang cultivated hidden dragon pillaring, he didn’t only practice it on the ground.

“You will soon learn that my kung fu is not lacking!” Qin Lang didn’t yield, “My mantis fist is the nemesis to your snake fist!”

“Bullshit!” An Desheng sneered, “Wait till your martial style has both form and intent before you brag in front of me, but unfortunately you won’t have the chance!”

An Desheng initiated a burst of fierce attacks once more, his fighting forms were very crafty and sinister, making them difficult to defend against. Right now, An Desheng’s moves were continuous, his whole person seemed to have changed into a poisonous snake, using killing moves that were hard to block.

At this moment, Qin Lang’s mind was playing that scene of ‘mantis fighting against the snake’; in his eyes, An Desheng was an arrogant and aggressive snake, and he was the mantis that was nailed on the trunk blocking the path of the snake, a small but yet very domineering mantis!

In an instance, Qin Lang seemed to have comprehended the subtle realm of ‘intent’, form and intent originally didn’t separate from each other, Qin Lang’s style was not inherited from others, rather he had comprehended it from the blood mantis. Now, he saw his enemy as a fierce snake and himself as the valiant mantis; in that moment, he seemed to have gained a clear comprehension, comprehending the mantis fist’s intent realm——

Speed! Accuracy! Ferocity!

This was blood mantis’s ‘mantis blade’ intent realm!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Lang felt he was a mantis, and in the moment An Desheng attacked him, Qin Lang also made fierce moves, he didn’t even think of defending, thoroughly exerting the set of ‘mantis knife hand’ to the perfection.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

During the repeated exchanges, Qin Lang’s right arm, left abdomen and also his calf, three areas were jabbed! Blood flowed and dyed his clothes!

An Desheng’s snake fist was not for show, when he struck with his snake palm and jabbed with his fingers, it was even more vicious than a snake’s bite! Because of An Desheng’s repeated horse stance pillaring, he could use all his strength just like Qin Lang, and condense them in an area, so whether he attacked using his fists, knife hand or fingers, their strength wouldn’t differ too much!

However, An Desheng had indulged in wine and women in these years, and he didn’t put as much effort into his kung fu as he did in his youthful years, and add to that his horse stance pillaring wasn’t as exquisite as Qin Lang’s hidden dragon pillaring, he also couldn’t emerge unscathed. By risking injuries, Qin Lang chopped An Desheng’s left arm with the mantis blade, if it weren’t for An Desheng’s snake fist having both the qualities of softness and hardness, his hand would have been chopped off, but although it was as such, Qin Lang’s blow burst apart An Desheng’s left arm’s flesh. Despite An Desheng only suffering an external injury, it was much severe than Qin Lang’s.

But right now, An Desheng’s expression wasn’t serious, he gave a ghastly smile: “Kid, you are fierce! Risking injuries to yourself, you almost destroyed my left hand, but unfortunately ——you don’t  understand the true terror of my snake fist!”

“What do you mean?” Qin Lang sneered, “Is your snake fist like a true poisonous snake; death from one bite——”

“Not bad!” An Desheng laughed maliciously, “Since it is snake fist, naturally it is as insidious as poisonous snake! What does snake rely on to win? Naturally, it is its venom. Do you see my fingernails, do you know why they are so long? Know why they are black? Hehe, kid, aren’t you feeling a numbing sensation in your wounds, feeling that they don’t hurt? That is because you are already poisoned, haha~”

Sure enough, Qin Lang felt numbing sensation in his wounds, he immediately felt slight weakness, he furiously said: “You despicable old thing! If I die, these snakes won’t let you leave!”

“Kid! You will definitely die, but not now!”

An Desheng coldly said, “Old ginger is hotter than young ginger, this phrase has held truth throughout all ages, who asked you to not understand it! I smeared several kinds of snake venom on my ten fingernails, especially in preparation for you! But, there is a poison that I prepared for your teacher. Didn’t you two investigate Pure Beauty Bay? Do you know how I made those little girls become morally degenerate?”

“That is because they took in a drug called ‘spring sprouts welcoming rain’; ordinarily, once they take in this drug, they will start burning with desire and won’t be able to control themselves, and any male with a little musk smeared on their body will be able to make these girls go crazy, like spring seedlings that thirst for rain to nourish! Hehe, what is even more splendid is that they will still retain their consciousness and memory, but just won’t be able to control their desire! Haha…….” An Desheng was feeling proud and apparently getting carried away.

“So, you have fifteen minutes of time to choose; let us leave safely from here and I can guarantee this woman’s life, and also won’t let her be played to death by old Lu! Otherwise, old Lu won’t care about doing that kind of thing here in front of you——”

“You bastards!” Tao Ruoxiang angrily shouted, “Qin Lang, don’t worry about me, make those snakes kill them! Don’t let there be any bones remaining of these bastards! Don’t compromise, they definitely won’t let me off!”

“Kid. Choose!” An Desheng continued to exert mental pressure on Qin Lang, “You have half an hour of time before you fall down, but she only has less than fifteen minutes before the poison starts up, or could it be you want to see fifteen minutes of free porn?”

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