Juvenile Medical God Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Era of the Survival of the Fittest

“Turning to white?”

“That’s right. Only, the processes aren’t as simple as that.” Wu Wenxiang slightly nodded his head, “Because a lot of the big shots of the underworld transformed overnight to patriotic businessmen, even becoming members of parliament, politicians and so on. Their subordinates also changed to legitimate workers, possessing social security cards, therefore, how can the law go against them?”

“Then your meaning is?”

“My meaning is doing the exact opposite. Rather than becoming the underworld’s big shot and then turning to white, it’s better to start off with a clean background. This turning to white is not like Han Sanqiang, registering a shell company but rather managing a genuine business. For instance, you can give money to let Han Sanqiang register a security company. Regarding the range of the business, you can manage security for some high-end communities, you can also provide security for casinos but you cannot call it ‘protection fees’, rather, it should be a ‘security contract’ agreement between the both parties. After that, Han Sanqiang should earnestly provide security service to the counterpart. In this way, it would be completely legitimate so much so that, when necessary, you can sign a government contract and carry out all kinds of large scale activities to maintain stability. Do you understand now?”

Qin Lang was seriously enlightened by Wu Wenxiang’s remarks. It went without saying that his mind was smart but he didn’t have an opportunity to get in touch with this field. Wu Wenxiang proved himself to be a veteran politician, his advice immediately made Qin Lang have a kind of feeling of ‘seeing light at the end of the tunnel’.

Originally, Wu Wenxiang wouldn’t have given these advice to Qin Lang but fortunately, Qin Lang was able to cure his mother’s illness and moreover, Qin Lang’s magical medical skills shocked Wu Wenxiang. Only then, did Wu Wenxiang acknowledge Qin Lang’s skills and gave these advice.

“Mayor Wu, if placed in ancient times, you would certainly be a difficult to deal with military adviser!” Qin Lang smiled.

“Bureaucracy is like a battlefield, one cannot make a single step if the mind is not sufficient.” Wu Wenxiang said, feeling somewhat moved, “Little Qin, since you now understand the flaws, I won’t say more. Moreover, from my view of point, you seem capable of leading these societies’ gangster organizations, and making them work under a managed company will let them stand on their own feet, instead of fighting and killing for territories all the time. This can also be considered to be contributing their strength for the stability and harmony of the city. In fact, establishing a company means you have to hand over taxes, hahhh~”

“Mayor Wu, so you had already made this plan! haha!”

Two persons laughed heartily at the same time.

Qin Lang reaped not small harvest from Wu Wenxiang’s sincere words. He also knew that if he hadn’t cured Wu Wenxiang’s mother, Wu Wenxiang was not likely to have given him these advice.

On his path to the school, Qin Lang was continuously pondering over these advice.

‘Jianghu is everywhere’, Qin Lang also acknowledged this short sentence said by Old Poison. Only, the people of Jianghu also should keep up with times, what Wu Wenxiang said was right, fighting and killing over territories was already not suitable now. In case, it drew the country’s dissatisfaction and the country used its powerful apparatus, there would be few factions who could withstand the crushing pressure of the country’s apparatus.

Qin Lang was very proficient in all kinds of biological knowledge so he believed in the essence of《Darwin’s theory of evolution》: Survival of the fittest.

Jiang Hu’s people should also adapt to the changing of the times or else, there are no ways for them to exist in this age.

But in spite of Wu Wenxiang’s directions, Qin Lang also knew that completely turning to white was not likely, at the moment. Han Sanqiang and Man Niu were more than sufficient to handle the things on their path but regarding a company’s management and operations, they were still lacking by a lot. And Qin Lang wouldn’t be at ease if the task was given to others,.

When Qin Lang returned to the dorm, Zhao Kan was once again playing games, he couldn’t help but say: “Zhao Kan, the college entrance exam is very near, how can you not have any sense of urgency?”

“You are saying to me but aren’t you also the same?” Zhao Kan stated.

“Me? I am not the same.” Qin Lang smilingly said, “At nine o'clock, I will go the library and teacher Tao will personally tutor me!”

“Right, how could I have forgotten this ——all right, boy, it seems you really have some show going on with teacher Tao!” Zhao Kan let go of the mouse for the time being and stared at Qin Lang, “But, what about Luo Bin? That’s right, there is also Jiang Xueqing! What the f*ck, how can Seven Mid’s absolute beauties all fall for you, this really is sticking flowers into ………what was it…?!”

“You are what it is!” Qin Lang humphed, “Moreover, Luo Bin and I are only childhood friends and I was acquainted with Jiang Xueqing only a few days before by chance, there is no such step with the both.”

“Come on! Getting acquainted by chance? Jiang Xueqing is acquainted with a lot of male students but I never saw her coming to give a sweat towel to anyone. Although, there was no mandarin ducks embroidery on her sweat towel but this action is already very obvious. Otherwise, why would Luo Bin be jealous?” Zhao Kan humphed.

“Jealous? How do you know?”

“F*ck! The whole class knows!” Zhao Kan smirked, “You don’t know? Or are you deluding yourself? How, since Jiang Xueqing brought the towel to you, Luo Bin hasn’t paid attention to you, right? I will tell you, Luo Bin is a girl who feels very strongly. She doesn’t like you so she didn’t bother paying attention to you, understood?”

“Is it really this?” Qin Lang was suddenly aware that the situation had become serious. He had thought Luo Bin was only continuing to concentrate on her studies so she hadn’t paid attention to him, who could have thought that she unexpectedly already hated him.

“Bullshit!” Zhao Kan smiled, “Regretting? But if it was me and Jiang Xueqing gave me a towel, I would certainly accept it, smelling it everyday, that would be soul refreshing, ah!”

“F*ck off!” Qin Lang taunted but his heart was somewhat gloomy.

Apparently, this beauty’s grace was indeed not easy to enjoy, especially these three beauties’ grace.

“Oh, by the way, what game are you playing? How come you are not playing fighting games?” Qin Lang saw Zhao Kan was playing somewhat different game today.

“Oh! This is the latest ‘legendary tycoon’ internet game, its main theme is how to earn money and pick up girls——take a look, in this game, sl*tty secretaries, receptionists, debutantes, celebrities and so on, all these beauties can be picked up. Of course, the precondition is to open a company, invest in stock market and so on to earn more money. This is a high IQ game, I guess you don’t understand.”

“Opening a company to make profits, picking up girls, isn’t this almost the same as real life?” Qin Lang said.

“There is a massive difference.” Zhao Kan gave Qin Lang a disdainful look, “If you go bankrupt here, you don’t have to worry about the bank collecting the debts, at most, you can just cancel your account. Furthermore, in the game, even having three wives and four concubines, you don’t have to worry about the women cutting off your p*nis.”

“Eh, you are not bad, you earned so much gold coins.” Qin Lang said after taking a quick look.

“Of course, what kind of person do you think I, Zhao Kan, am!? My dream is to become an outstanding poet tycoon. Not only refined and wealthy but also dashing. Simply said, a scholarly billionaire tycoon!”


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