Juvenile Medical God Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 Tailing Behind

When Tao Ruoxiang exited the library, she found out it was unexpectedly starting to drizzle again.

Late night, the campus was finally tranquil.

After walking for a short period of time, Tao Ruoxiang suddenly felt somewhat scared because the night seemed to be too quiet.

She was only then aware that previous several times, Qin Lang sent her off to the dormitory so she was never afraid but now that she was going back alone, she couldn’t get rid of the anxiety from her mind.

At this time, Tao Ruoxiang became aware that with Qin Lang besides her, she would feel a lot more sense of security.

But, after returning from the Clear Sky mountain, since that evening, Tao Ruoxiang was always thinking of her relation with Qin Lang. At the Clear Sky mountain peak, Tao Ruoxiang felt the strong affection that Qin Lang had for her and this affection had been put to test in the life or death situation. Even if Tao Ruoxiang was stone hearted, she also felt somewhat moved. What’s more, her intimate actions towards Qin Lang under the influence of the poison made her feel abashed when remembering them now.

However, after returning to the school, Tao Ruoxiang could only remind herself to keep distance from Qin Lang. She was constantly telling herself that she was a teacher and Qin Lang was a student, their identities decided there could not arise feelings of man-woman between her and Qin Lang. And today, when she saw Qin Lang and Luo Bin enjoying together, a trace of jealousy and complain appeared in her heart. Thus, today, after she helped Qin Lang make up for the missed lessons, she refused being sent off by Qin Lang.

Now when she thought of it, Tao Ruoxiang clearly felt she had acted somewhat rashly.

Just at this time, a burst of wind moved the grass besides her, Tao Ruoxiang couldn’t help being frightened.

“Miaowuu! ~”

A stray cat leaped up from the underbrush.

It was a false alarm!

Tao Ruoxiang was unable to refrain from breathing a sigh of relief.


Being attacked by the cold wind and the night rain, Tao Ruoxiang suddenly let out a sneeze.

Did I catch a cold?

Tao Ruoxiang felt the night rain was even colder, her body, at this time, was as weak as her heart. Feeling a twinge in her nose, she actually felt like shedding tears.

Right at this moment, Tao Ruoxiang suddenly felt warmth on her body, a cloth was draped on her shoulders.

“Caught a cold?” Tao Ruoxiang was frightened at first but hearing this voice, she felt calm all of a sudden.

Having gone through life and death crisis with Qin Lang, Tao Ruoxiang felt that having Qin Lang at her side really made her feel safe. This wasn’t only because Qin Lang’s skills were ferocious, the important point was Tao Ruoxiang knew Qin Lang would not even hesitate to risk his life for her sake.

“None of your business!” Tao Ruoxiang coldly humphed, but she immediately felt her words were not proper because this tone sounded like two passionate man and woman in anger. Hence, she hurriedly added in her regular tone, “I am all right.”

Qin Lang seemed as if he hadn’t noticed Tao Ruoxiang’s change of tone, he smilingly said: “You are still saying all right when you have already caught a cold.”

“I am not that fragile——aachoo!” She had just spoken, when she once again sneezed.

“Still not caught a cold?” Qin Lang said, “I am sorry, because I asked you to help me make up the missed lessons, you caught a cold.”

“It’s good since you know that.” Tao Ruoxiang coldly humphed.

“That’s right, this is all due to me. Anyway, why didn’t you, teacher Tao, not let me send you back just before?”

“Studying a bit more will be good for you.” Tao Ruoxiang, naturally, would not say the real reason.

“Ah, just for that!” Qin Lang said, “If you aren’t coaching, how can I still be interested in studying!? I even worried about you. In this darkness, you, a beautiful woman, is wandering around at the campus, really makes people worried.”

“Come on, this is the campus, how can there be danger? Moreover, I also have kung fu…….Aachoo!”

“That little bit of Sanda can be called kung fu?” Qin Lang slightly laughed, “It should be able to deal with common small perverts.”

Qin Lang’s implication was if Tao Ruoxiang met with his kind of pervert, then she might have no way to escape the situation.

“Yes, your kung fu is ferocious!” Tao Ruoxiang said, “Even if your kung fu is ferocious, you cannot protect me every day.”

“So long as teacher Tao wants, I will protect you every day.” Qin Lang said half seriously and half jokingly.

