Juvenile Medical God Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Ruthless Humiliation

Zhao Zhiwei had a military background. When he was angry, he would start swearing and when he swore, it meant he was angry and that someone was out of luck.

The first one to be out of luck was Chen Guangyu.

Zhao Zhiwei coldly said: “Chen Guangyu, you made such a big blunder, there is no need for such a director.”

On the surface, he was dealing with Chen Guangyu but in fact, this was a slap to Cao Shunbin’s face because Zhao Zhiwei knew very clearly that Chen Guangyu was Cao Shunbin’s underling.

Sure enough, when Chen Guangyu heard he was going to be in a deep trouble, he immediately requested help from Cao Shunbin: “Bureau Cao, help me say something. You were also present, how could I have the desire to conflict with the local military!?”

“You are old Zhao, right?” Right at this time, Cao Hongmei opened her mouth.

The moment Cao Hongmei opened her mouth, Cao Shunbin immediately had a bad premonition because Cao Hongmei’s tone of speaking was clearly a bit condescending.

Indeed, Cao Hongmei thought her own husband was a deputy mayor whereas Zhao Zhiwei was only a bureau chief so there would always be a gap between their ranks, which is why Cao Hongmei had used “Old Zhao” to address Zhao Zhiwei.

But she did not know that at the present, Zhao Zhiwei’s status had increased alongside Wu Wenxiang and had already been promoted to secretary of Political Legal Committee and entered Municipal Standing Committee. And although Cao Hongmei’s husband was the deputy mayor, he was however still not a Standing Committee member.

In short, Cao Hongmei’s remark could be considered as having violated an official taboo. As a result, Zhao Zhiwei’s expression sank and he said towards Cao Shunbin: “Little Cao, what is a police station supposed to be? A woman is pointing fingers in here, what indecency is this!?”

“Bureau Zhao, don’t be upset! My elder sister was only worried about her son being bullied, you ——”

“Explain what!? What is there to explain!?”

Currently, Zhao Zhiwei’s official post had been raised and his temperament had also grown perceptibly so he simply didn’t listen to Cao Shunbin’s explanation.

Before, he might have still given some face to Cao Shunbin since after all, Cao Shunbin’s older sister’s husband Cai Hengping for good or bad was the deputy mayor but now it was different. Zhao Zhiwei was already a member of the Municipal Standing Committee, he absolutely didn’t need to consider about Cai Hengping’s feelings.

Recalling the bearings of Cao Hongmei to himself just now, Zhao Zhiwei immediately became furious from his heart, “I have always asked you to justly enforce the law but you ‘comply in appearance but oppose in heart’! An affair of a student fighting and it was necessary for you, Cao Shunbin, a sub-bureau chief to personally intervene? Do you have so much spare time!?”

Cao Shunbin thought in his mind this great Bureau Chief didn’t dispatch the troops. But his mouth was repeatedly agreeing with yes, who would dare to retort.

“I am already clear about this matter. Between fellow students Qin Lang and Cai Weidong, it is nothing more than a small friction between classmates but Cai Weidong unexpectedly took out a knife to threaten fellow classmate, Qin Lang. So for self-defense, Qin Lang knocked Cai Weidong into unconsciousness. Therefore, Qin Lang has nothing to do with matter, what are you doing by handcuffing him?”

Once Zhao Zhiwei started talking, he immediately determined the crux of this affair. Saying it was only a small conflict between Qin Lang and Cai Weidong.

Originally, this was a small affair but Cai Weidong had broken the law by taking out a knife so when Qin Lang knocked him unconscious, that was self defense and he hadn’t broken the law.

After Zhao Zhiwei finished talking, a police officer immediately opened the handcuffs on Qin Lang. Zhao Zhiwei smiled towards Qin Lang and said, “Student Qin Lang, you were startled. There are indeed some black sheeps in our police system but our whole entity is still good. You don’t have to worry, I will severely investigate into the malpractice of the staffs. That’s right——you immediately take people to the hospital and take control over the suspect Cai Weidong!”


