Juvenile Medical God Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Grace of Three Beauties

Coming out of the police station, Qin Lang saw Cao Shunbin and Chen Guangyu being taken inside a police car. They would sit in the police car almost everyday, but it was somewhat different today. Today, the police car they were sitting in had wire nettings and this was to prevent them from escaping.

The originally high and mighty Cao Hongmei’s mind was already at a loss and she wasn't sure whom to call.

Large bean sized raindrops came crashing down.

Chen Jinyong had wanted to call Qin Lang to drop him back to school with his car. But seeing the pair of Qin Lang and Luo Bin running in the rain, he dispelled this notion. After all, he was a person who attended to the leading person everyday, his line of thoughts were naturally meticulous. He knew that at this moment, Qin Lang definitely didn’t want to take the car.

“Little Chen, what relation does this Qin Lang have with Mayor Wu that he is so protective of him!?” Zhao Zhiwei seemed to have asked casually because even if Qin Lang was a relative, Wu Wenxiang wouldn’t have stood up so much for him.

Chen Jinyong shook his head: “Bureau Chief Zhao, no, Secretary Zhao, I still am not clear on this. You have to go ask Mayor Wu personally.”

“Oi…...little Chen! You are pretty secretive.” Zhao Zhiwei laughed heartily and made his way inside the car.

Qin Lang and Luo Bin were hurrying back to the school but the rain was gradually getting bigger and bigger.

After rushing back inside the school, the two were wiping the water from their hair when their gazes met each other’s by chance. They couldn’t help looking at each other and laugh because at this instant, they seemed to have once again recollected their childhood’s happy memories.

At this moment, the cell phone ringtone suddenly rang!

Qin Lang took a glimpse and unexpectedly it was a call from Tao Ruoxiang. For whatever reason, he pressed down the reply button, “Teacher Tao, you don’t have to worry, I am all right ……. yeah, those policemen were pretty good and their manners were very good. After asking and being clear about the situation, they immediately let me return……”

“Qin Lang, is teacher Tao really your ‘aunt’?” Qin Lang had hung up the phone when Luo Bin half-seriously and half-jokingly asked.

“Yeah.” Qin Lang could only nod his hard-to-break head. If Luo Bin knew that he was secretly in love with teacher Tao, then his good impressions on her heart would instantly fall apart.


A clap of thunder again echoed in the sky.

Qin Lang couldn’t help but shiver. He thought it really was that if one told a lot of lies, they would have to look out for the thunder strike!

Only, if he didn’t tell lies, he was afraid he would suffer more miserably than being struck by the thunder.

In Qin Lang’s view, his transfer was really connected to his luck taking a turn for the better and not only that, even his luck in romance had also turned around. Only, he hadn’t expected this luck in romance didn’t stop at one turn but actually had turned twice, this made Qin Lang feel somewhat at a loss.

One was a love at first sight, an adult elder sister beauty and another was a childhood sweetheart, a fresh maiden, reunited after a long time. How could Qin Lang choose between them?

After returning to the classroom, Qin Lang was in a somewhat disturbed state of mind. Luo Bin however returned back to her original seat. After all, she still attached the most importance to her studies and was not likely to fool around like Qin Lang.

But ‘a stone raises a thousand ripples’, the matter of Luo Bin paying special attention to Qin Lang was sufficient to be the current subject of topic for many people.

After Zhao Kan, this guy returned to the seat besides Qin Lang, he immediately began to gossip about it. He turned towards Qin Lang and asked: “Hey kid, what’s your relation with Luo Bin!?”

“What relation? It is just a relation between pure classmates and friends.” Qin Lang looked at Zhao Kan disdainfully.

“Impossible!” Zhao Kan snorted, “Luo Bin is proud and arrogant. Why would she befriend a just transferred student for no reason at all? You see, in our grade eleven, there are so many students who have studied together with her for three years but there is not anyone who she considers a true friend!”

“Isn’t that too much exaggeration?” Qin Lang was astounded. In his view, Luo Bin was really very easy to get along with.

