Juvenile Medical God Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Bowing to Apologize

Although, Cai Weidong was ordinarily wild and spoiled but now, he was nevertheless very uncomfortable and prudent.

Cai Hengping and Cai Weidong, father and son duo had suddenly appeared, making Qin Lang almost certain of Wu Wenxiang’s purpose for inviting him to dinner. Anyway, this was Wu Wenxiang’s home and he waited to see Wu Wenxiang’s further performance.

“Old Cai, you, father and son, take a rest at the living room first. We will discuss once I finish dinner with a guest.” Wu Wenxiang directly led Cai Hengping and Cai Wendong to cool at one side, this clearly showed his superiority to the two father and child duo.

Qin Lang and Wu Wenxiang finished eating only after almost half an hour. Afterwards, Wu Wenxiang helped his esteemed mother to her room, then he went to the living room with Qin Lang.

“Mayor Wu, I know you are busy so I will get right to the point, I came to visit you with my son to apologize.” Cai Hengping said humbly. Wu Wenxiang was the mayor, it was an inevitable matter for Cai Hengping to bow his head.

“Old Cai, look at what you are saying. You haven’t offended me so what are you apologizing to me for?” Wu Wenxiang said with a faint smile, “Oh, that’s right, this is Qin Lang, he is my nephew. He just transferred to Seven Mid some days ago. Oh, your child is also in Seven Mid, right? Maybe they know each other.”

“Uncle Wu, we are in the same class.” Cai Weidong interrupted at this moment.

“Impudent, who let you interrupt!?” Cai Hengping ruthlessly glared at his son and only then, he said to Wu Wenxiang, “Mayor Wu, this child doesn’t understand manners, please don’t lower yourself to his level.”

“Old Cai, look at what you are saying, how can I lower myself to argue with a child?” Wu Wenxiang laughed but then his tone changed, “But, since this child doesn’t understand manners, you, as the family head should have taught him properly. Could it be that the child doesn’t understand manners means you also don’t understand!? It hasn’t been long since my nephew transferred to Seven Mid but I heard he was bullied today, I am not sure what’s going on. Little Cai, do you know what it’s all about?”

“I…….” Cai Weidong, seeing Wu Wenxiang ask him, stammered. He didn’t know how he should reply because he was absolutely not used to Wu Wenxiang’s roundabout way of speaking. Although he was not much intelligent but he was absolutely sure that Wu Wenxiang already knew about this matter. Since he already knew, why is he asking?


Cai Weidong had still not spoken, but he received a slap from his father. Moreover, this slap was very loud but in reality, it didn’t have much force and was only for appearance. But as Cai Weidong’ face had originally been injured, this slap still hurted him, making him cry out.

“Old Cai, why does your child have such a big temperament?” Wu Wenxiang said indifferently, “I only asked a question. Even if there is something wrong with the child, you should go back and discipline him properly.”

“Yes, Mayor Wu, you are right.” Cai Hengping nodded his head repeatedly.

Cai Hengping was considerably angered by today’s affairs. His child caused trouble and actually angered Wu Wenxiang. Moreover, his wife unexpectedly committed an offense against Zhao Zhiwei. In a short while, two members of the Standing Committee had been offended and one of them was second in charge of the Xiayang city with true authority. This was practically an unlucky year! If today’s affairs are not wiped clean, Cai Hengping was afraid that later, he would not have any good days in Xiayang city.

So, even though Cai Hengping loved his son dearly but this time, he still slapped Cai Weidong.

Cai Weidong was tall and stout, he was half a head taller than his father but he didn’t dare to utter a word after receiving the slap because his father had already said that if today Wu Wenxiang didn’t forgive him then he reckoned he, Cai Weidong would have no choice but to go to Labor Camp and stay for about a year. After all, today, he had used a knife and moreover, he had accidentally injured Sunbo. If he really had to go through judicial procedures, then perhaps he would be facing the criminal charge of ‘Intentional Injury’. He also knew suffering few slaps on the face could make it be bygones.

