Juvenile Medical God Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Snake’s Tail

“Kid, you think with only several contracts, you can take all my assets?”

An Desheng’s laugh lacked energy, he was just a dying light now. But this guy also knew that he didn’t have much time to live, so there was no fear in his words, “You should know of those official circles, all of them are leeches, they will desire my assets too. You have the contracts in your hand, but those leeches won’t easily let you have your wishes…...haha, your hard work will only help others…..that’s it, you gave me a good time, but the An Desheng today will be you guys tomorrow!”

“Did you hear, he is giving you advice.” Old Poison glanced at Qin Lang, he was not the least bit concerned, An Desheng’s millions of worth of assets was not even worth mentioning to him.

“No need for his advice, instead I want to see who will dare to suck my blood!” Qin Lang snorted.

“So, he doesn’t have any more use?” Old Poison said, indifferently.

An Desheng was startled, he had already sensed his life was already at its end, but when he heard Old Poison’s words, fear of death erupted from his innermost heart.

Old Poison didn’t like to do a sloppy job, he took out a small bottle and poured some of its yellow liquid over An Desheng’s head; An Desheng immediately began to scream miserably, his whole head was beginning to ‘melt’, and after a moment, his whole body, including his skin, flesh, bones and even his clothes had all ‘melted’, becoming a pool of stinky liquid that seeped down the ground.

Qin Lang knew that under the corpse liquid, An Desheng had thoroughly disappeared from this world.

“Old Poison, I completed the mission you gave me.” Qin Lang gave the contracts to Old Poison, “You wanted this, right? Take it. I am done with this.”


Old Poison didn’t take the contracts, instead showed a sly smile, “Kid, you think this affair is finished?”

“What are you talking about?” Qin Lang stopped his footsteps, he felt as if he had entered a trap.

“An Desheng is only the ‘snake’s’ tail, you got rid of An Desheng which means you bit the snake’s tail, now how do you think the snake will react?” Old Poison said at a snail’s pace, then he laughed, “There is an old saying, people at Jianghu aren’t free to act on their own will. You have already stepped on this path, it won’t be that easy to quit.”

“Old Poison, you deliberately ----”

Qin Lang’s complexion became ashen, he finally realized Old Poison’s intention, this old guy’s purpose wasn’t the mission, but to push him into this invisible but real and treacherous path of Jianghu.

“Yes, it was deliberate.” Old Poison solemnly said, “You are my disciple, you will tread this path sooner or later. Rather than wait for some enemy to come and get rid of you, I could just push you to the Jianghu world and help you mature earlier so that you can be responsible for yourself!”

“You are so powerful, who can cause you to worry?” Qin Lang said, doubtfully.

“There are mountains beyond mountains.” Old Poison sighed, “You will understand it in future!”

After saying that, Old Poison’s figure disappeared instantly from the forest.

Qin Lang still couldn’t see Old Poison’s movement with his current skills.

He could only carry a gloomy heart and leave with the contracts.

Han Sanqiang looked at the fingerprints on the contracts, and said to Qin Lang: “Qin bro, are these really An Desheng’s fingerprints? You really had a way! But, the police might still give us trouble.”

An Desheng’s words were correct, even if Qin Lang had forced An Desheng’s fingerprints on the contracts, it won’t be an easy matter to take control of his assets.

“I will handle this.” Qin Lang said, “Oh, you and Man Niu occupied Sang Kun’s territory, there should be a big change in Xiayang city’s underground powers, right?”

“Of course.” Han Sanqiang excitedly said, “Qin bro, the train station area is a gold mine and it is already under our control. Now, our powers have had a great increase in southern and eastern areas, we only need time to completely annex both these areas. As for the income, besides the wages for our brothers, I and Man Niu will each take fifteen percent, and you can take seventy percent.”

“You are taking fifteen percent?” Qin Lang asked, puzzled.

“Qin bro, if you think that’s not okay, then I and Man Niu will just take ten percent.” Han Sanqiang quickly said.

Qin Lang waved his hands: “You misunderstood me. We will do like this, you and Man Niu will each take twenty five and I will take thirty five, divide the rest as bonus wages to other brothers or buy insurance. I am not adept in running a company, you and Man Niu need to do that.”

“Qin bro, how could we do that!?” Han Sanqiang hadn’t expected Qin Lang to be so generous.

“It’s decided.” Qin Lang didn’t give any more explanations. Right now, he was still reflecting on Old Poison’s words.

People at Jianghu aren’t free to act on their own will.

Qin Lang was a Jianghu person now, since this was already true, he must carefully plan for the future. According to Old Poison, if ‘some people’ knew he was Old Poison’s disciple, he would definitely suffer destructive blows and even his family might be implicated. So, he must raise his position and become a dragon which can ride all winds and waves of Jianghu.

“Oh, make the brothers wash off the drug on the knives with alcohol.”

“Qin bro, that stuff is really useful ---”

“Wash it off!” Qin Lang snorted, “Otherwise, you will only be looking for trouble!”

“Okay.” Han Sanqiang responded, he didn’t know how but he felt that recently, Qin Lang’s aura was growing more fierce, giving him an enormous invisible pressure. But, thinking of An Desheng’s ‘disappearance’ yesterday night, and the rumors of the Clear Sky hill, Han Sanqiang understood this senior high school student was absolutely not as simple as his appearance.

After a while, Qin Lang took out his mobile and dialed a number: “Hello, Mayor Wu, I am Qin Lang ……”

Han Sanqiang’s hands trembled, he almost lost control of the car ---

Mayor Wu, among the members of Xiayang city’s municipal committee, there was only one with surname Wu and that was Wu Wenxiang; Xiayang city’s ‘third in charge’, and there were rumors of him promoting to ‘second in charge’. To such people, Han Sanqiang could only look up in respect, so he hadn’t expected Qin Lang to use casual tone, that meant Qin Lang’s background should be even more formidable!

While Han Sanqiang was in shock, Qin Lang had already ended his phone call to Wu Wenxiang. He looked at Han Sanqiang and said: “Ah’Qiang, I need to trouble you to drop me off at Wangjiang Teahouse, I need to discuss something with Wu Wenxiang.”

These words confirmed Han Sanqiang’s previous conjecture.


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