Juvenile Medical God Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Jianghu Words

“Niu bro, what is this kid spouting?”

The yellow haired ruffian asked in a low voice to the fatty, this fatty was a veteran, with him at the side, the yellow haired ruffian’s courage increased by many times.

“Just some nonsense, take care of this dumb-ass!” The fatty snorted coldly, evidently, he didn’t understand the meaning behind Qin Lang’s words but he was not going to give up just because of Qin Lang’s ‘bullshit’. He took out a silver lighter and rapped it lightly on the small table in front of him, “Kid, you actually dared to occupy my brother’s seat, are you intentionally looking for trouble?”

“You say other’s seat is yours, then bring out the ticket to take a look.” Luo Bin who was beside Qin Lang said, she didn’t grow up like a flower and so she was saying this to stall for time.

The fatty didn’t pay attention to Luo Bin, he was only starting at Qin Lang and while moving the lighter on his hand, cold light flickered through his eyes: “Kid, what do you think? You want to be a hero to save the beauty? Better know what’s good for you and get lost.”

“I am wondering you two are not Jianghu people but still dare to have thoughts of attacking a Jianghu person.” Qin Lang’s tone had disdain towards these two. These two guys obviously didn’t understand Jianghu’s words, so, they clearly were not genuine Jianghu people. A genuine Jianghu person would simply not put these kinds of people in his eyes.

These Jianghu words were naturally given to Qin Lang by Old Poison because while walking in the Jianghu road, if it was not necessary, no one wanted to incur other Jianghu person’s wrath. Hence, through the exchange of Jianghu’s secret words, one could let the counterpart know of his origin but other normal people would not even understand what they were talking.

Only, the Jianghu these days was already in chaos, many two-bit gangsters also acted as Jianghu people making the Jianghu ever more dirty. Moreover, these two-bit gangsters were really reckless, they would dare to provoke even a genuine Jianghu person.

“In front of Niu bro, you f*ck still dare to deceive people!” With the fatty’s support, this yellow haired ruffian’s courage apparently was inflated, “Kid! I will give you a last chance, beat it out of my sight if you don’t want to lose a few parts of your body!”

How could Qin Lang be scared by ordinary people, with contemptuous mirth on his face, he snorted: “What are you two relying on? Yellow hair, aren’t your hands itching?”

Qin Lang had already decided that so long as these two didn’t remove their evil intentions now, he would teach them some lesson and let them properly know that ‘the pot is made of iron’. Besides, the yellow haired ruffian had patted Qin Lang’s head, did he really think Qin Lang’s head could be patted so casually!?

The yellow haired ruffian didn’t know what Qin Lang’s words meant, but after hearing Qin Lang’s words, he really felt his right hand was starting to itch. Moreover, the itch was increasing more and more and all his scratching was up to no avail. It was like thousands of ants were crawling under his skin and flesh of his palms.

“Hey, f*cking stop your hand!” The fatty clearly was not pleased with the yellow haired ruffian scratching the itch in front of him.

“Cannot……. Niu bro! My hand…….really f*cking itches!” The yellow haired ruffian explained.

“Can’t you endure the itching?” The fatty discontentedly snorted.

“I am afraid he won’t be able to.” Qin Lang’s gaze was on the fatty’s hands, using the old Jianghu’s tone, he slowly and deliberately said, “Those that have long hands, often have frequent itching on their hands. I know your hands are also itchy but you better not play with your lighter in front of us, take care of playing with fire!”

The fatty’s eyes finally revealed seriousness because Qin Lang saw through his trick; the lighter on his hand was installed with something that was like hallucinogen, this was an essential stage prop for his ‘business’ in the train. So long as he sat on the seat beside the target person and seized an opportunity to light a cigarette or light a fire, it would be sufficient to make the target fall into deep sleep, then they could easily succeed with their intentions.

Those that had never come across these xiasanlan’s people believed they were ‘possessed’ when their money was stolen at the train, the thief would take away all their belongings in their unconscious state.

