Juvenile Medical God Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Blind Dog Eyes

“Qin Lang, how about we change seats?”

Luo Bin saw that the yellow haired and the fatty had come with evil intentions and they would certainly come hassle them in a while.

“Doesn’t matter.” Qin Lang said like he was certain, “These guys are greedy and never satisfied, they should suffer a little lesson!”

“Sigh, I am afraid you will be the one to be taught a lesson by them.” Luo Bin was still anxious, “Or how about we go find train marshal?”

“No need.” Qin Lang pointed to the front of the carriage, “They are already here.”

Luo Bin glanced and saw two train marshals walking towards their carriage.

Moreover, behind them were the fatty and the yellow haired.

“The thief cries thief? Interesting.” Qin Lang coldly snorted.

“What are you saying?” Luo Bin said in surprise, “You are saying these two train marshals have actually come to trouble us?”

“In any case, it doesn’t look like they are looking for those two.” Qin Lang said indifferently. He had once heard people speak of burglas in trains colluding with scum train marshals. And in a ‘corruption case’ before in a train station, it was found that all the train marshals colluded with criminals to rake in money. However, after several years of investigation in this case, such situations were rather rare now.

“Are those the two?” One train marshal asked the fatty.

“Yes…...they are the ones!” The fatty nodded his head while scratching his hand. Right now, his hand had not only swollen terribly but even his skin was starting to come off. The two had gone to find the train crews to get some antiseptic lotion but the inflammation reducing ointment didn’t show even a little effect when they smeared it on their hands. Hence, the fatty was eighty percent sure that he was ‘infected’, so, with his connections, he found two train marshals to force Qin Lang to hand over the ‘antidote’.

“We have to inconvenience you two to make a trip with us.” That train marshal said to Qin Lang and Luo Bin.

“Why?” Luo Bin said coldly, her cold and arrogant aura stupefied this train marshal.

After a moment, the train marshal said: “This two passengers reported you are carrying illegal goods and moreover injured them too. So, we want to investigate you to collect evidence and we hope you can co-ordinate!”

“Investigate us?” Qin Lang sneered, he had actually ran into a robber acting like a cop.

“Right. We must investigate you to make sure you are not a threat to other passengers!” The train marshal said in a severe tone.

But, right at this moment, four train marshals appeared in front of the carriage. No, it should be three because the one in front seemed to be the train director.

This train director was rather young, should at most be no more than twenty-something but he already had a significant imposing aura.

The train director directly walked towards Qin Lang and Luo Bin, and then asked: “Little Bing, are you alright? If you had just called me before riding the train, I could have directly given you a soft sleeper ticket, there was no need for you to pay anything.”

“Second cousin, are you trying to destroy public property?” Luo Bin laughed, she knew this second cousin had received her SMS and rushed over promptly. These burglars were unbridled but they definitely didn’t dare to provoke the train director.

Indeed, seeing the train director in front of them, those two train marshals’ manners changed immediately. They had smiling expression like the spring wind of March: “Director Huang, you came.”

“Why are you two here?” The train director asked.

“We are doing routine patron, these two passengers’ hands were infected so we came to learn the situation——”

“Skin itchiness, just smear dermatitis on them. Why are you making it so meddlesome? Otherwise, just go see a doctor in the next stop.” The train director dispatched the fatty, the yellow-haired and the two marshals rather impatiently.

The fatty and the yellow-haired saw the ones they provoked could actually call the train director, their relationships were definitely not ordinary. They could only admit their defeat as they didn’t have the courage to conflict with the train director.

“Little Bing, this is your classmate?” The train director had a guarded look towards Qin Lang. Luo Bin was the pearl of the whole family, so it need to be sure that they were not ‘casting pearl before a swine’.

“Yes, he is my classmate, Qin Lang, he is just returning from Anrong City.” Luo Bin said she and Qin Lang had only met by chance encounter, and again said towards Qin Lang, “Qin Lang, this is my second cousin, Huang Haofeng.”

“Hello.” Qin Lang greeted Huang Haofeng.

Huang Haofeng coped with the situation and nodded his head, then said towards Luo Bin: “Little Bing, let’s go to the train director’s room and later if you are taking the train, don’t forget to inform me. Otherwise if something happened, maternal aunt will not leave me alone!”

“There is no need, I will be dropping off in a while.” Luo Bin said, “Aren’t you busy, train director shouldn’t be absent for too long. Moreover, who dares to hassle me when you are looking out for me.”

Huang Haofeng thought it was correct, since he already showed himself, no one would dare to bother Luo Bin in the train. Nothing like having a connection to smooth the way, this was Huang Haofeng’s territory, who would dare to provoke him.

“Alright. Little Li, I will have to trouble you to look after this carriage for a while.” Huang Haofeng said towards a train marshal beside him.

“Don’t worry, director Huang.” That train marshal nodded his head. In any case, this was also his duty and moreover, he could also build a closer relation to the train director, so, there was no way he could be against it.

“Then I am leaving, little Bing. When you return, say hello to maternal aunt for me.” Huang Haofeng said while leaving.

“Luo Bin, you are really connected.” Qin Lang said to Luo Bin, smiling. He knew since Luo Bin did this, that yellow-haired and the fatty would definitely not dare to look for trouble again. Only, these two guys would not be able to tolerate the strange itch, he didn’t know when they would reach their limits.

With Huang Haofeng personally coming to greet and a train marshal as a guard, no matter how big courage the fatty and the yellow-haired had, they didn’t dare to provoke Qin Lang and Luo Bin. Hence, in the following journey, they were actually very quiet.

But when Qin Lang and Luo Bin dropped off at the Xiayang City’s train station, the fatty and the yellow-haired also followed closely behind.

Qin Lang knew these two guys were not reconciled so he first made Luo Bin take a taxi to the school finding a reason to remain behind. Then, he stopped the fatty and the yellow-haired.

Actually, even if Qin Lang didn’t stop the fatty and the yellow-haired, those two must stop him.

The fatty and the yellow-haired had already been feeling it difficult to endure the strange itch when they were at the train. Their hands were already scratched to shreds and they had almost been on the verge of jumping around at the train due to this unendurable itch.

After coming out of the station, Qin Lang stopped them.

The fatty immediately rushed forward and was thinking of grabbing Qin Lang but thinking of the previous bitter experience, in his and the yellow-haired’s eyes, Qin Lang’s whole body was like a venomous sting so he didn’t dare to casually make a contact. He said coldly: “Kid, cut the crap, give us the antidote immediately!”

“It seems the lesson you two received is still not enough.” Qin Lang snorted coldly.

“You are courting death!” The yellow-haired was also unbridled now, he took out a knife from behind and flashed it in front of Qin Lang, “Sh*t! If you don’t give us the antidote, I will put you to death——”

The yellow-haired was still not finished with speaking when he felt a dagger twisting at his back. It was the same with the fatty, two people were standing separately behind them two and sandwiching them from left and right. One of them asked respectfully to Qin Lang: “Qin bro, how should we deal with them?”

“First take them away, we need to be clear on the situation.” said Qin Lang.

The fatty and the yellow-haired suddenly felt the sky spinning, saying in their mind ‘Our blind dog eyes, first we provoked the train director’s relative and now, we have provoked the local boss. Being unbridled at others’ territory, wasn’t this asking the God of longevity to cut our lives short!?


little Bing (小冰) Bing means ice.

There will probably only be new chaps in this week.


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