Tao Ruoxiang knew this guy was again implicating double meaning, but she, however, was unable to get angry at him, saying: “How can that be, later you will have a girlfriend and you will have to protect your girlfriend first. How could you still have time to look after your teacher?”

“Then if teacher Tao became my girlfriend, won’t it be two birds with one stone?” Qin Lang said, smiling.

Tao Ruoxiang’s face flushed, fortunately it was night and Qin Lang couldn’t see it, she also said, smiling: “Don’t take your jokes too far! Besides, you are very restless, that’s right, what relation do you have with Luo Bin? Today, I saw you two seemed to be very familiar with each other, but she rarely speaks with male students.”

Once she said these, Tao Ruoxiang again secretly scolded herself, saying in her mind ‘Did my head spin due to the cold? How could I ask this kind of question which makes me feel like I am jealous.

“Oh! I and Luo Bin were kindergarten classmates, but we separated later, I didn’t expect we would unexpectedly meet again after all these years.” There were no lies in Qin Lang’s words.

“Kindergarten classmates? Then you were childhood sweethearts? No wonder…….”

“Come on, I was still a brat at that time.” Qin Lang promptly explained.

“Luo Bin is a very good girl. She is very beautiful and also very clever, moreover, she has a talent for music……..in short, if you really chase after her, that absolutely would be due to eight generations of virtue. But, I am afraid she might not see you because your grades are too lacking……..aachooo……”

“Don’t speak, I will see you off to the dormitory, okay?” Qin Lang saw Tao Ruoxiang’s cold was serious, he quickly took her upstairs and this time, Tao Ruoxiang didn’t refuse.

Once inside the dorm room, Tao Ruoxiang sneezed non-stop.

“How did you catch such a serious cold?” Qin Lang frowned.

“I felt somewhat faint in afternoon.” Tao Ruoxiang said, “Did you forget? I took Sun Bo and Cai Weidong to hospital today. When returning, I carelessly got caught in the rain and I started to feel ill in the afternoon”

“Since you are feeling unwell, why didn’t you look for me before?” Qin Lang was somewhat worried and said reproachfully. “If you had paid a visit to me in the afternoon, your cold wouldn’t have been so serious now——”

“Eh, you even have fever!” Qin Lang held out his hand and touched Tao Ruoxiang’s forehead, he immediately felt her abnormal body temperature, “You really don’t know how to treasure your body! If you had shown it to me early, you wouldn’t have a fever!”

“Come on, I am your teacher, how did it turn around to you lecturing me?” Tao Ruoxiang said discontentedly, “It is just a small cold, it should be okay once I eat a medicine for cold.”

“You must not eat medicine for colds indiscriminately!” Qin Lang used a lecturing tone and said, “Didn’t doctors tell you? Eating them indiscriminately will damage the body’s immune system! You wait, I will go get some medicines for you.”

“Where will you go get the medicine this late at night?”

“Of course at the medicine shop.” Qin Lang said, “Xiayang city is so big, can’t we even find an overnight medicine shop?”

“Let it be, even the school gate is already closed now. Let’s put if off until tomorrow, okay? It’s just a cold, there won’t be any problem letting it be for a night.” Tao Ruoxiang was somewhat moved when she heard Qin Lang’s words but it was still raining right now and she also didn’t want Qin Lang to go out in the rain.

“It’s all right, I will quickly climb over the rear wall.” Qin Lang said. The school walls were just behind Tao Ruoxiang’s dormitory and climbing over it would get you to the outside streets.

“Let’s forget about it, there are wire nettings on the walls, don’t hang up on them and be an eunuch.” Tao Ruoxiang teased.

“Is it not possible even with my kung fu?” Qin Lang looked as if he was already determined, “Dry up your hair, I will return in a moment. This illness can’t be dragged on otherwise the minor illness can drag on to become a major illness.”

Finished speaking, Qin Lang immediately rushed out.

This guy’s movements were really fast, after a short moment, Tao Ruoxiang was on the balcony looking at his wall climbing movements: Running close enough to the base of the wall, with one foot pushing into the wall, he used the momentum to leap up and pushed the top of the wall, suddenly soaring over the wall and easily crossing it over. These movements were even more refined than of the specially trained armed police.

A burst of cold wind invaded the balcony, making Tao Ruoxiang feel even more unwell, hence, she hurriedly entered the bathroom, planning, to take a hot bath.



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