Juvenile Medical God Chapter 61

still sick.

Chapter 61 Teachings

“Son, why did you sneak back here at this time?”

Qin Lang had thought he would enjoy the same treatment Zhou Lingling got when she reunited with her parents, but who knew his parents’ reaction would be completely different when they saw him. Father Qin Nan stared at him and anxiously said, “You broke out of prison?”

“Didn’t I tell you on phone that I am out on medical release!” Qin Lang then thought his father was a researcher, shouldn’t his memory be much better?

“Ah, right, look at my memory. These days, we were filled with some worries, but these worries all turned out to useless. Your father is useless.” Qin Nan sighed, apparently he was truly worried these few days, otherwise his memory wouldn’t have been so bad.

“Son, are you okay?” Xue Yinglian pulled Qin Lang to the room, then said in a low voice, “Medical release, doesn’t that mean you would be locked in after your illness gets better? How about we secretly send you to Yunhai province, you can live in your grandmother’s house for some time………”

“Mom, what are you guys thinking?” Qin Lang smiled, “I am alright. I will tell you, that suicide girl isn’t dead, she is back in her home now.”

Qin Nan and Xue Yinglian had lost their hearts because of excessive worries these few days. Despite knowing of their son’s ‘medical release’, the two still felt anxious, so their minds were not well during these days. Now that they heard Qin Lang say that female student, who suicided by jumping from the building, was not dead, the two felt the situation incomprehensible, so they promptly began to inquire the reasons.

“Actually……..she didn’t die at all, the police deliberately issued the news of her death to draw in the criminals that were hiding behind the scenes.” Qin Lang pushed all his contributions to the brilliant police forces.

Qin Nan and Xue Yinglian didn’t doubt him, the latter happily said: “That’s how it must have been, that means you are fine, right?”

“Of course!” Qin Lang nodded.

“Since you are okay, shouldn’t you hurry back to school?” Xue Yinglian’s tone suddenly changed, “Don’t you know how difficult it was for us to transfer you to Seven Mid.”

“That’s right, your father has never asked a favor but this time I put on a thick face and looked for my previous classmate, for you.” Qin Nan sighed, “You must do your best! When you apply for university, we will sell the old house in Xiayang city.”

“No need to exaggerate so much, we need to sell the house for me to enter university?” Qin Lang was shocked.

“After university, you are bound to look for work, right? Then you will look to get married, and in this age, if you want to marry, you need to be able to buy a new house, or else your mother-in-law won’t even look at you……” Xue Yinglian started chattering.

Qin Lang was dumbstruck, wasn’t his mother’s thoughts spanning too far? He couldn’t help saying: “Mother, aren’t you a researcher?”

“What does it have to do with being a researcher? Don’t tell me we can’t get married and have children?” Xue Yinglian used a tone of educating someone, “Your father and I have been researchers for many years, we are able to gain both fame and wealth, but there is something we clearly realize.”

“Mother, just tell me about it, no need to put me in suspense.” Qin Lang smiled.

“That something is ‘the earlier you plant, the earlier you can harvest; the earlier you have children, the earlier you can enjoy life’. So marrying and having children should definitely be done early.” Xue Yinglian’s mood was much better right now, so she actually joked with her son.

“Father, you think so too?” Qin Lang threw his gaze at his father.

Qin Nan actually nodded his head seriously: “What your mother said is true, we are precisely suffering because we married late. Look at us, we are not young now, but we still have to worry about you. After few years, we will be much older, then we will have to worry about carrying our grandchildren, but I am afraid we won’t even have the strength to carry them at that time.”

Qin Lang immediately became speechless.

But one thing Qin Lang was certain about was that his parents’ mood had clearly become much better.

“Father, didn’t you say that as long as I am healthy and my moral values were good, it would be okay. You said it was not necessary to enter a good university, so why did your thoughts change, and transfer me to Seven mid?” Qin Lang had never asked for the reason in transferring schools.

“Our thoughts haven’t changed, but if you can enter a good university, it naturally will be better.” Qin Nan gave a light sigh, “Son, you know we are neither political members nor very wealthy, so we don’t have the background to provide you a favorable living and employment qualifications. So, when you graduate and look for job, we won’t be able to provide any help and you will have to completely rely on yourself! What to do if you can’t find a good job and get married?”

“No way! Father, why are you twisting this matter?” Qin Lang said, gloomily, “What’s going on, exactly? Why are you making me feel like I am an old, leftover man who no one will be interested to get close to?”

“This ……” Qin Nan glanced towards Xue Yinglian, hinting her to explain.

“Son, here’s the thing.” said Xue Yinglian, “Some time ago, I and your father went to school reunion. Among the conversations were talks of students’ puppy love, we learned that a lot of students had puppy love and they would change their boyfriends or girlfriends quite a few times. At present, it is common knowledge that the students that don’t have puppy love, instead have issues. Then, we suddenly thought of something, you don’t look like you have puppy love, right? Also don’t have girls chasing you, you also aren’t chasing after girls, we haven’t found a single love letter in your room, also haven’t seen any presents from girls…….”

“Wait, wait…...are you suspecting that I have psychological problem?” Qin Lang finally realized what they were worried about.

Qin Lang thought ‘What world is this, puppy love? If you were in puppy love, your teachers and family would get worried, and if you didn’t have any puppy love, your family would think you had psychological problems.’

Qin Lang knew there was no way to reason this, so he gloomily said: “So it was because this, you don’t have to worry, I will be working at my career and love affair, this year. Not only will I enter a good university, I will also bring a beautiful girlfriend to see you guys, will that be okay?”

“Naturally!” Xue Yinglian laughed, then looked at Qin Nan, “Right, dear?”

“Of course, of course.” Qin Nan nodded while laughing, “Then we will look forward to your career and love life!”

Qin Lang had said this without any seriousness, but he didn’t expect that he would really have a harvest this year, and moreover it would be a great harvest, not only would his business undertaking would be so, even his love life would also be the same, it would be a great harvest that exceeded imaginations.

But right now, Qin Lang was just enjoying this rare happy family moment. Although, Qin Lang’s parents were different from Zhou Lingling’s parents in their way of expressing emotions, the important thing was that he felt the same parental love from them.

But early next morning, Qin Lang was wakened by his mother and after pouring him a bowl of egg tong sui, she rushed him to the school.


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