Juvenile Medical God Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Suffering a Setback

“What the f*ck! How are you even scholarly?” Qin Lang said, “Anyway, it seems you are very experienced in opening a company and earning money?”

“Naturally!” Zhao Kan slapped his chest and said, “So-called ‘sometimes a foot may prove short while an inch may prove long’. At school, a lot of people likes to use grades as a measure but you also know that when you come to the society, it doesn’t use academic achievements as a measure. At school, you will have a lot of face when you say you are a top student, but when you come to the society, a person’s achievements are measured by mansions, expensive cars and the women around you, if you showed up your school report at that time then you will only make a fool of yourself. In short, your biological knowledge is not very awesome but I, Zhao Kan, in addition to having high accomplishments in poetry, I have promise in doing business too. I already discussed properly with my father, I am going to take finance as my major at university and upon graduation, I will open a company and employ hotties!”

“Open company, employing hotties, almost a prodigal son.” Qin Lang laughed, his thoughts suddenly changed, “There is also no meaning in always playing games. You want to open a company and do business? It just so happens that I can give you a chance and you will be doing me a favor too——make a business proposal!”

“Business proposal?” Zhao Kan didn’t seem to be too interested.

“It is not only a business proposal, if your business proposal meets the standard, I won’t mind investing in you.” Qin Lang smilingly said, “Of course, the pre-condition is your business proposal should have the qualifications for it.”

Qin Lang was previously thinking of Wu Wenxiang’s advice regarding turning Han Sanqiang, Man Niu, these people to white. If Zhao Kan really had the talent and abilities to operate a company, Qin Lang was really thinking of giving it a go. After all, Zhao Kan was someone who could be trusted. If Qin Lang let someone who couldn’t be trusted to operate the company, that would very likely be ‘leading the wolf into the house

Naturally, Qin Lang also was not certain whether Zhao Kan had this ability or not. So, this business proposal was precisely a test.

Zhao Kan had formerly thought that Qin Lang was just killing time with him but after he finished listening to Qin Lang’s analysis, he became aware that Qin Lang really intended to do this, thus, he slapped his chest as a guarantee: “You don’t have to worry, three days——no, two days, at most two days! I will put forward a presentable proposal to you.”

“Good, then I won’t disturb you.” Qin Lang looked at the time, “I am going to the library to make up for the missed lessons.”

“Take it easy, don’t collapse at the ‘cemetery’.” Zhao Kan said teasingly.

“Worry about yourself, rubbing pervert!” Qin Lang packed up his textbooks and walked out of the dormitory.

Approximately at ten minutes to nine, Qin Lang arrived at the library’s third floor’s self-study room.

Now with the college entrance exam approaching day by day, this ‘No blackouts Cemetery’ was also becoming more and more busy, fortunately, Qin Lang had already reserved two seats in advance, or else there might not even be any available seats at this time.

However, when Qin Lang hurried to the library, his seats were already occupied by a pair of a boy and a girl. Moreover, what he never imagined was that his reserved textbooks were thrown down on the ground and one of the books was being used as a mat, under that male student’s foot.

But in the meantime, this pair of boy and girl was still joking with each other, this wasn’t making up for the missed lessons but clearly a place for talking about romance. Anyway, Qin Lang blamed himself for this, the seats he selected were near the window corner and it was indeed a good place for talking about romance.

“Hello, schoolmate——”

Qin Lang walked to the edge of the seat and lightly patted the male student’s shoulder, “These seats were taken by me first.”

No boys would let themselves be weak in front of a girl. That male student gave a fierce glare to Qin Lang and fiercely grunted: “Your seats? Do you have any proof?”

Qin Lang stretched his hand and pointed to the book under the male student’s foot.

Who knew this male student would kick with his foot, the book immediately slid along the floor with flying speed, it was unsure under whose foot it slid off to.

“Next time, when you take a seat, you had better keep your eyes open!” The male student even threatened Qin Lang.

