Juvenile Medical God Chapter 64

The final of the epub linked chapters.

Chapter 64 New Structure

Wangjiang Teahouse was located at the southern east corner of Xiayang city, it was an old building that faced the river, and was also a high-end consumer site; the price of a cup of the cheapest tea was above hundred yuan. It really was not a place ordinary people could afford.

Han Sanqiang knew he didn’t have the qualifications to be present in this discussion with Wu Wenxiang, so he tactfully stayed in the car. Qin Lang went inside the tea house by himself, a beautiful server wearing cheongsam guided him to a private room in the second floor.

As Qin Lang reached the second floor, the beautiful river gradually opened up in front of him, brightening his eyes and mood.

When he walked into the private room, his mood had already become good.

Since he was already forced into Jianghu by Old Poison, he might as well take it easy and properly walk down this path.

Otherwise, he would inevitably be drowned by the waves of Jianghu, with his corpse nowhere to be found.

In the room, Wu Wenxiang was already there, and there was a young girl making tea and after she poured the tea, Wu Wenxiang waved her to leave.

“Little Qin, this is a top quality Zaochun Longjing tea, have a taste.” Wu Wenxiang made an inviting gesture.

Qin Lang didn’t have the habit of tasting tea in sips, so he cleaned it out in one gulp, then smiled: “It is not bad, but it is too little and can’t quench my thirst.”

“Little Qin, your appetite is really big.” Wu Wenxiang’s words held double meaning, he personally poured another cup for Qin Lang, “If I hadn’t made detailed inquiries, I still wouldn’t have known that Han Sanqiang and Man Niu were actually your gang.”

“Mayor Wu, you are saying they are my ‘gang’?” Qin Lang acted confused, “I am only a high school student who is preparing for college entrance exam. Great prospects are waiting for me, why would I want to meddle with gangs. Could it be that your information is wrong?”

Qin Lang had followed Old Poison for so many years, so he could be said to have matured while young and also understood some methods of the politicians. Wu Wenxiang said this to let Qin Lang know of his means and methods, to make Qin Lang have some fear, but Qin Lang wasn’t someone that could be scared that easily.

“Little Qin, we are friends now, there is no need to hide it. Yesterday night, I really used a lot of favors for you. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been Sang Kun in the prison, but Han Sanqiang and Man Niu. I had to cover up the events at the Clear Sky hill too.” Wu Wenxiang said while taking small sips of the tea, seemingly unflustered.

“For that, I need to thank Mayor Wu, but ---”

Qin Lang’s tone changed, “If Han Sanqiang and Man Niu really committed crimes, then lock them in, I don’t care. And at the Clear Sky hill, those people were scums who have committed sins that can’t be wiped out even after their deaths, what I did was only self-defense. Mayor Wu, you really need to start being straightforward, you helped me yesterday night, but wasn’t it helping yourself too? I may not understand the rules of bureaucracy, but I am not blind, I can see that yesterday night, you successfully suppressed your oppositions and consolidated your own position at Xiayang city, so you are the one who benefited the most from this, aren’t you?”

Wu Wenxiang’s eyes glowed, he had not imagined a trivial high school student would have such sharp political insights, this kid really wasn’t someone to be underestimated.

How could Wu Wenxiang know that Qin Lang didn’t only study poison arts under Old Poison, he similarly inherited some of Old Poison’s knowledge and experience. Old Poison saw both politicians and businessmen as the same, both only seeked personal gains, so what Wu Wenxiang did yesterday night was absolutely not just to help Qin Lang.

“Little Qin, if you enter politics in the future, your prospects would definitely be much bigger than mine.” Wu Wenxiang sighed, he knew it would be very difficult to obtain upper hand against Qin Lang from today’s discussion.

“Mayor Wu, I have no interest in this field.” Qin Lang indifferently said, then he placed the several contracts in front of Wu Wenxiang, “I know the police are looking to clean up An Desheng’s assets, I don’t wish for our company’s properties to be affected.”

Wu Wenxiang picked up and looked at the contracts, he quickly saw the deceit contained within them: “Hmm, it seems An Desheng had already gone bankrupt and his assets were mortgaged to Golden Dragon Entertainment Corporation?”

Golden Dragon Entertainment Corporation was actually a shell company opened by Han Sanqiang some years back, it was to be used for when he turned to white collar business someday, who would have thought it to come in handy now.

Wu Wenxiang naturally understood that doing this meant Qin Lang was lawfully annexing An Desheng’s assets, but he didn’t speak it out, and instead opened his small briefcase and took out two seals from within, he then stamped the two crimson seals on different areas of the contracts.

Qin Lang glanced at the contracts, one of the stamps was of An Desheng’s company’s official seal; another was a Xiayang city’s notary public’s seal. With this, there were no holes in Qin Lang’s contracts.

“Amazing! Truly a politician!” Qin Lang exclaimed in his mind, Wu Wenxiang really did things thoroughly, no wonder he could sit at his current position.

Wu Wenxiang gave An Desheng’s company seal to Qin Lang: “The contracts have been signed, there is no use for this seal.”

“Right, there is no use.” Qin Lang held the seal between his palms, he then rubbed his hands few times and the seal immediately broke down into fragments which fell down his palms.

Wu Wenxiang was shocked, he thought ‘no wonder this kid could suppress Han Sanqiang and Man Niu, it was because he had such kung fu---- this kid is not simple!

“Little Qin, you have what you wanted, can you look at my illness?” Wu Wenxiang took the opportunity to raise his request.

“Don’t worry, it has been prepared.” Qin Lang gave a pill to Wu Wenxiang, “After you take it, you will see instant effect, not only will it remove any extra poison, it will also increase your capability, so you won’t have to take any of those messy drugs to liven things up in the future. This is my thanks for your help.”

“This is awesome, haha……” Wu Wenxiang was a politician, but he was also a man, it was not easy to reach this position and he was going to go even further, he naturally didn’t want to be an eunuch for his whole life, so he was especially attentive towards this matter.

Using the tea to take in this pill, Wu Wenxiang started to sense that area recovering its ‘vitality’, but he didn’t forget about another important thing - his nude photos.

“I will give those photographs later.” Qin Lang declined Wu Wenxiang’s request, “Rest assured, only I have seen those photos, they won’t be spread out. Also, that day, if it wasn’t for me, your photo might have been in An Desheng’s hands.”

Wu Wenxiang was disappointed, but he didn’t dare force Qin Lang, and said: “That day was a moment of confusion …..”

“Mayor Wu, you don’t need to explain, I understand. You have been divorced for several years, it is normal to have this need. Moreover, you might have been deliberately drugged by An Desheng’s people into that situation.” Qin Lang gave a way out to Wu Wenxiang.

“Right! It was definitely due to that guy!” Wu Wenxiang nodded, then he said with an honest expression, “Little Qin, if you have any needs at Xiayang City in the future, do not hesitate to contact me. But, underground society can’t be a long term plan---- at least, don’t let yourself be captured, understood?”

“Thank you for the advice, I will keep it in mind.” Qin Lang solemnly nodded his head, then got up to take his leave.

After this tea session, significant changes occurred in the structures of Xiayang City’s black and white paths.


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