Juvenile Medical God Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Beauty Causes Disaster Again

What was a professional?

This was a professional!

After chatting with Luo Bin, Qin Lang felt a wide panorama opening up, this was really majoring in one field. If saying Qin Lang had very high attainments in poison and martial arts the Luo Bin could be said to have very strong innate talent and attainments in business aspect.

Moreover, what Luo Bin said was correct, so long as Qin Lang only did his work as an investor, being a behind the scenes boss was okay. It wasn’t necessary to go participate in supervising and running a company, if he did that then he simply wouldn’t have the time to practice his martial arts and do other works. As a behind the scenes boss, Qin Lang would only have to listen to the reports and expectations of the company from the company supervisor, just fulfilling his requirements would be okay, there was no need for him spend too much energy.

“Qin Lang, since you will position yourself as an investor, a behind the scenes boss, then the things you will have to do are to invest money, select a trustful supervisor and make a management team. And after your capital reaches a certain range, you don’t even need to go to company planning and designs, you just have to wait for other people to send all kinds of planning reports in front of you and then invest in the plan which you think is worthy of being invested into.”

“It sounds like these angel investors can live very comfortably.” Qin Lang smilingly said.

“That is not necessarily true.” Luo Bin said, “If one’s insight and intuition as an angel investor is not good then they can very well lose all their invested money because in case, the company you invested in collapse, the biggest loss will be of the investor, understood?”

“Understood.” Qin Lang nodded his head.

“Actually, I would like to tell you the truth ——” Luo Bin looked towards Qin Lang seriously, but said nothing.

“Say it, faithful words offend the ear but are good for improving one's conduct, I myself want to hear earnest suggestions.” Qin Lang said.

“Actually, I want to say that you are really not suitable for business.” Luo Bin said earnestly.

Qin Lang couldn’t help but laugh, hearing this: “You are right. Luo Bin, you saying this means that you really think of my as a friend because these words of lethality are really strong. Actually, I also think I don’t have much business sense, however——”

“However what?”

“In this world, you can’t always do as you like. There are a lot of things that you don’t want to do but you have to do.” Actually, these words of Qin Lang were not without reason because he was in the same way, forced by Old Poison to walk the Jianghu road. And now, Qin Lang had already sunk into this trap, wanting to withdraw was out of the question.

“Right, there are a lot of things that we don’t want to do but we have to do. Without the freedom to act independently, it is indeed so!” Qin Lang’s words seemed to have touched Luo Bin’s heart. However, Luo Bin didn’t seem to want to disclose her worries to Qin Lang, continuing to speak, “Rest assured, I will take back this business proposal and modify it properly. This is your first investment, I also don’t want you to lose your capital.”

“Thank you.” Qin Lang smilingly said.

“Youngster, make a room for your brother!”

Just when Qin Lang and Luo Bin were chatting happily, someone rudely patted Qin Lang’s head and furthermore, a strong odor of chopped onion came out through that guy’s mouth.

There was a saying since ancient times ‘don’t touch a man’s head and a woman’s waist’, ‘How terrible when a man’s head and woman’s waist were touched’. For a man, the head was the symbol of his status, it couldn’t casually be touched by people let alone be patted casually by others.The guy that patted Qin Lang’s head had head full of yellow hair, his face resembled a constipated expression: a ruffian youngster and he clearly didn’t plan to negotiate with Qin Lang.

“There is no seat here.” Qin Lang replied indifferently, there was an hour time of distance left to Xiayang City,  he didn’t want to raise any new issues.

Qin Lang’s reply was clearly beyond the expectations of the yellow haired ruffian, this yellow haired ruffian hadn’t expected this rustic school boy in front of him unexpectedly failed to appreciate his kindness. Hence, he used his ruffian aura to look towards Qin Lang with killing intent, as a senior ‘Jianghu figure’, his sharp gaze was full of confidence,

Sensing the yellow haired ruffian’s murderous gaze, Qin Lang raised his head slightly and opened his eyes, sending out two ominous glint; that yellow haired ruffian suddenly felt his whole body had submerged into ice. He felt as if a primitive vicious beast was gazing towards him, unexpectedly retreating back few steps and slumping down on the ground.

