Juvenile Medical God Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Nine Fragrant Jade Dew Pill

“Poison manifestation?”

Tao Ruoxiang’s ** sound made lustful desires run amok in Qin Lang’s heart, but he soon realized that this was the sign of poison manifestation. An Desheng had said that poison was called ‘spring sprouts welcome rain’, apparently this stuff was really powerful.

But, if this thing was not powerful, Zhou Lingling and other girls may not have suffered calamities.

Since Qin Lang knew that Tao Ruoxiang was affected by the drug, he hurried and supported her, preparing to first take her away from here. What he didn’t expect was that Tao Ruoxiang suddenly embraced him, and not waiting for him to come to his senses, her red moist lips kissed Qin Lang’s lips. Moreover, her whole body also wrapped around Qin Lang like Ivy.

There was nothing to be done about it, although Qin Lang hadn’t put any musk on his body, but Lu Jun was already gone, so under the urge of the drug, Tao Ruoxiang naturally chose Qin Lang as her target ‘to discharge heat’.

“My first kiss, gone!”

Qin Lang hadn’t been the slightest bit nervous or frantic when he confronted guns and poisons, however Tao Ruoxiang’s kiss caused an upheaval in his heart and mind. Don’t look at Qin Lang usually being frivolous; regarding the relation between man and woman, he had no experience and was a complete novice at it. Tao Ruoxiang’s passionate wild kiss made Qin Lang blank for a while, he was really unsure as to how he should proceed with this sudden ‘opportunity’.

In the while Qin Lang was out of his senses, he felt his body burning up.

He raised his head to take a look and saw Tao Ruoxiang under the moonlight, her flushed face, silk like charming eyes, her breath that smelled like orchids, this was a beauty that could suffocate people. Qin Lang simply couldn’t control himself, he wanted to play along and wrap himself around her…….

“Qin Lang, do you really want to become a bastard?” At this crucial time, his innate sense of right and wrong started to bother him. So to speak, at this time, one half of Qin Lang was saint, and another half, beast.

“It is only a beautiful mistake, and it is to detoxify her, she will understand.” The beast side of Qin Lang voiced out, “If worst comes to worst, after you do the deed, say that the moon provoked it, her beauty is too enticing under the moonlight……..”

“If you take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, you will really become a beast!”

“If you don’t take advantage, then wouldn’t that be worse than a beast?”



A heavenly battle was going on in Qin Lang’s mind, but in the end his conscience and reason occupied the upper hand. He slapped his own face, then he pushed away Tao Ruoxiang while clenching his teeth. He quickly took out a detoxifying pill from his leather bag and squeezed it into Tao Ruoxiang’s mouth: “Teacher Tao, this is a detoxification pill.”

“Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill! You wastrel!” Old Poison’s voice echoed in Qin Lang’s ears again.

“Fuck! Old Poison, you were peeping?” Qin Lang snorted in a low voice.

Generally speaking, one detoxification pill was only aimed at one or some few poisons, just like a key for a lock. But just like there was master key among the keys, there was a similar ‘omnipotent detoxification pill’ among the detoxification pills and that was Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill. Naturally, this pill’s price was not a small matter and to compound it was also not easy, which is why Old Poison said Qin Lang was a wastrel.

Qin Lang had other methods to detoxify the poison in Tao Ruoxiang’s body, but he would require time to study the poison and make an antidote for it. But during this time, what would he do with Tao Ruoxiang? Could it be he had to knock her out?

Nine Fragrant Jade Dew pill’s efficacy was wonderful, the drug affecting Tao Ruoxiang began to quickly disappear and the flush on her face also gradually went away.

After about five minutes, Tao Ruoxiang was back to her normal state, but because she retained her memory, she recalled taking the initiative to kiss Qin Lang, using her tongue to entice him and also making shameful movements, this made her ashamed and also angry, she said to Qin Lang: “You must completely forget about this!”

“I ……..I can’t forget it.” Qin Lang’s head shook rapidly, that experience just now was carved into his very being. He hated not being able to copy this memory out of his brains and then record it on a disk to put it in his eternal collections, how would he forget it? Especially, Tao Ruoxiang’s skillful sweet tongue was of such high quality that it left a lingering taste.