“I haven’t exaggerated even a bit!” Zhao Kan snorted, “Still remember the Seven Mid Campus’s beauties photo-book that I intend to publish? Luo Bin is published as a beauty who no one dares to approach. Although, ordinarily, she keeps a low profile but she is absolutely Seven Mid's prettiest girl level existence. According to my judgement, apart from Jiang Xueqing, there is no almost no one who can compare with her ——"

“Wait a minute——did you say Jiang Xueqing?”

“That’s right. Jiang xueqing, section five’s beauty. She is the Seven Mid’s prettiest girl level existence. She is proficient in dance and is especially good at ethnic dance because she has both Min and Han blood flowing in her veins….. Hey, you better not say that you know her!” When it came to the topic of beauties, Zhao Kan could speak clearly and logically.

“This…. I really do know her.” Qin Lang ashamedly smiled. This girl, Jiang Xueqing was precisely the female student who had almost met with calamity outside the art school in the Circle Water Bar. If it was not for Qin Lang, it was very likely that she would have already fallen into evil hands.

In Qin Lang’s view, this was however a matter which showed his ‘kindness knows no bounds’. So, although he had been exploited by Old Poison to handle An Desheng, he had been willing to be taken advantage of because getting rid of An Desheng would clean the Summer Sun city’s underworld and this could be considered to be a good deed.

“Come off it!” Zhao Kan simply didn’t believe that Qin Lang, within such a short period of time actually also knew Jiang Xueqing who was a prettiest girl level existence in the school. Although, Jiang Xueqing was not like Luo Bin who was ice-cold and made people shrink back. But she was also not someone whom any people could connect to casually. Zhao Kan had heard people say Jiang Xueqing planned to enter the exam for the Central Conservatory of Music. Recently, she was always busy with the preparation for the college entrance exam along with art exam, how could she have the time to distract herself in making friends?

“Ah, why doesn’t anyone believe the truth these days ….” Qin Lang sighed a sigh of melancholy.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. But you are having delusion of such a fantasy, who would believe ——”

Zhao Kan suddenly shut his mouth after speaking till here. Just like a dream coming true and ‘speak of Cao Cao and he appears’, at this time, a beautiful girl was standing to his side and this beauty was precisely Jiang Xueqing. She was holding a snow-white towel on her hand and with a hint of shyness, she gave it to Qin Lang: “I saw you got wet just now in the rain and I just happen to have a towel for wiping off the sweat while dancing. Take it and wipe off the water, don’t catch a cold——Oh! you don’t have to worry, this is new, I haven’t used it!”

“I am leaving now.” Jiang Xueqing hurriedly fled, as if she couldn’t bear Zhao Kan’s, this class A pervert’s gaze.

Qin Lang looked at the snow white towel on his hand which still held Jiang Xueqing’s fragrance. But he didn’t know why but he felt the towel on his hand which was as light as a feather had become extremely heavy as he vaguely felt there was a formidable pressure imposing on this towel. This formidable imposing aura seemed to be coming from the front row’s Luo Bin even though she had not turned around.

Zhao Kan kneaded his eyes, apparently he didn’t believe what he saw. Confirming the existence of the towel on Qin Lang’s hand, he sourly said: “Kid, give me an honest explanation, do you know demonic magic!? How can all the beauties come rushing to find you!? Calling 'Little Slug', you attract one campus beauty; being drenched in the rain and another campus beauty brings you a towel! Why don't such good things happen to me!?"

“Because you don’t have my handsomeness.” Qin Lang said, in deadly earnest.

“Forget it! Seven Mid has a lot of handsome guys but they also don’t have any positive chances with those girls!” Zhao Kan said. He grabbed the towel on Qin Lang's hand and then brought it up to his nose and sniffed, "Really fragrant! That's right, I see this doesn't have embroidery. If by any chance, it had been embroidered with mandarin ducks, then that would certainly mean that she is interested in you!”

“Keep your voice down!” Qin Lang warned Zhao Kan as he felt that imposing aura on Luo Bin grow even larger.


At this time, the sky outside the classroom had turned deathly white and then an even more ferocious clap of thunder echoed!

Heavens were apparently warning Qin Lang through this: Most difficult to enjoy was a beauty’s grace, let alone the grace of three beauties!



Mandarin Ducks are a sign of couples or lovers.


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