Juvenile Medical God Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Delightful Night Rain

Crossing over the wall, Qin Lang made a phone call to Han Sanqiang to let people quickly search for a Chinese medicine shop which did business at night.

People like Han Sanqiang were those who provided sensual entertainment at very late at night. After he received Qin Lang’s phone call, he personally drove over with haste while at the same time, he arranged for his brothers all over the place to move. Some people believed Han Sanqiang was planning to make a ‘big movement’ and even the night patrol police were very tensed up. Who would have imagined these people were only searching for a Chinese medicine shop which did business at night.

Many hands make the work light’, this was not false, Qin Lang was able to find a Chinese medicine shop very quickly, afterwards he compounded a medicine for cold and then hurried back, climbing over the wall to Tao Ruoxiang’s dorm.

Tao Ruoxiang’s dorm room’s door was open, Qin Lang startled, almost threw away the medicine on his hand, his whole person was like it was turned into a stone statue by Tao Ruoxiang, this ‘Medusa’.

“Beautiful……too beautiful!”

Qin Lang exclaimed in his mind, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

At this moment, Tao Ruoxiang had just finished taking a bath, she was wearing a silky nightgown and to prevent lustful gazes, her upper body was covered by a white shirt. She wore a pair of fluffy slippers. But, the crucial point was Tao Ruoxiang’s figure was simply a ‘land filled with spring scenery’. That shirt was originally used to conceal the radiance of spring but due to her twin peaks poking out of her clothes, it gave a feeling of ‘trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous’, magnifying an astonishing ‘explosive force’ and sex appeal. Then, adding in the just washed that rosy cheeks and lips as well as damp hair, also the slender legs under that skirt……..all released a fatal attractive force which unexpectedly made Qin Lang blank.

“What are you staring foolishly at? Come fast, *cough* *cough*~” Tao Ruoxiang, seeing Qin Lang’s silly goose appearance, unexpectedly felt somewhat proud of herself. After all, this proved that her charm was still formidable.

Qin Lang returned to his sense and said, somewhat embarrassedly: “I will decoct the medicine.”

After a short moment, a medicinal aroma pervaded the room and soon after, Qin Lang carried over the well-decocted chinese medicine, handing over to Tao Ruoxiang: “Drink it while it is warm and go to sleep. You will recover completely by tomorrow morning!”

“So bitter…….does it really have magical effects? I heard Chinese medicines worked rather slow.” Tao Ruoxiang drank a mouthful and asked.

“I am a very awesome Chinese doctor, how can you compare me to common Jianghu doctors?” Qin Lang humphed, “Don’t be distracted, drink it up quickly and then go take a beauty sleep!”

After he finished explaining, Qin Lang prepared to leave.

Having seen Qin Lang face the rain and the cold wind to buy medicine for her, Tao Ruoxiang’s heart was naturally moved, saying to Qin Lang: “Don’t rush back, take a hot water bath here, okay? Students dorm doesn’t have water heater.”

Previously, Qin Lang would always bath with cold water inside the dorm but Tao Ruoxiang’s suggestion was too enticing. He thought of Tao Ruoxiang’s alluring body fragrance that could still be inside the bathroom and his heart became restless but he, nevertheless, declined: “This is not a good idea, right? Won’t it create unfavorable disturbances to you?”

Tao Ruoxiang seemed to be seriously thinking it over and then nodded her head: “Yes, that doesn’t seem to be good.”

Qin Lang immediately felt like a basin of cold water poured over his head, saying in his mind ‘I have such a lowly mouth, saying what unfavorable disturbances?

Who would have imagined Tao Ruoxiang suddenly gave a soft smile: “Will your aunt Tao care about this? Quickly take a bath, don’t be late for tomorrow’s class —— *cough**cough*!”

Qin Lang’s heart was full of joy, slipping inside Tao Ruoxiang’s bathroom. Unfortunately, inside this precious stone, there only remained the smell of body soap, where was the legendary body fragrance? However, thinking this was Tao Ruoxiang’s special bathroom and in addition, these bath towels were used by her, Qin Lang felt as if he was injected with chicken blood and even little Qin Lang became lively all of a sudden.

Seeing this excessive excitement of the little brother, on one hand, Qin Lang took a shower while on the other hand, he said: “Little guy, your excitement is useless, I am not like Zhao Kan, cannot rub in here.”

Taking a hot shower after being drenched in rain was naturally comfortable.

After the bath, Qin Lang saw a clean T-shirt laid on a stool in the bathroom door, the T-shirt was emblazoned with the symbol of Seven Mid, this should be the sports-wear issued to the teachers by the school, hence, it was comparatively loose. Naturally, Tao Ruoxiang would not wear this T-shirt normally but this was convenient to Qin Lang.

Qin Lang changed his clothes and went to see Tao Ruoxiang but she was unexpectedly already lying down on the sofa, sleeping. There was only a thin blanket covering her body.

It was already very late at night and apparently, Tao Ruoxiang was very tired so she slept on the sofa.

But another meaning to this was, this represented that she trusted Qin Lang. If she didn’t trust Qin Lang, she absolutely wouldn’t let Qin Lang take a shower in here and even more, it would have been impossible for her to sleep at ease because wouldn’t that be leading the wolf into the house?

Seeing Tao Ruoxiang was asleep, Qin Lang didn’t want to disturb her but he also couldn’t watch her sleeping on the sofa. Hence, with great courage, he carried her on his arms and put her on the bed, then he covered her with the quilt. Despite beastly thoughts being eager for action in his heart, Qin Lang, however, didn’t make any excessive moves. Afterwards, he quickly left Tao Ruoxiang’s bedroom, turned off the television and closed the door. He left Tao Ruoxiang’s dorm as if he was fleeing for his life.

There was no other way, Qin Lang was afraid he would rush back.

Tao Ruoxiang’s sex appeal to Qin Lang wasn’t just a little bit. But, since Tao Ruoxiang trusted him in this way, Qin Lang naturally wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. Taking unfair advantage, wouldn’t that be failing to live up to the trust that had gone through life or death test?

Next day, early morning, the wind rested and the rain stopped.

Spring summer’s morning air was very fresh and clean,

The air entered inside from a small crack on the window, Tao Ruoxiang only then discovered that she had slept till daybreak. Her whole body felt free and there was no signs of having fallen ill.

“This is bad!”

Tao Ruoxiang jumped to her feet as she recalled she had to teach a class at early morning and clearly, it was already late. Could it be she didn’t hear the cell phone alarm?

Tao Ruoxiang got out of the bed and picked up her cell phone to take a look, she saw her phone alarm had already been cancelled.

“Qin Lang——this guy!”

Tao Ruoxiang was sure this was done by Qin Lang. She was already late by more than half an hour at this time so there was no meaning in going to teach a class now. Recalling yesterday night, she seemed to have fallen asleep on the sofa, could Qin Lang have moved her inside the bedroom? But, this kid didn’t seem to have made any excessive movements.

Tao Ruoxiang said in her mind ‘This kid is really convenient but at the same time, it is also strange, when did she start to have such trust in this kid?

“Ai, if I was not his teacher, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such worries.” Tao Ruoxiang lied down on the pillow, murmuring to herself.

Since she already missed the class, it would be better to lie on the bed for a while and again think on how she should handle her relation with this kid in the future. Although teacher Tao already graduated from university but due to some reasons she was still like a white paper regarding feelings. Hence, Qin Lang’s existence really caused her to be somewhat perplexed.


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