Juvenile Medical God Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Invitation to a Meal

Ever since Luo Bin returned to her front row seat, she seemed to have resumed her ice-cold exterior. She didn’t talk with Qin Lang anymore for the rest of the day. In Zhao Kan and other student’s views, this was the real Luo Bin, but as far as Qin Lang was concerned, Luo Bin clearly seemed to be somewhat abnormal at the moment. He felt this might have been because of the towel Jiang Xueqing had given him.

Qin Lang really felt that he had been wronged. Originally, when he had saved Jiang Xueqing, it had merely been him lifting a finger to help and nothing more. But in the past few days, the details of the case had been gradually made clear, only then did Jiang Xueqing learn what kind of people Lin Xiaoquan and Fu Yingxiao were originally, and what kind of dangerous trap she was in, at that time. She knew that if it was not for Qin Lang, it was very possible that she would have followed the same dangerous road as Zhou Lingling and other female students. As a result, she was very grateful to Qin Lang from the bottom of her heart.

Only, Jiang Xueqing was even more grateful because she was viewed as the publicly accepted prettiest girl of the Seven Mid and ordinarily, there would be many guys who would take the initiative to pursue and even harass her which made her pestered beyond endurance. But, Qin Lang, after saving her, didn’t appear in front of her and pester her like a housefly. He seriously seemed to be a ‘living Lei Feng’, not seeking any rewards. As a result, in Jiang Xueqing’s view, student Qin Lang was a really good person, a good student with noble morality.

So, now, when she saw Qin Lang had got wet in the rain, she had resolutely brought the towel herself for Qin Lang to wipe off the rain-water, regardless of other people’s opinions.

But, Jiang Xueqing wasn’t aware that her towel was like the hairpin of the Queen Mother of the West, creating a Milky Way between Qin Lang and Luo Bin. Moreover, this Milky Way was so ice-cold as to cause people to feel hopeless.

Zhao Kan was still envying Qin Lang’s luck in love without knowing the actual facts but how was he to know that Qin Lang’s current situation was not very encouraging.

Anyway, Qin Lang didn’t immediately go to explain to Luo Bin as some affairs would often get worse the more you try to resolve them. Furthermore, he and Luo Bin had just reunited, and there were no commitments and such between them. The connection between them also was merely relying on their past beautiful memories. So to speak, the emotional bond between them was in fact, still very weak. So weak that it was not able to resist being tossed around.

Besides, Qin Lang also had his own affair to deal with after school——

Wu Wenxiang had invited Qin Lang to meet at his home.

Qin Lang already knew that after he had asked Wu Wenxiang to lend a hand, there would certainly be some follow-up matters.

After the school ended, as before, Chen Jinyong came personally to receive Qin Lang.

Actually, Wu Wenxiang and Chen Jinyong, both had their personal drivers but against expectations, Chen Jinyong was willing to serve as Wu Wenxiang’s driver. Because if it wasn’t like this, how could Chen Jinyong promotion speed be like a helicopter taking off?

They arrived at Wu Wenxiang’s home. This time, however, Wu Wenxiang himself opened the door.

“Little Chen, would you like to come in and eat together?” Wu Wenxiang asked to Chen Jinyong.

“Mayor Wu, my wife is still waiting at home. Let me get off work early, okay?” Chen Jinyong naturally knew that Wu Wenxiang only said it as a courtesy and nothing more. If he really remained behind to have a meal, it would only upset the leader. Having been a secretary for so long, if he didn’t even know such signals, then perhaps, he would have already been replaced by Wu Wenxiang.

Wu Wenxiang also had only said it as a courtesy so he didn’t insist Chen Jinyong to stay for a meal. After closing the door, Wu Wenxiang said amiably to Qin Lang: “Little Qin, you didn’t suffer at the police station today, right?”

“How can I suffer when Mayor Wu is looking after me.” Qin Lang gave a faint smile.