“Such savage gaze!”

A cold shiver ran down the yellow haired ruffian’s spine when Qin Lang looked at him. He suddenly remembered of his childhood when he went to watch ‘Guan Yu’s Show’ with his grandpa; the actor who played the role of Guan Yu would always have slightly closed eyes till when he waved his blade to behead people, at that time he would suddenly open his eyes, his eyes were like blazing torches, steaming with killing intent. At that time, the yellow haired ruffian had been so frightened as to cry loudly and even throw away the tanghulu on his hands. Now, this yellow haired ruffian was in the mixed society and he had been paying respects to Guan Yu for several years but unexpectedly, today he got the same feeling again——it was like ‘Guan Yu doesn’t open his eyes but when he opens the eyes, he must kill.

However, the yellow haired ruffian hadn’t worshipped Guan Yu for several years in vain, he immediately knew the ‘rustic’ school boy in front him was definitely not simple. Hence, he promptly stood up and slipped away from this carriage.

“Beauty causes danger!”

Qin Lang sighed inwardly, he knew the ruffian youth’s target was really not him but Luo Bin, who was beside him.

At this moment, Luo Bin also frowned, she vaguely felt the yellow haired ruffian was coming upon her just now. Thereupon, she took out her cellphone and prepared to call someone but unfortunately the cellphone had no signals at this time.

Qin Lang saw Luo Bin’s concern, he said softly to Luo Bin: “Do you remember? Before, when we were in kindergarten, you used to call me ‘Little Vajrapani’ because I protected you and didn’t let you be bullied. So long as I am here, you don’t have to worry.”

“Come on, that was when we were in kindergarten.” Luo Bin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but Qin Lang’s words, nevertheless, warmed her heart. She recalled of the time when they were in kindergarten, when Qin Lang protected her and didn’t let others bully her.

“It was like that in kindergarten, it is also the same now and it will also be like that in the future.”

Qin Lang said it like it was nothing but his words revealed warmth and strong confidence.

However, at this time, Luo Bin saw the previously gone yellow haired ruffian come back, but he was not alone. This moment, the yellow haired ruffian was whispering to a fatty on the carriage’s entrance and from time to time, was pointing towards Qin Lang.

Luo Bin felt somewhat uneasy, her phone couldn’t go through hence, she hurriedly composed a text message in the hope that it will be transmitted when the the phone gets signal.

When Luo bin had just pushed the send key, the white haired ruffian and that fatty already walked over, moreover, conveniently sitting in the seat opposite Qin Lang and Luo Bin. Originally, this seat was occupied by a couple of white collar sweethearts and that male had been constantly stealthily gazing towards Luo Bin who was on the opposite seat but right now, he was embracing the attitude of ‘Let things drift if they do not affect one personally’ and slipped away to another seat. Luo Bin couldn’t help but recall a phrase from the internet:

“Onlookers are normal, watching passively is the mentality, standing up bravely for the truth is only a legend.”

“Two gentlemen, raise the lantern high, I am from the yellow grass furnace!” *

The fatty and the ruffian had just sat down when Qin Lang said this sentence to them making Luo Bin confused.

(Zhu: Qin Lang’s words(两位,灯笼扯高点,咱这里是个黄草窑) are from Jianghu, its meaning is you two put your gaze someplace else, we two don’t have any valuable stuffs on us, you have to search elsewhere. Additionally, another meaning is to inform these two people that I am a Jianghu person, our paths will cross again someday, everyone needs to give face to each other.)

*I am not sure of the exact translation to 两位,灯笼扯高点,咱这里是个黄草窑 so I hope my translation has some accuracy to it, well Zhu (Author of JMG) has explained its meaning in her note above. The novel has lot of such idioms and they really take a lot of time searching in the internet and some idioms or slangs can't even be found on the internet.


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