Juvenile Medical God Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 Surprising Journey

Luo Bin’s beauty was completely different from Tao Ruoxiang’s, hers was a just budding fresh and youthful beauty; but Tao Ruoxiang’s beauty had matureness and was full of enticement. Anyway, to Qin Lang, these two beauties were both equally matched.

But, Qin Lang felt Tao Ruoxiang was much easier to approach whereas Luo Bin’s beauty was a freezing beauty, making people not dare to easily approach her.

Even though at this moment, he was by Luo Bin’s side, Qin Lang felt he and Luo Bin were separated by a thousand miles.

“Luo Bin, why are you getting on the train from here?” Qin Lang asked to start a conversation.

“Oh! I came here to pay a visit to grandmother. How about you? Returning home?”

“Yes.” Qin lang nodded his head, he discovered it was really difficult to talk with Luo Bin.

After a short moment, the two people seemed to have no subjects to talk about, this made Qin Lang feel very awkward.

Originally, although Qin Lang was not a legendary smooth talker, but he believed his eloquence was not bad. Even in front of Tao Ruoxiang, he could breath easy and talk straight but in front of Luo Bin, his tongue seemed to have frozen rigid, not obeying him at all.

This was not due to Qin Lang himself, after listening to Zhao Guang he knew that many male students of the Seven Mid had an inferiority feeling in front of Luo Bin, no matter how extremely you try to speak, so long as Luo Bin swept her cold gaze, it could immediately make the counterpart speechless.

Rome was not built in one day’, Luo Bin’s coldness and innate arrogance weren’t formed in a day or two thus it was also not possible for it melt in a day or two. A few days ago, Qin Lang’s reunion with her could only be said to be a ‘flash in the pan’.

Between the two people, there was only silence.

At this time, Luo Bin’s sight was outside the window but Qin Lang noticed that she was actually not in the mood to enjoy the scenery. Apparently, she only wanted to use the fast flitting scenery outside the window to take away her heart’s worries.

And Qin Lang was only left with the the privilege to admire her side profile. Luo Bin’s side profile was also very beautiful but similarly, it was releasing an unapproachable aura. Right now, in her eyes, any handsome boys would really have no difference to dog shit and houseflies.

Qin Lang liked going with the flow and he didn’t intend to become a housefly in Luo Bin’s eyes.

Hence, Qin Lang’s gaze returned to Zhao Guang’s proposal.

Qin Lang’s conduct made the numerous males in the carriage desire strongly to drag him out and beat him up because this guy was simply a dog in the manger. Such a beautiful girl was sitting beside him and he unexpectedly was unconcerned. He would not even take the initiative to start a conversation, even animals would be better than him. And even though other people had already tried to bore their eyes into her, they unfortunately didn’t get that opportunity.

After almost half an hour, Luo Bin suddenly took back her gaze from outside the window and shot a glance to the proposal on Qin Lang’s hand. Driven by curiosity, she asked: “Business plan, I didn’t think you would be interested in this field.”

Qin Lang hadn’t expected Luo Bin to take the initiative to start a conversation, he exposed a warm smile: “It is indeed a business proposal, however, it is not an interest in starting a business but rather, I am really planning to open a company, hence, I asked someone to make a proposal.”

“Opening a company?” Luo Bin was even more curious, apparently she had not thought Qin Lang would actually think of opening a company and furthermore, have the capital for it, “Can you show it to me?”

“Of course you can, it is not a secret anyway.” Qin Lang handed the proposal to Luo Bin.

Luo Bin accepted it and immediately began browsing through it, she read it very carefully and even though she seemed to be reading every letters seriously, her reading was very fast, this was possible because of her nimble mind.

Not more than twenty minutes later, Luo Bin finished reading the proposal.

Closing the proposal, Luo Bin asked calmly: “Can I give some suggestions?”

“Of course. I would like to listen to your wise opinions.” Qin Lang said, smiling.

“First, I am certain this proposal definitely came from a lame guy’s hands because even though the proposal looks very standard but in reality, it has been copied from the internet templates and changed, hence, a lot of places are not compact; next, although the specialized knowledge of the guy who made this proposal is lame, but his mind is very nimble, the changes he made fit the actual situation and so, there are several parts which are practical.”

Luo Bin’s summary was very ordered and it made Qin Lang reveal admiration: “Not bad, you hit the nail on the head! Luo Bin, I really didn’t imagine your accomplishments regarding economic knowledge were this awesome!”

“I am planning to take the examination for economics or banking as my main subject.” Luo Bin said, “Hence, I have done some research on this field. What’s more, many good universities emphasizes on accumulating extracurricular knowledge—— I am sorry, I went off track.”

“No problem, you are really awesome, I am in awe!” Qin Lang sincerely said, “In that case, can I ask you to help modify this proposal? Of course, there is no need to if it is too much inconvenience.”

“No problem.” Luo Bin said, “However, I need to understand your vision for this security company. Because from what I know, opening a security company not only needs large quantity of manpower but also requires a large capital. So, if there are errors in decision-making, you might very possibly lose all your invested capital.” Luo Bin said professionally.

“There are no problems regarding manpower and capital.”

Regarding manpower, there was no shortage of Han Sanqiang and Man Niu’s subordinates; regarding capital, Qin Lang took over An Desheng and Sang Kun’s properties and even if in cash, there was millions, opening a security company definitely wasn’t a problem.

“Manpower and capital are a company’s foundation. I still would like to know your vision for this company? For instance, the scale and scope of this company in the future, what views do you have on this?”

“This ……” Luo Bin really stumped Qin Lang with this question. He thought for a while and said, “There are mainly two reasons for the existence of this company. First, legality; second, to earn money. Legality, the scope of the business will be within the scope of the law; to earn money, there is no need to say more about it, right?”

“Legality, to earn money? Which companies aren’t like this?” Luo Bin smiled faintly, “It seems you don’t have much talent in business, I am really worried you will lose all your savings in this company. Anyway, it is fortunate that at present, there is no need for one to have keen business sense to be an investor. For instance, such as you, it is best if you don’t directly participate in running and supervising a company.”

“You are saying my business sense is not enough?” Qin Lang said with a wry smile.

“Yes, my words might be somewhat frank but understanding one’s weakness is not a bad thing.” Luo Bin explained, “You should know that in abroad, there are many angel investors or investment companies,  they invest in a lot of startup companies but very few directly participate in supervising these startup companies, only taking care of investing and sharing the fruits of victory. Hence, if you are not good at supervising and running a company, then it will be okay just being an investor.”


flash in the pan - A brief success that is not repeatable.

dog in the manger - this means you have something which other wants but you are preventing them from getting it even though you, yourself, have no use for it.


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