Both Cao Hongmei and Cao Shunbin, older sister and younger brother, were immediately scared. They hadn’t thought Zhao Zhiwei not only stuck out resolutely for Qin Lang but was still not done and unexpectedly he wanted to apprehend Cai Weidong as a criminal suspect!

“Old Zhao…..what did you say!? Our Weidong is the victim, how can you let this child walk away?.....In any case, you should also consider properly for our old Cai’s sake…..”

Cao Hongmei was unexpectedly still bringing out her husband’s name, this simply made Zhao Zhiwei more angrier. Without any politeness, Zhao Zhiwei interrupted Cao Hongmei’s speech, “Madam Cao, if you speak like this again, it will immediately be regarded as interfering with law! Cao Shunbin, you haven’t given legal literacy to your family!?”

“In my opinion, Bureau Chief Cao is very indifferent to the legal knowledge.” Chen Jinyong who had remained quiet from the start, suddenly spoke up, “I had just come over from the Commission for Discipline Inspection and heard someone reported the bribery and corruption of Bureau Chief Cao. Now, the Commission for Discipline Inspection comrades should have already went to Bureau Chief’s home and workplace, right?”

“What!?” When Cao Shunbin heard this, he immediately felt the sky spinning. Even Cao Hongmei was staring blankly.

Chen Jinyong, however didn’t care about what the two siblings thought, he asked kindly to Qin Lang: “Qin Lang, are you okay? Do not worry, Bureau Chief Zhao will personally deal with this matter, he will certainly act justly!”

“Bureau Chief Zhao, Department Head Chen, since I am innocent and not guilty, I will return to school so that my studies won’t be affected.” Qin Lang expressed his thanks to Zhao Zhiwei and Chen Jinyong. After that, he expressed his thanks to that special force lieutenant.

At this time, Qin Lang saw Luo Bin hurriedly walk inside and said with deep concern to Qin Lang: “Qin Lang…..are you all right?”

“Don’t worry, young lady, he is all right! Not even a single hair has been damaged!” The lieutenant officer said smilingly to Luo Bin.

Only then did Qin Lang know that this special force lieutenant unexpectedly had been called by Luo Bin. Previously, he was still puzzled on when did he have a friendly connection with the military. So it turns out that Luo Bin, this girl’s family background is also not simple.

“Boy, I am called Ma Zhenyong!” The lieutenant officer extended his hand and shook hands with Qin Lang.

“I am Qin Lang, thank you.” Qin Lang felt Ma Zhenyong continuously increase the strength on his palm. Qin Lang took it calmly, he knew Ma Zhenyong was taking the opportunity of shaking hands to test his strength. But Ma Zhenyong had no evil intentions otherwise he would not have raised his strength slowly.

“Don’t mention it. Just dropped by for today’s assignment. Good kid! Terrifying!” Ma Zhenyong felt Qin Lang’s palm strength was unexpectedly stronger than his so he couldn’t help but praise. He then said to Luo Bin, “Young lady has good sight!”

Luo Bin’s face couldn’t help but turn red, but Ma Zhenyong had already taken his men and quickly left.

“Luo Bin, thank you.” Qin Lang said thanks to Luo Bin.

“Why are you thanking me?” Luo Bin said, “In kindergarten, you have always protected me. Now that I came to protect you for the first time, it is no good?”

“All right.” Qin Lang nodded his head and followed Luo Bin out of the police station, “But, in the future, I will protect you, okay?”


At this time, a sudden clap of thunder echoed in the sky.

This was the first spring thunder in this year.

This spring thunder resounded in the sky but it however frightened Qin Lang.

It was the most difficult to enjoy a beauty’s grace.

Student Qin Lang suddenly thought that this clap of thunder, could it be a warning from the Thunder God to him?

Could it be liking two beautiful women at the same time really incurred ‘the wrath of the gods and the resentment of the men’?

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