“Ah! I didn’t expect Little Qin that you knew Eight-Four armed forces and furthermore, it seems to be a deep relation. Remarkable!” Wu Wenxiang said casually. Clearly, everything that had happened at the local police station today, had reached his ears.

“A classmate helped, that’s all.” Qin Lang understated it.

Wu Wenxiang chuckled, he knew that it couldn’t be that simple. Eight-Four armed forces was the trump card of Pingchuan provincial military. Although, they were stationed near Xiayang city but even he, a mayor, also didn’t have the power to mobilize them.

“That’s right, you still haven’t eaten. Let’s eat together.” Wu Wenxiang took Qin Lang to the dining hall. In the dining hall, there were two women wearing red hotel work clothes. They were busy with serving dishes, arranging bowls, chopsticks and so on.

Qin Lang glimpsed their name plates had ‘City Hall Guest House’ written on it.

The two moved very efficiently and soon, the meal was served.

At this time, Wu Wenxiang helped his mother, old lady Yan come over because the elderly lady was in a wheelchair, and there was a blanket covering her legs.

“Esteemed elder, what happened to you?” Qin Lang recalled that on his previous visit to here, this esteemed elder had still been very healthy. Who could have thought that just after a few days, she would be lying in a wheelchair.

“Rheumatism broke out yesterday.” Old lady Yan sighed, “I am old and weary, this body is dying. Don’t you see, yesterday my rheumatism broke out and today it rained. Alas, looks like I only have few years to live…..”

“Mother, what are you saying? Modern medical science is so developed, you will live to be a hundred, no question.” Wu Wenxiang said.

“You are still saying medical science is developed? It can’t even treat rheumatism pain.” Old lady Yan snorted, “Looking back, it would be better to see a traditional Chinese doctor, those western medicine doctors are not reliable……”

“Traditional Chinese doctors, eighty percent of them are all swindlers——”

“Mayor Wu, your words have no basis.” Qin Lang couldn’t help but interrupt Mayor Wu, “Traditional Chinese medicine is not a scam. Before, when there was no western medicine, weren’t we Chinese people still able to survive and prosper?”

“Exactly. Even though luckily, you are the mayor, I can see that your understanding is not equal to little Qin.” Old lady Yan humphed, then she said to the two servers, “You two girls, you have worked for so long, come and eat with us.”

“Esteemed elder, enjoy your meal, we still have to go to work.” How could the two servers dare to eat together with the mayor so they hastened to modestly decline.

“Yes, this their job.” Wu Wenxiang said, “Anyway, later, I will make sure that they get extra bonus this month.”

The two servers were very delighted and hurriedly expressed their thanks.

Qin Lang didn’t know for what reason Wu Wenxiang invited him to the dinner today. He vaguely guessed that it had something to do with today’s matters. But since Wu Wenxiang hadn’t taken the initiative to talk, Qin Lang also didn’t wish to ask.

When having a meal with the mayor, other people would somewhat restrain the amount they ate. But Qin Lang simply didn’t have such misgivings and ate with a big appetite.

“Little Qin, eat a little more, otherwise it would just be wasted.” Seeing Qin Lang eating very happily, old lady Yan also became very happy. She disliked seeing Wu Wenxiang making people prepare a table of dishes, yet not even moving his chopsticks. After all, she used to be a farmer previously so she had always thought that wasting food was shameful.

The dinner was not finished yet when the doorbell rang.

Wu Wenxiang hesitated for a while then left to open the door.

“Mayor Wu, how could you personally come to open the door? How is this proper?” Two people were standing outside the door. Impressively, one of them was Cai Weidong, his face still showed signs of swelling. And another was a middle aged man who had some resemblance to Cai Weidong. He should be Cai Weidong’s father.

“So it was old Cai! Please come in.” Wu Wenxiang appeared to be polite on the surface.



Queen mother of the West ( Xi Wangmu): She used her hairpin to separate two lovers by creating Milky Way between them.

Lei Feng: A soldier who was characterized as a selfless and modest person.

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