Juvenile Medical God Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 Night of Xiayang City

Qin Lang couldn’t sleep well last night because of his dream. He dreamed of Tao Ruoxiang, and in the dream, his inner ‘beastly instinct’ held the upper hand and was repeating the incomplete scenario with Tao Ruoxiang at the clear sky hill. Although that moment in the dream was pleasurable, when the pleasure was at its peak point, he suddenly woke up. And because he was conscious what he would have done next, he quickly used his hand to cover his little brother, hoping it would stop its pointless ‘launching’.

But, he failed.

Despite not having a ‘target, the little Qin Lang erupted like a volcano and made a mess of Qin Lang’s underwear and the bed sheet. So, Qin Lang didn’t get much sleep the latter half of the night.

But, that was not the worst.

Morning, when Xue Yinglian was tidying up Qin Lang’s bed, she called over Qin Nan and pointed at the traces on the bed sheet, speaking self-righteously: “Dear, do you see our son’s masterpiece, are you still worried that he has psychological problems?”

Qin Nan held his spectacles and carefully observed for a while before speaking seriously: “Yes, there shouldn’t be any problems, and look at the amount, he is even more fierce than me in my younger days, this proves his growth is excellent and there is no need for any worries.”

Fortunately, Qin Lang wasn’t at the scene, otherwise he would have been dumbstruck.

Qin Lang wasn’t the only one who didn’t get good sleep.

Tao Ruoxiang was one; despite Qin Lang already detoxifying the poison on her body, she still remembered the moment when the poison took effect, that scene made her very ashamed and angry, what’s more the other was her own student.

Honestly speaking, Tao Ruoxiang felt Qin Lang was pretty good, his height and looks were good, moreover his personality was also great as he showed by willing to risk himself for her. However, there was three years of age difference between her and Qin Lang, and the crucial point was that she was Qin Lang’s teacher. As someone that should serve as a model for others, how could she like her own student?

But Qin Lang was the student who snatched her first kiss. And she was the one who offered that first kiss to him!

She kept on tossing about in bed due to this, not knowing how she would face Qin Lang later.

Similarly, Han Sanqiang and Man Niu were also among those that couldn’t sleep. These two had joined up, and with the ‘killing weapon’ Qin Lang gave Han Sanqiang, their subordinates easily defeated Sang Kun’s gang, causing a great upheaval in Xiayang city’s Jianghu powers.

And as ordered by Qin Lang, Sang Kun was handed over to the police.

As the ringleader An Desheng had ‘disappeared’, the police needed someone else to take the blame and Sang Kun was a very good alternative. If not for that, Wu Wenxiang’s command to organize this crackdown wouldn’t have ended up with such beautiful results.

By arresting Sang Kun, it was enough to put Wu Wenxiang and Zhao Zhiwei in the television and make newspaper headlines.

In fact, even though Qin Lang felt Xiayang city newspaper didn’t even have the worth to be used as toilet paper, he actually spent a dollar to buy one the next day; the front page was covered with the news of Wu Wenxiang’s crackdown movement, including the capture of Sang Kun as well as a group of officials sacked during the process. Qin Lang carefully read the news, he knew these officials were only a small part of the story; Wu Wenxiang had fully exploited the evidence Qin Lang gave him and rooted out the pawns of his political opponents in one fell swoop, consolidating his own faction.

But Qin Lang wasn’t interested in these dark sides of politics, he bought the newspaper only to confirm one thing: Wu Wenxiang had reaped a great harvest with this crackdown movement.

He would still need help from Wu Wenxiang for his next actions.

One should remember that Qin Lang had yet to finish the task, Old Poison gave him!

So, after the morning self-study class, Qin Lang went to Golden Dragon Palace and dragged Han San Qiang, who was asleep like a dead pig after having had drinks till he was drunk.

Han Sanqiang seized complete victory in the battle against Sang Kun yesterday night, so he had a lot of drinks when he returned, and now that someone disturbed his beautiful dream, he was in a bad mood, but how could he dare to have the least bit of complaint when he saw the one to disturb him was Qin Lang. If it was not for Qin Lang’s help, it would be impossible for him to even think of achieving easy victory. Sang Kun’s uighur brothers were valiant and unafraid of death but fortunately, they had the ‘magical weapon’ given by Qin Lang.

“Qin bro, what are you doing?” Han Sanqiang smiled, “We gained complete victory yesterday, isn’t it deserving of a good sleep?”

“We indeed achieved complete victory, but we have yet to take hold of the victory gains.” Qin Lang snorted, “Didn’t I make you investigate into An Desheng’s assets, before? Now is the time to take advantage, we will take control of these assets.”

“What!?” Han Sanqiang couldn’t believe his ears, “Didn’t we fight to take control of territory? An Desheng’s assets would definitely be seized by the police, how could we take it into our possession?”

“You don’t need to worry about it.” Qin Lang spoke with full confidence, “You only need to prepare all the transfer contracts. Also, find two lawyers to draft the contracts properly. The rough idea is to guarantee that An Desheng’s assets have already been switched over to our company, and since they are already our assets, the police also can’t seize and swallow them.”

“Qin bro, won’t this be difficult?” Han Sanqiang said, “On one hand, An Desheng is dead and we are drawing fake contracts; on another hand, it definitely won’t be easy to deal with the police.”

“Just go prepare the contracts, I have ways to have An Desheng’s signatures in these contracts.” Qin Lang said.

“Then, alright, I will go prepare them.” Han Sanqiang was confused, but he didn’t ask anymore when he saw Qin Lang’s confident look. After all, Qin Lang was the true boss and Han Sanqiang knew to act under his limits.

After about half an hour, Qin Lang received the transfer contracts.

After that, Qin Lang got in contact with Old Poison, and Old Poison, as if knowing what Qin Lang wanted, said a name of a place to Qin Lang.

After half an hour, Qin Lang and Han Sanqiang arrived at the place Old Poison mentioned-- it was a small hill about five kilometers away from Clear Sky hill.

Qin Lang ascended the hill by himself, and inside the mountain forest, he saw Old Poison and An Desheng.

Right now, An Desheng was barely alive; the only part which he was conscious of and could move somewhat was his head. Old Poison was pretty evil, he didn’t detoxify the blood mantis’s poison in An Desheng and only stopped it from affecting the brain, letting An Desheng remain in an awake state.

“Kid, I think you forgot about seizing An Desheng’s assets, hmm?” Old Poison said, slowly.

“Even If I had forgotten, you definitely would come annoy me about it.” Qin Lang snorted, and threw the prepared contracts in front of An Desheng, “An Desheng, sorry but I need to take all your assets.”

“Little brat, I underestimated you!” An Desheng started weakly speaking, “I really didn’t imagine your actions would be this vicious…… *cough,cough*......you want to take over my assets which I gained through decades of hard work? It won’t be free!”

“It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not.” Qin Lang took An Desheng’s finger and pushed it on a red stamp, then he pressed the finger on several areas of the contracts.

But at this moment, An Desheng laughed.

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