Juvenile Medical God Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Returning home

When Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang reached the base of the mountain, they saw many police cars parked there.

But under Wu Wenxiang and Zhao Zhiwei’s instructions, the police didn’t interrogate Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang.

Soon after, these police began to move up the mountain and started seizing An Desheng’s goons and the black sheeps of their police department.

Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang didn’t participate in this, they knew it was time to arrange Zhou Lingling to return home and reunite with her family.

Zhou Lingling didn’t think Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang would come so late at night, she started to get nervous and thought those criminals had come, but seeing that it was Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang, her heart relaxed.

When she heard that they had come to take her back to her home, she happily said: “Teacher Tao…...are you telling the truth? I can really return home?”

Tao Ruoxiang nodded her head again and again: “Yes, you can return home! We came to take you back to your home!”

“But those snakes outside---”

“I have already chased those snakes.” Qin Lang chuckled, “Also, teacher Tao and I have already dealt with An Desheng and his goons.”

“Teacher Tao, you are amazing!” Zhou Lingling excitedly said.

“It was all due to Qin Lang.” Tao Ruoxiang didn’t dare to claim credit regarding this; she had gathered evidences against An Desheng and his goons, but because she had believed in the rotten apple that was Lu Jun, it nearly resulted in everything being lost, both Qin Lang and she could have suffered a calamity. As she thought of this, Tao Ruoxiang felt somewhat embarrassed and felt doubt in her ability to solve a case. She thought that it was a good choice to not become a police detective.

“Teacher Tao, your contributions also can’t be neglected.” Qin Lang smiled, “Fortunately, this affair is now almost all settled. Zhou Lingling can return home now. I think your parents definitely will be very happy to see you.”

“Yes.” Zhou Lingling nodded repeatedly. Right now, she felt there couldn’t be any place that was more familiar and warm than her home.

Zhou Lingling walked out of the room with Tao Ruoxiang and Qin Lang, they didn’t encounter any snakes, those snakes that were surrounding the room seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

But Zhou Lingling was in no mood to care about this, her mind was only filled with thoughts of returning home.

On the highway, Qin Lang asked a police car to drop Zhou Lingling home.

But he didn’t expect the police to flat-out refuse him, saying that they were dealing with a huge case and didn’t have the time to take care of them.

Qin Lang felt anger, and could only phone Chen Jinyong.

At this time, it hadn’t been long since Chen Jinyong went to sleep, embracing his wife; he hadn’t expected to receive Qin Lang’s call and this made him furious, but he knew how polite mayor Wu was to this kid, so he didn’t dare to get furious at Qin Lang. When he heard what Qin Lang said, Chen Jinyong immediately phoned the police in charge.

This police captain was dealing with the scene at the mountain; he saw those that were near dead from the snake bites, or those that already died with their bones sticking out of their corpses, this made him very uncomfortable because he had to put in order all these broken pieces, and even had to catch some snakes to take back as evidence, it was enough to make him busy for the whole night. So, when he received Chen Jinyong’s phone call, the police captain’s fury grew to new heights, he picked up the walkie-talkie and showered the trouble-maker junior policeman with curses, he also bellowed at the end: “Bastard! After you deliver them, rush up the hill to catch snakes!”

Only after the junior police was cursed, he realized that Qin Lang wasn’t someone he could afford to provoke, his attitude towards Qin Lang immediately took a one-eighty degree change, and sincerely took Zhou Lingling to drop her back home.

Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang accompanied Zhou Lingling to her home.

Zhou Lingling was really excited, but when she walked in front of the door, she hesitated as to whether she should press the doorbell.

Her heart was restless because she didn’t know how to face her parents and how to explain them what she went through.

“Lingling, don’t worry, they are your parents and you are forever their daughter.” Tao Ruoxiang lightly patted Zhou Lingling’s back and comforted her. These words were simple, but Zhou Lingling understood the meaning behind them---- parents’ love was most selfless and forgiving. No matter what Zhou Linling did, they would forgive her and moreover Zhou Lingling was the victim in this case.

Zhou Lingling nodded her head and finally took up the courage to ring the doorbell.

After a short moment, the door opened.

A middle aged woman, whose hair was messy and had a haggard face, opened the door, but the moment she saw Zhou Lingling, her originally dim eyes suddenly brightened, and she immediately grabbed Zhou Lingling’s hand: “Daughter! My daughter! You are back, you came back to see mother? God, you finally heard my prayers, letting my daughter come back to see me…….”

“Mother---what are you talking about!? I am not dead! I am alive!” Zhou Lingling realized what her mother was implying.

“What!? ---right, your hands are warm! You are not dead, you are alive! Could all the previous events be mother’s hallucination!? Right, they were definitely hallucinations. This is real, you are real. My daughter, mother truly missed you.” Mother Zhou was crying tears of joy.

“Ah’Jiao, who are you talking with--ahh--” Father Zhou had also walked over at this time, and he suddenly blanked upon seeing Zhou Lingling, the cigarette in his hand dropped to the floor, then he walked forward and hugged Zhou Lingling, “Daughter----your soul has returned home! Don’t leave, if you want to leave, take us with you…….”

Tears were already falling down from father Zhou’s face, while he was hugging Zhou Lingling.

Men do not shed tears unless they are deeply grieved.

Qin Lang finally understood the meaning of these words, he couldn’t help but be moved by the feelings of Zhou Lingling’s parents to her.

After the family of three hugged and cried for a while, Zhou Lingling wiped her tears and said to her parents: “It was teacher Tao and Qin Lang who saved me and they also punished those criminals.”

“Teacher Tao, student Qin Lang, thank you, thank you!” Father Zhou immediately expressed his thanks. Ever since their daughter’s ‘suicide’, these two husband and wife had lost the motivation to continue with their lives, they lived each day feeling pain and remorse; they felt that due to their normally busy work-life, they had neglected to look after their daughter and that had lead to the tragedy.

Now that their daughter suddenly appeared before them, these two husband and wife felt indescribable happiness.

Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang exchanged few words with Zhou Lingling’s parents and took their leave, after all it was already late night now. Moreover, Zhou Lingling was reunited with her parents and they definitely would have a lot of things to talk about, so staying here would not be fitting.

When they left the house, that young police was still waiting in the car. ‘See the job through to the end’, since he knew he couldn’t afford to provoke this young master in front of him, the young policeman wanted to do his best to satisfy his demands. What’s more, the captain had said he would have to go catch snakes once he returned; he was someone who feared snakes, he would shiver just from thinking about them, so he felt it was better to just carry on with this driver duty.

“Qin Lang, where will you go?” Tao Ruoxiang asked.

“Seeing Zhou Lingling reuniting with her parents, I am thinking of returning home.” said Qin Lang.

“Yes, I also want to return home.” Tao Ruoxiang was still sunk in the emotions of Zhou Lingling reuniting with her family.

“Then come with me to home.” Qin Lang made a pun.

“Kid, you are asking for death ----you dare to try take advantage of your teacher!” Tao Ruoxiang was smart, naturally she heard the implied meaning behind Qin Lang’s words.

The young policeman drove the car, he couldn’t help shaking his head and thinking inwardly: ‘The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day, teachers are flirting with students…….right, during high school, I also liked my english teacher, but unfortunately, she already has children now.’


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