Juvenile Medical God Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Bee Venom Therapy

Wu Wenxiang was slightly flabbergasted. He had really wanted to mention about this matter today because Pure Beauty Bay’s legal case was already over. Many people were involved in it and even the big shots of Xiayang city also failed to escape. Wu Wenxiang had only gone once to Pure Beauty Bay so there was no evidence related to him at Pure Beauty Bay but he didn’t expect that unfortunately, Qin Lang had it on his hand. Even though, hiring prostitutes was not considered to be a big affair but if it was spread out, it would certainly have an influence on promotion. Wu Wenxiang still was hoping for a big shot position so those photographs on Qin Lang’s hand had really made him ‘not able to rest or eat in peace’.

Now, Qin Lang had taken the initiative to bring it out, this was really beyond Wu Wenxiang’s expectation.

If it was Wu Wenxiang himself, he certainly would not have been this straightforward. After all, this thing on Qin Lang’s hand could have a lot of uses.

“What? Mayor Wu doesn’t want it?”

“Want, of course I want.” Wu Wenxiang laughed loudly and hurriedly took the memory card. His worried heart finally calmed down and at the same time, he secretly praised Qin Lang’s conduct.

Only, Qin Lang had a reason for doing this. If he kept on holding this evidence, it was true that he could make Wu Wenxiang afraid of the consequences but at the same time, it would also be easy to make Wu Wenxiang give rise to hatred. In case, Wu Wenxiang really became Xiayang city’s ‘Big shot’, it was not definite that he would not become reckless in desperation for this evidence. Rather than that, Qin Lang might as well use this evidence for today’s favor, like this everybody would be happy.

“Good. Mayor Wu, since you received your stuff, I also should take my leave.”

Qin Lang was just about to get up to take his leave when at this time, he suddenly heard the esteemed elder letting out a painful cry from inside her room, “Ai yo, it is killing me! Wenxiang, give your old mother a sleeping pill…….ai yo…..”

Wu Wenxiang immediately rushed towards his mother’s room and comforted: “Mother, don’t speak like this. I will immediately call a doctor for you.”

“Those western doctors are fart……” The esteemed elder was in acute pain so she unexpectedly swore.

Wu Wenxiang suddenly recalled that Qin Lang seemed to be a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Now, trying to desperately control the acute disease, he requested help from Qin Lang: “Little Qin, your family are medical practitioners, right? Please…….can you take a look at my mother?”

“All right.” Qin Lang nodded his head, saying in his mind you, Wu Wenxiang owe me a favor again, later if there are some matters, you will have to lend a hand like before!

“Esteemed elder, let me take a look at you.” Qin Lang looked at the esteemed elder’s leg and afterwards, he checked her pulse. He nodded his head and said, “This is rheumatoid arthritis, it is really not easy to be completely cured. But, you ran into me, curing you won’t be any problem.”

“Really?” Old lady Yan didn’t seem to be much convinced, saying in mind how could there be such a young chinese medicine doctor.

“Mayor Wu, ……..I had looked over your illness, wasn’t my medical treatment correct?” Qin Lang asked towards Wu Wenxiang.

Wu Wenxiang said in his mind Qin Lang, this guy is really rubbing it in. His previous injury was in his dearest child so how could he speak of it easily? Hence, he could only nod his head to deal with it.

“Ok…...then I have to request this young doctor to take a look at me, Ai yo.” Old lady Yan also didn’t have any ways to deal with the pain so she intended to make every possible effort.

At this moment, Qin Lang took out a silver needle and then used sterilized cotton to carefully sterilize it.

Seeing Qin Lang do this, Wu Wenxiang asked: “Little Qin, you want to use acupuncture on my mother?”

Wu Wenxiang also was aware of acupuncture but he was not particularly convinced in it. He always felt that only eating western medicine could cure an illness.

“Acupuncture is not so simple.” Qin Lang shook his head and took out a small jade bottle in which he dipped the tip of the needle once. Wu Wenxiang hadn’t seen it clearly when he saw Qin Lang suddenly move his hand like lightning and pricked the needle in near old lady Yan’s knee.