Due to this, the yellow haired ruffian had wanted to occupy Qin Lang’s seat previously because that was the most optimum seat to commit a crime.

But Qin Lang saw through the fatty’s trick, this signified that there would be some difficulty if the fatty wanted to succeed smoothly.

Di! Di! ~

Suddenly, the cell-phone which Luo Bin was holding tightly rang out, this was the sound of the SMS being received.

For the fatty, this was clearly a heaven-sent opportunity, he skillfully brought the lighter in front of Qin Lang and Luo Bin and flipped open the lighter cover in a flash, a silent blue flame burst forth from the lighter.

Qin Lang hurriedly used his hand to cover Luo Bin’s mouth and nose. When his palm touched Luo Bin’s fragrant-soft lips, he felt his palm becoming intoxicated. That soft and moist feeling was absolutely the best feeling his hands had ever come across!

Perhaps because of the intoxicated feeling, Qin Lang even forgot to cover his own mouth and nose.

The fatty felt it all went smoothly and collected the lighter, he then laughed with a proud expression: “Young people, you are still inexperienced!”

The fatty had already done this so many times that it was near perfect, hence, he knew the boy in front of him would definitely fall asleep within ten seconds. And, without this boy’s disturbance, the emerald Buddha pendant on that girl’s neck will definitely go in his pocket.


But against the fatty’s expectations, Qin Lang didn’t fall asleep and also while the fatty was startled, he quickly clenched the fatty’s hand and laughed grimly, “Fatty, you found the wrong target!”

While speaking, Qin Lang released the palm that was covering Luo Bin’s face. Even if the hallucinogen in the fatty’s lighter was not bad, its volatility was even more ferocious. Luo Bin’s mouth and nose were covered promptly by Qin Lang so she was not infected at all, but as she couldn’t breath during that time, her face flushed red, making her appear really delicate. Qin Lang took a glimpse at her and he was stunned.

The fatty was still waiting, he was waiting for Qin Lang to fall asleep because he had clearly seen Qin Lang get ‘infected’.

He had full confidence in the hallucinogen inside the lighter.

Let’s wait for several seconds more, he will last, at most, ten seconds more! I will definitely beat this boy like a pig once he loses consciousness!’ The fatty thought inwardly.

So, the fatty smiled, being proud of himself but his smile quickly froze and then turned into surprise and panic, because Qin Lang was not infected at all and was instead, looking at the fatty with a ridiculing expression.

“Niu bro…...your hand——”

The yellow haired ruffian suddenly cried out because at this moment, he found the fatty’s hand, which Qin Lang had grasped, was swelling up and it was so swollen that it looked like it was stung by a wasp. But a wasp’s sting should hurt very much, the fatty, however, didn’t feel any pain and only felt an itching sensation.

As a result, the fatty couldn’t help but scratch.

This scratch didn’t rest up, one scratch led to another scratch, the fatty suddenly felt his hand was getting more and more itchy but his mind couldn’t help wanting to scratch the itch. This resulted in more scratching and also brought more itchy sensation.

Similarly, the yellow haired was also desperately scratching his itch, the two felt the situation was fishy. Hence, the fatty took the yellow haired to sneak away. No matter what, he had to find someplace to remove this poison and after this itch was dealt with, he could again come to deal with Qin Lang and the little girl.

Anyway, they were at a train, these two couldn’t escape!

“Just stay still and I will come again to deal with you!”

The fatty still didn’t forget to say some fierce words to Qin Lang while slipping away.

Qin Lang chuckled, regarding the fatty, this kind of non-professional Jianghu person, he simply didn’t put the latter in his eyes, he snorted: “Grandson, grandpa will wait for you here!”

The fatty wanted to immediately go deal with Qin Lang when he heard this but his hand was itching furiously so he was forced to leave for the time being. He planned to settle scores with Qin Lang in a while.



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