Juvenile Medical God Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 Meeting Again

In a flash, it was weekend again.

In the next two days, Qin Lang still went to the self study room to make up for the missed lessons and as before, cultivate in the early morning. His ‘mantis blade’ was becoming more refined and he was getting more skilled in it, he already practiced it to its Spiritual Essence and reached ‘Intent’ realm. The reason he was able to make such progress, one aspect was because Qin Lang’s foundation was very good and at the same time, it was also because he had a ‘good teacher’. Every morning, Qin Lang would take out the blood mantis for a while to feed it with some insect food and he would then make it accompany him for practice. Due to this blood mantis, Qin Lang’s comprehension of ‘mantis blade’ was increasing more and more, and the tacit understanding between him and the blood mantis was also getting more better.

This blood mantis was worthy of being an abnormal insect, its intelligence was far from ordinary. Moreover, Qin Lang discovered that after feeding it with the insect food, this guy even behaved a bit like human and for majority of the time, it would understand his words. However, this was not strange at all, numerous abnormal insects and animals were able to display human nature after being tamed, this was because their innate talent were originally very good. There were even some abnormal insects and animals that were able to cultivate like humans, but Qin Lang didn’t know whether the blood mantis belonged to this group or not.

Another aspect was the previous battle with An Desheng from which Qin Lang was able to gain substantial benefits. If he hadn’t fought that battle with An Desheng, it would be a lot more difficult for Qin Lang to reach the Spiritual essence of the mantis blade and bring out ‘fist intent’.

With regards to a martial practitioner, learning a style was very easy but bringing out its ‘Intent’ was very difficult. ‘Intent’, this realm was considered to be a watershed. Many martial practitioners, so long as they were willing to suffer hardships, they could progress along ‘Strength training’, ‘Pillaring’ and ‘Style’, these three layers. But ‘Intent’, this layer could not be attained just by training intensively, it required for one to have certain innate talent and comprehension.

Similarly, only by bringing out ‘Fist Intent’, could one be considered to have entered the gates of martial arts cultivation.

These several days, Qin Lang really felt his use of mantis blade was much more smooth and unhindered, giving off a feeling of being completely natural.

However, what made Qin Lang puzzled was how this blood mantis knew kung fu, was it something it was born with?

After his morning practice, Qin Lang went to attend class as usual.

But he didn’t know why, the distance between him and Luo Bin seemed to be increasing, as if everything again returned to the previous times when they hadn’t met each other.

Qin Lang was somewhat frustrated but he felt this was heaven’s arrangement. Previously, the fierce spring thunders were perhaps a warning by heavens to him. Perhaps, he and Luo Bin continuing on as such was for the best. After all, Luo Bin was so outstanding, her future was definitely in the top university whereas Qin Lang’s future was already doomed: Jianghu loafer!

Just a Jianghu wanderer!

If this was Luo Bin’s choice then Qin Lang decided he will respect her choice and wouldn’t go disturb her. If by any chance, she didn’t pass the entrance to her dream university, wouldn’t that be her life’s biggest regret?

Furthermore, Jiang Xueqing’s appearance was similar to a fleeting glimpse, After the time she brought the towel over to Qin Lang, she didn’t appear in front of Qin Lang again. It was really ‘Gently coming, only to leave behind a piece of towel.’

On Saturday afternoon, due to his parents’ intense request, Qin Lang returned to Anrong City to spend the weekend. Because of work, his parents both stayed at Anrong City and would rarely return to stay at their old house in Xiayang City.

Qin Lang knew his previous arrest to the police station had made his parents worried, hence, when he went to see his parents this time, his mother cooked a lot of delicious dishes to supplement his body to the extent that when Qin Lang left on Sunday afternoon, there were still many dishes remaining.

Afternoon, Qin Lang took the train to return to Xiayang City.

The train left the Anrong City station and outside the windows, the traces of those high rise apartment buildings finally disappeared and replacing it was strong Chinese ink and wash painting with green color as main emphasis and red bricks, green tiles as decorations. That scenario of ladder-like distribution of green color, running through from south to north of China was the plant species which had the history of eight millenniums of cultivation history——Rice.

But Qin Lang’s attention was not on the sceneries outside of the window because he suddenly remembered Zhao Guang had handed a business proposal to him on saturday afternoon when the school ended and he still hadn’t read it properly.

With regards to Zhao Guang’s business proposal, Qin Lang didn’t have much faith. After all, Zhao Guang was sloppy and moreover, his grades were also not that competent, so, making a business proposal was also not necessarily feasible.

Anyway, Qin Lang opened up the business proposal and he immediately changed his opinion because this business proposal seemed rather professional and one couldn’t tell that this was made by a senior high school student, apparently, Zhao Guang had experience in this work. Could it be this guy was really a business genius who was able to tinker around with companies, like many entrepreneurs, before even graduating senior high school?

Thereupon, Qin Lang continued to patiently read the proposal and felt this proposal was many times better than his expectation. At least to his gaze, this proposal was very feasible, saying in his mind ‘Zhao Guang, this guy is really not bad.

Right at this time, the train gradually slowed down and stopped over at a small station for several minutes.

Despite it being only a small station, there were many people getting on the train from here.

However, Qin Lang’s attention was all on that proposal on his hand and he didn’t pay attention to the people getting on the train.

“Excuse me——Odd numbers are besides the window!”

At this moment, a familiar ice-cold voice echoed at Qin Lang’s ears, he raised his head to look and immediately became speechless:

Because the one asking Qin Lang to give up his seat was actually Luo Bin!

Qin Lang’s seat was number 26 and Luo Bin’s was number 25, there was a small sign next to the window indicating the odd number seat, that should be what the odd numbers were besides the window meant.

“I am sorry.” Qin Lang promptly got up to leave his seat.

“No…....it doesn’t matter, you take it.” Luo Bin saw it was Qin Lang and instead felt embarrassed.

“It’s all right, come in. Anyway, I am not watching the scenery now.” Qin Lang insisted on Luo Bin taking the window seat because he discovered since Luo Bin came in this carriage, a lot of men were gazing towards her body and so, if Qin Lang blocked at outside, it could at least isolate many disturbing gazes.

Probably because it was weekend, Luo Bin was at long last not wearing the school uniform: She was wearing a white floral maxi dress with a thin azure cardigan over it, her long hair was pouring down on her shoulders as if it was rain, a faint trace of snow white tallow jade like skin was exposed from between her collars, an emerald stone of Buddha was hanging from her neck like a raindrop and she was carrying a fashionable small satchel on her shoulder, her dress seemed to be almost reaching the ground and a pair of yellow ankle boots could be seen when her skirt moved. Her whole body emitted youthfulness and gave off a hint of freshness. In Qin Lang’s view, her presence made this moody carriage transform instantly into a bright and beautiful scenery.

But men were always selfish, Qin Lang didn’t want other males to share this beautiful scenery. Hence, he was obstructing other people’s gazes as far as possible.





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