Qin Lang’s complexion suddenly sank, he originally didn’t want to use his hands on a schoolmate but the opposite side clearly didn’t consider him as a fellow student.

“F*ck! Blind, your dog eyes! You dare to fight over brother Qin’s seat——”

Just at this moment, a figure rushed in, then, picked up a book from the table and ruthlessly slapped that male student’s face twice.

Qin Lang looked and saw that this rushing ‘defender of justice’ was actually Zhao Guang and in addition, following behind him was a male student who was as sturdy as him. He should be Zhao Guang’s teammate from the basketball team.

The beaten male student was originally very furious but seeing that it was Zhao Guang, his anger immediately went down. This male student didn’t know Qin Lang but he knew Zhao Guang, this ‘school tyrant’. So, after taking the beatings, he immediately said: “Brother Zhao…….I am sorry, I……”

“F*ck, say sorry to brother Qin!” Zhao Guang fiercely glared at the male student.

“Ok, Zhao Guang, don’t affect others’ study.” Qin Lang turned to the male student and said, “Gather my textbooks and return them to me and forget about this matter.”

Having been beaten, the male student promptly nodded. He looked for the textbooks at top speed and returned it to Qin Lang, then as if fleeing from a plague, he pulled his girlfriend and escaped.

“Zhao Guang, thanks.” Qin Lang said thanks indifferently.

“You are too polite, brother Qin, then I will be going now.” Zhao Guang said with a smile.

After waiting till they walked to another side, the male student besides Zhao Guang asked: “Zhao Guang, wasn’t that boy just now a little arrogant?”

“Bullshit, can he not be arrogant? Do you know the one who thrashed Cai Weidong today? He was the one! Moreover, Cai Weidong’s family doesn’t even dare to fart about it! Outside of the school, Ma Wei, brother Qiang, that kind of people address him as ‘big brother’.” Zhao Guang snorted.

“That awesome?”

“That’s why, afterwards, don’t piss him off! Don’t say your bro didn’t warn you!” Zhao Guang warned.

“Understood, to hear you say so, this person really shouldn’t be provoked…...”

This small disturbance was very quickly settled.

Ten minutes after the event, Tao Ruoxiang appeared inside the self-study room, immediately attracting numerous male students’ gaze.

Zhao Guang was also one of them, seeing Tao Ruoxiang walk to the seat opposite Qin Lang, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Brother Qin is really awesome, capable of making teacher Tao give private coaching, I am afraid he is the only one!”

After sitting down, Tao Ruoxiang immediately began to coach on the academic courses.

Although Qin Lang came here with a mind to talk about romance but he knew Tao Ruoxiang’s character, this was clearly not a place to make jokes, hence, he was honestly listening to Tao Ruoxiang’s explanations and modestly asking for guidance.

Qin Lang’s IQ was of course, not low, the reason why his grades were poor previously was because he didn’t want to study, that’s all. Now, with Tao Ruoxiang personally coaching him, Qin Lang’s enthusiasm shot up by ten times, hundred times and the effect of the study was obviously clear and easy to see.

Time flew very fast.

Ten o’clock, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock……..

People inside the ‘no blackouts cemetery’ were getting fewer and fewer.

Although the library had the reputation of never having blackouts but it was impossible for students to not to rest, so after twelve o’clock, there would be fewer and fewer people inside the self-study room.

When it was almost half-past twelve, Qin Lang said to Tao Ruoxiang: “Teacher Tao, you should go back to rest, I will drop you off.”

“No need, I can return by myself.” Tao Ruoxiang stood up, preparing to leave.

Qin Lang was slightly startled, previously he would see Tao Ruoxiang off to her dormitory and although, the journey was not long but to Qin Lang, this was nevertheless a happy journey that could close the distance between him and Tao Ruoxiang.

But why did Tao Ruoxiang refuse him today? Could it be due to the matter with Luo Bin?

If indeed, then his luck in romance was so good that even the heavens were jealous.

Tao Ruoxiang strided out of the self-study room, seeing her figure disappearing at the corridor, Qin Lang suddenly chased after her.


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