Old lady Yan couldn’t help but cry out in pain. Wu Wenxiang was getting anxious due to Qin Lang, this quack, pricking a needle in his mother when he suddenly discovered old lady Yan’s wrinkled brows gradually unfolding then changing into an amazed and pleasantly surprised expression. She didn’t dare to believe that silver needle on her leg, “Little Qin, your needle is really too magical. How can my left leg not hurt even a bit? I have also received acupuncture previously but it was not this magical!”

“Nowadays, there are a lot of swindlers.” Qin Lang shook his head, “According to Chinese medical standards; three years of apprenticeship and ten years to impart skills. How can someone dare to easily give prescriptions? Doing that would just destroy their reputation. Unlike now where anyone can casually spend money to go to medical school to take a refresher course for few months and get the title of acupuncture therapist. Could this skill be mastered like that?”

“Right, right. Qin Lang, your words are logical.” Old lady Yan immediately nodded her head, “That, could you stick the needle in my other leg too?”

“Okay.” Qin Lang nodded, “I will immediately stick the needle in your other leg.”

Qin Lang once again took out a silver needle and also dipped it in a bit of the stuff inside that Jade bottle. Wu Wenxiang could not help but ask: “Little Qin, what is the stuff you are dipping in? Is it some kind of medicine?”

“Come to speak of it, you don’t know.” Qin Lang spoke frankly, “This here is poisonous bee’s venom and moreover, this is the venom of the ‘killer bee’ found only in the virgin forest of Yunhai province.”

“Killer bee!” Wu Wenxiang was horrified, “You…….what are you getting at?”

“Mayor Wu, why are you frightened?” Seeing Wu Wenxiang’s making big fuss about nothing appearance, Qin Lang explained, “This killer bee is only a common name, it is just a particularly tough poisonous bee. However, in traditional Chinese medicine, there is a very original natural treatment known as ‘bee venom therapy’ and it has wonderful effects against symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other illnesses. You don’t understand medical science so don’t make a big fuss about nothing.”

“Exactly……..Wenxiang, use your free time to read books, don’t just drink alcohol all day long!” Old lady Yan criticized her son. Once Qin Lang’s two needles pricked her, the rheumatic pain which had disturbed her for so many years had immediately disappeared so in her view, calling Qin Lang a medical god was not an overstatement!

Hence, Old lady Yan’s view towards Qin Lang had become much more favorable.

But, in Qin Lang’s view, Wu Wenxiang could be regarded as a filial son. Generally speaking, this kind of people would not be evil. You need to know that at Han Dynasty period, they paid particular attention to governing the world with filial piety. Officials would be selected through ‘electing the filial and incorruptible’ way and the first priority would be given to checking the official’s moral character.

If an official disregarded his own mother, could common people still hope for him to take care of them as if they were his own children? Wasn’t this pure bullshit?

From beginning to end, it was not even ten minutes before old lady Yan’s rheumatism pain thoroughly disappeared.

After Qin Lang collected the needles, old lady Yan tried to stand up from the wheelchair and at this moment, she surprisingly discovered that her both legs didn’t hurt even a bit. The old ailment which had disturbed her for many years seemed to have disappeared, she felt as if she was already healed and had recovered completely.

“Little Qin, doctor Qin, you are really too awesome!” Old lady Yan excitedly said, “This rheumatic pain had disturbed me for nearly twenty year, I couldn’t even catch a chill or rain and when there would be a sudden change in the weather, it would hurt so much that I couldn’t even stand up. Ai, luckily, your magical hands brought me back to life again! Doctor Qin, in my opinion, your abilities are much more better than a great many of the doctors of Xiayang city!!”

“Esteemed elder, you should just call me little Qin, okay? I saw your illness should be due to an incompletely cured illness from your youthful times, right?” Qin Lang slightly smiled, saying in his heart Old Poison is proficient in all kinds of strange poison, martial skills are also extremely superior and is even more proficient in traditional Chinese medicines and energy channels, this matter could also be considered as simply lifting a finger and nothing more. But, Old Poison only liked killing and would rarely put his hand to save people.

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