“You ——are you thinking of those scenes!” Tao Ruoxiang’s lips twitched with anger, but her mind recalled looking at Qin Lang’s neck and losing control of herself.

“Teacher Tao, I promise you that I will try to forget this matter.” Qin Lang gave empty words, then he changed the topic, “Tonight, you experienced so many things, go back and rest, okay?”

“How can I be in the mood to have rest?” Tao Ruoxiang looked at the wounds on Qin Lang’s body, “You…….are you okay? An Desheng said you were poisoned, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?

“I could detoxify the poison in your body, naturally I can also detoxify the poison in my body. I have already told you that I am a skilled doctor.”

“Doctor? You truly are a doctor?” Tao Ruoxiang looked at Qin Lang with doubts, “Traditional Chinese doctors have such great kung fu?”

“Oh…..” Qin Lang didn’t think Tao Ruoxiang would be hard to deceive, his brains moved and then seriously said, “Teacher Tao, the reason you are thinking like that is because you don’t understand traditional Chinese doctors ——let’s talk while going down this hill.”

“Aren’t there snakes all around here?” Tao Ruoxiang’s heart was still palpitating.

“With me here, there are no snakes that will bite you. During primary school, teacher told us that snakes were also people’s good friends, their main diet are harmful pests like rats——”


Tao Ruoxiang suddenly gave a frightened sound, because she saw that huge rock python earlier swallowing a whole corpse, only half of the corpse could be seen outside.

“It’s okay.” Qin Lang walked ahead and lightly felt that rock python’s head, then said to Tao Ruoxiang, “Just what I said, snakes only eat harmful pests, all these people are harmful pests. By making the snakes eat them, we are helping their souls find peace.”

Tao Ruoxiang didn’t dare to approach the large python, only following behind Qin Lang and descending the mountain.

When Qin Lang was descending the mountain, these snakes also gradually began to disperse.

“Ah, you just said that I didn’t know what genuine traditional Chinese doctors are, then you tell me about them?” Tao Ruoxiang apparently didn’t intend to let Qin Lang off easily. Actually, she questioned Qin Lang, mainly to divert her attention from the snakes that were present all around her.

“Eh, traditional Chinese doctors? Yes, not only should they be proficient in medical techniques, they must also be skilled in kung fu and also have knowledge in other subjects.”

“Why is it necessary to learn kung fu?”

“There is a common saying among us traditional chinese medicine practitioners, ‘A traditional Chinese doctor that doesn’t train his Qi is just an empty fart’.”

“Such a vulgar saying has logic?”

“Of course. Traditional chinese medicine is broad and deep, it is not as simple as taking pulse and giving prescription, genuine skilled doctors usually can cure illness without a need to prescribe medicine…….you don’t believe, for example tuina therapy and acupuncture of traditional chinese medicine, these are two profound skills, a lot of people talk about being skilled in them, but they only have superficial knowledge. For genuine tuina and acupuncture skills, the doctors need to be skilled in qigong, using qi to improve blood circulation, using qi to apply the needles, only then can they be said to be expert skills! If nothing else, Frolics of the five animals by Hua Tuo is also a kung fu to recover and cultivate Qi.”

Qin Lang was not clutching at straws when he said this, as Old Poison’s successor, his academic achievements at traditional chinese medicine aspect was also equally deep. He knew a lot of famous chinese doctors in ancient times were proficient in skills of recovering and cultivating Qi. Cultivating Qi was not only to build a good physique and improve one’s health, it could also be used to treat the patients, because traditional Chinese doctors’ fundamentals were established on meridians and essence Qi.

“Listening to you speak, it seems as there is some logic…… then how come your detoxification and snakes manipulation skills are so amazing?”

“Eh…...that is because I am a very amazing doctor. And the reason why I am amazing is because I know skills like detoxification and snakes manipulations.”

“How can you control the snakes by whistling, don’t the snakes have poor hearing sense?”

“Having weak sense of hearing doesn’t mean they can’t hear at all, moreover I am not whistling, but rather making flute sounds.”

“What flute, can I have a look ……”


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