Juvenile Medical God Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Killing Move

“Hehe…..that is a heavy flavor, not suitable for youngsters!”

Lu Jun gave a malicious smile, then said to Tao Ruoxiang, “When you came into the school, you were our southern china’s prettiest girl, I always dreamed of doing it with you——student Qin Lang, do you plan to let us walk away, or want to help fulfill my dream?”

“Shameless scum!” Tao Ruoxiang spit at Lu Jun.

But right now, Lu Jun had already unmasked his true self, he wiped the saliva on his face and unexpectedly licked it: “Beautiful woman’s saliva is so sweet! What you said is true, I am a scum! If I was a good person, could I have been able to take the director’s position at my age, with no background and money to pave my way? Do you know that boss An gave me eight hundred thousand so that I could buy this director’s position!”

“Alright, old Lu, we can reminisce later! This woman is poisoned, it will be up to you to manipulate her.” An Desheng interrupted Lu Jun, and threw a glance at Qin Lang, “Little brother, have you chosen? Do you want to see your beautiful teacher suffer, or let us leave with her?”

“I…...I will kill you!”

Qin Lang gave an angry snarl, and then charged at An Desheng, but his steps seemed to be hollow and his fists also seemed to have no strength; the poison’s effect had clearly manifested, and Qin Lang’s appearance was like that of a final radiance of setting sun.

A look of disdain flashed through An Desheng’s eyes, and he threw a kick at Qin Lang, if it were not for the snakes, he might have immediately killed Qin Lang here.

But right at this point, a trace of slyness flashed through Qin Lang’s eyes, and when he neared An Desheng, he abruptly attacked, mantis blade fiercely chopped towards An Desheng’s chest like lightning, where was there any signs of being the least bit injured!?

“Not good!”

An Desheng hadn’t expected that the already dying Qin Lang could suddenly be so fierce, but as a genuine martial practitioner, An Desheng’s decades of cultivation was not in vain; despite being hoodwinked by Qin Lang, in the instance when Qin Lang’s knife hand struck at his chest, his body reflexively shot backwards, weakening almost half of Qin Lang’s knife hand’s force, but even then, Qin Lang’s strike still managed to leave behind a long bloody cut on his chest, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

An Desheng didn’t have time to ponder how Qin Lang could be so fierce after being poisoned, he clenched his teeth to endure the pain, and used the snake fist very craftily, because as long as he delayed a bit of time, when Tao Ruoxiang’s poison starts up, Qin Lang definitely would have to beg him for the antidote!

But An Desheng had become happy too soon, because Qin Lang suddenly shouted: “An Desheng, look at my mantis fist’s killing move —— mantis catches the cicada!”

Killing move!

An Desheng was startled, he thought in his mind ‘what nerves does this kid have? Do you remind others when you use killing move?’ But although An Desheng was suspicious, his fighting style became more tricky and quick, not giving Qin Lang any chance at all!

But right at this point, Qin Lang made a fist as if to use mantis fist to pummel An Desheng’s face, but when An Desheng moved his hands to block, Qin Lang’s fist suddenly opened and a red light flew out of it. An Desheng had yet to see what this red light was, when he suddenly felt his eyes turn cold and then the world seemed to have closed its gate to him!

He couldn’t see!

He became blind!

Mantis catches the cicada, this was Qin Lang’s killing move, but there were no cicadas, there was only a mantis that came out of the hollow of his palm.

A lusty but fierce blood red mantis!

Blood mantis had blinded An Desheng!

An Desheng subconsciously threw his fists, wanting to kill Qin Lang, but unfortunately he had lost his eyesight, he wasn’t even aware of where Qin Lang was!

“An Desheng, can you feel a numbing sensation in your eyes?” Qin Lang’s voice echoed at An Desheng’s ears, seemingly close, but also faint, as if it was from a distant, “Numbing sensation, that is the sign of being poisoned, you know, don’t you?”

“I will kill you!” An Desheng became crazy after losing his eyesight, he clawed around madly, but he simply couldn’t even feel Qin Lang’s clothes.

An Desheng was no more a threat, Qin Lang’s gaze then turned towards Lu Jun.

At this point, Lu Jun and other goons were already feeling for their pistols.

After seeing Qin Lang’s kung fu, who would still dare to fight unarmed with him!

“Lu Jun, I won this bet. I will give you an opportunity, release teacher Tao and I will spare your life.” Qin Lang said to Lu Jun.

“What a joke! Your bet was against An Desheng!” Lu Jun sneered, “Our kung fu is not equal to yours, but we have guns! And also a hostage! So, you should listen to me! Let us leave here, and when I safely get out of Xiayang city, I will release Tao Ruoxiang!”

“Looks like you guys have chosen death!” Qin Lang smiled, coldly.

“The one to die is you!” Lu Jun snarled, “Don’t forget, I have gun in my hand——”

Lu Jun had still not finished speaking when a red light streaked through his neck, blood started gushing out of his neck, how could he still have a chance to use his gun, he could only desperately cover his neck. He looked at the others and he saw the same situation, each and every goons had their carotid artery cut open, apparently by some sharp weapon!


Lu Jun’s eyes opened wide, he was totally terrified, it was not sure if he was afraid of Qin Lang’s strange methods or if it was his fear of the approaching death.

Following this, Qin Lang threw a pill in An Desheng’s mouth, this was a Turtle Breathe pill, it was unable to detoxify the poison but could make An Desheng enter a coma state; his heartbeats and blood flow would slow down and he won’t die immediately because of the blood mantis’s poison. Only like this, Qin Lang could ensure the completion of Old Poison’s mission.

Otherwise, if An Desheng died, wouldn’t Qin Lang be unable to accomplish the mission that Old Poison gave him.

After ensuring that An Desheng wouldn’t die for some time, Qin Lang phoned Old Poison: “Old Poison, I have dealt with An Desheng, come find him at Clear Sky hill.”

“Hmph, stinky kid! That guy is poisoned, he won’t leave for long!” Old Poison coldly snorted, “However, your ‘killing move’ is not bad!”

“How did you know?” Qin Lang reacted, “You were nearby!”

Old Poison actually was nearby, but knowing this, Qin Lang wasn’t angry with Old Poison for not helping, and instead felt a warm feeling. Qin Lang understood Old Poison’s temperament, Old Poison appeared here not mock at Qin Lang but to secretly ensure Qin Lang’s safety. Old Poison may not care about Tao Ruoxiang or others’ lives, but he cared a lot about Qin Lang, his genuine disciple.

“So what, did I ask you to bring a half-dead guy in front of me?” Old Poison snorted.

“You also didn’t say he had to be bouncing and jumping around. What’s more, as long as he has a single breath remaining, you can fish out whatever information you want out of him, can’t you?” Qin Lang justified.

“Your words have logic, that said you have completed half of the mission, get lost now!” Old Poison hung up the phone.

Qin Lang put back his phone and hurriedly went to where Tao Ruoxiang was. But right at this time, Tao Ruoxiang suddenly gave off ** sound, shaking Qin Lang’s heart and soul.

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