“Qin Lang, I am sorry!” Immediately at this moment, Cai Weidong suddenly stood in front of Qin Lang and bowed his head to admit his mistake, but he was clearly somewhat unwilling.

“All right, Cai Weidong.” Qin Lang also was not inclined in seeing this father and son duo’s performance, “I am not used to speaking implicitly like Mayor Wu so I will speak straightforwardly. Today, I slapped you twice, that is because previously, you instigated Zhao Guang to deal with me. Furthermore, you spread rumors to slander me and in addition, today, you still thought of stabbing me with a knife. So, you haven’t been wronged by receiving these two slaps. As you have sincerely apologized, I will forget about the previous matters. But, if this happens again, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

Qin Lang’s words were somewhat fierce and direct but Cai Weidong listened clearly and repeatedly nodded his head.

“Little Qin, you need to be friendly with your classmates, how could you speak like that?” Wu Wenxiang seemed to be scolding Qin Lang but in reality, he was saying it while smiling.

“It’s all right, little Qin is blunt and he shows that he won’t hold a grudge.” Cai Hengping immediately said, then he faced Qin Lang to make his position clear, “Little Qin, you can relax. Later, I will carefully discipline this disappointing thing!”

“All right, it is getting late, you two, father and son should return early.” Wu Wenxiang, seeing Cai Hengping and Cai Weidong lower their heads, his purpose was reached. He didn’t intend to continue to waste time with this father and son duo.

“Ok, Mayor Wu, we will take our leave.” Cai Hengping got up and said goodbye then said few polite greetings to Qin Lang.

After they were out of the door, Cai Heiping wanted to slap Cai Weidong again but seeing Cai Weidong’s pig head appearance, he endured his urge to slap and said rebukingly: “How can you speak before I, your father? I made you see Qin Lang to properly bow your head to admit your mistakes with sincere attitude, didn’t you listen!?”

“Haven’t I already admitted my mistakes?” Cai Weidong was still somewhat unhappy.


Cai Hengping finally slapped and said coldly: “F*ck, you, mother and son are courting death but don’t bring your father down with you! Didn’t you see how protective, Mayor Wu was of that child? You must be sincerely convinced, if you still dare to make any moves against him, I will be the first to waste you!”

Cai Weidong, seeing his father show such fury, didn’t dare to talk back. In a low voice, he said: “Then…….I will return back to study, okay?”

“Read fart! Still have to go to Secretary Zhao’s home to apologize——all is because of you, mother and son’s good actions!” Cai Hengping snorted coldly.

At the time when Cai Hengping and Cai Weidong, father and son were scuttling towards Zhao Zhiwei’s home, Wu Wenxiang and Qin Lang had begun another conversation.

“Little Qin, they, father and son came to apologize, is your heart at ease?” Wu Wenxiang smilingly said to Qin Lang.

“Mayor Wu, you want to hear the truth or a lie?” Qin Lang asked.

“We can also be considered to be acquaintance, naturally I want to hear the truth.”

“Truth is——compared to their apology, I actually felt my anger had been vented even more when Cai Weidong was slapped.”

“Hehe~. this is actually the truth! You are really youthful.” Wu Wenxiang said smiling, “Only, your slap however attracted many inconveniences. This time, they, father and son bowed their heads to apologize but nevertheless, they won’t try to find trouble with you any more. Do you know? This Cai Hengping is Xiayang City’s native cadre and although his father-in-law has retired but previously, for good or bad, he was a provincial level cadre so I also have to give him some face.”

“I naturally know this. Mayor Wu’s handling of matters is really watertight.” Qin Lang slightly smiled. He then took out his cell phone and in front of Wu Wenxiang, he removed the memory card from inside and passed it to Wu Wenxiang, “Mayor Wu has helped me so much, probably also because of the things inside this. Since this thing makes you extremely worried and troubled, I am giving it to you. And besides, you don’t have to worry, the things inside haven’t been forwarded and there is also no duplicate.”
In China, Mayor is not the highest position in a city.

Xiayang City is Summer Sun City. I am going to be using pinyin for City and character names.

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