Juvenile Medical God Chapter 84

Chapter 84 New Adversary

There was a bar near the Xianyang City train station and it was brightly lit inside though the bar’s door was tightly closed.

“Qin bro, spare our lives! We two brothers have blind dog eyes, we weren’t able to recognize you. Please forgive us and release us…..”

At this moment, the fatty and the yellow-haired were kneeling in the middle of the bar, doing their utmost to ask for forgiveness.

Han San Qiang, Man Niu and so on were surrounding them, waiting for Qin Lang’s instructions.

“Qin bro, we admit our mistakes! We won’t ever dare to have plans on your stuffs.” The fatty did his utmost to explain, “Right, we are ‘Iron Centipede group’s’ people and along the way, we have made relations with underworld gangs and we also send ‘gift’, you must give us a way out, right?”

“Oh? I am also puzzled regarding this.” Qin Lang said to Han San Qiang, “Isn’t the train station here, our territory? These guys were doing business at the train, did you really receive ‘gift’ from them?

The mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach’, if Han San Qiang or Man Niu received benefits from these guys then Qin Lang didn’t want to make things too difficult for the counterpart.

“Sh*t! This f*cker is making venomous slanders!” Han San Qiang started cursing to show that he hadn’t received money behind Qin Lang’s back.

Man Niu also started cursing to show his good faith.

“Kid, who did you give money to?” Han San Qiang asked immediately.

“We gave it to big brother Sang Kun——”

“Sang Kun, he is already locked in!” Han San Qiang said coldly: “Did you send money to a prisoner?”

“No, that was before. Now, we give the money to boss An Yang. He had guaranteed that we wouldn’t be affected when we do business at Xiayang City.” The fatty explained immediately.

“An Yang?”

Qin Lang looked at Han San Qiang, the latter’s expression became odd, “Qin bro, this An Yang is an outsider but he is very difficult to handle! You also know that our influence is, now, the biggest at the southern and eastern areas, they are basically our territories; but western and northern Xiayang areas have been rapidly integrated by this outsider, An Yang, they are basically his influence range.”

“Outsider?” Qin Lang was somewhat astonished, “He was able to control the city’s southern and western area in this short period of time?”

Han San Qiang and Man Niu were also baffled because they had to make an alliance to defeat Sang Kun and then, become the underground boss of the city’s southern and eastern area. Moreover, they were still not able to have a complete hold of these two areas. But this An Yang was able to become the boss of the western and northern areas in such a short time, it was obvious how fierce this guy’s methods were.

Han San Qiang thought Qin Lang would blame him for not doing his best so he explained immediately: “Qin bro, actually, we also want to take control of the territories faster. But, you instructed us before to not be over-hasty to wait for the company to finish turning the process white, before taking a further step…..”

“Ah’Qiang, I didn’t blame you.” Qin Lang said, “However, it is important to know yourself and know your enemy, what kind of influence does this An Yang have to be so unbridled. This train station area obviously falls under our control but this Iron Centipede group are actually contacting An Yang and not giving us face. This is worth thinking over!”

“Qin bro, actually…….I have made some inquiries about An Yang, we just need to wait for a while for the report. What do you intend to do with these two?” Man Niu asked Qin Lang for instructions. Man Niu had unswerving admiration for Qin Lang now, one aspect was because of Qin Lang’s ferocious kungfu, another was because of the methods Qin Lang used to deal with An Desheng and Sang Kun, which made Man Niu apprehensive of him.

“These two?” Qin Lang looked at the fatty and the yellow-haired; they were very scared.

The fatty promptly said: “Qin bro, we all eat Jianghu food, so please give us a little face. After returning, I will definitely inform the boss and deliver the ‘gift bag’ to your hands, in the future. Qin bro, please be so kind as to remove this poison, we really can’t endure it.”

“Remove the poison?” Qin Lang sneered coldly, “You deliver the money to the wrong faction, shouldn’t you look for the one that received your money——”

“Qin bro…….please!” The yellow-haired begged.

“Get lost! It is not bad for you to lose a hand!” Qin Lang coldly snorted.

Han San Qiang promptly called people to throw out the fatty and the yellow-haired.

Actually, Qin Lang was only giving the fatty and the yellow haired, a profound lesson. These two guys’ hands definitely won’t be destroyed but the sufferings were unavoidable. Who asked them to not look properly and actually try to ‘do business’ above Qin Lang.

After the fatty and the yellow-haired were thrown out, Man Niu said to Qin Lang: “Qin bro, I heard people say this An Yang handles his works viciously, he is even more terrifying than Sang Kun! Western area’s ‘Ah’Hao’ was hacked to death by him with his own hands, and moreover, this guy used an electric saw to dismember ah’Hao’s corpse in front of his brothers! All the small factions of the western and the northern areas have submitted under his banner, due to their fear of his cruelty!”

“Oh! Indeed a fierce character.” Qin Lang said indifferently. “This guy is called An Yang, his surname is also An, does he have any relation with An Desheng?”

“This…...it is not clear.” Man Niu shook his head.

“If it is not clear then investigate it immediately.” Qin Lang said to Man Niu and Han San Qiang, “I am making you go steady, don’t be anxious to expand. However, I don’t want you to seek ease and comfort, are your ambitions so small? You are satisfied with just Xiayang City’s southern and eastern areas?”

Cold sweats went down Han San Qiang’s and Man Niu’s back when they heard the dissatisfied tone of Qin Lang.

After Qin Lang got rid of An Desheng by himself, Han San Qiang’s and Man Niu’s reverence for him increased more and more. But after taking control of Sang Kun’s territories, they were really getting relaxed. When they heard Qin Lang’s dissatisfied tone, they wanted to explain but Qin lang didn’t give them the chance: “Find out about this An Yang and give the report to me as soon as possible!”

Qin Lang then left the bar, returning to the school

When Qin Lang returned to the dorm, Zhao Kan immediately inquired whether he looked over that proposal plan or not.

As could be seen, Zhao Kan’s enthusiasm was very high.

“I already read it.” Qin Lang nodded his head and then, he went through Luo Bin’s commentaries.

Zhao Kan was somewhat embarrassed when he heard Qin Lang’s commentaries, “The proposal plan’s format was indeed taken from the internet. However, I put my own effort in it and also asked for guidance from my father.”

“I didn’t say your proposal plan was not good.” Qin Lang said, smiling, “It is only not perfect enough. So, I found someone to improvise it.”


“Luo Bin.”

“What? She is a very talented bookish student but I am afraid she can’t handle this.” Zhao Kan didn’t seem to believe in Luo Bin’s extracurricular capabilities.

“Hey…….most of the objections I just made were in fact from Luo Bin.” Qin Lang gave a crooked smile.

Zhao Kan was immediately speechless.

The mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach - one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted

Ah'Qiang . Ah'Hao - 'Ah' in front of the name means a kinship term used to indicate familiarity.


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