Juvenile Medical God Chapter 85

Chapter 85 The Vengeful One

Xiayang City western suburbs, in a shabby old house.

“Brother Yang, I really didn’t betray master An, please let me off, I beg you……”

Inside the house, an over forty middle-aged man was kneeling on the ground imploring in front of a long haired youth who looked about twenty seven-twenty eight. The middle-aged man’s knees were already torn up due to being grinded on the broken tiles and bricks, the blood had already dyed his trousers, red. The long-haired youth was carrying a steel pipe, and he was indifferent to the middle-aged man’s begging, as he coldly said: “If you didn’t sell out my father then why did he have an accident whereas, you are fine?”

“Brother Yang, I really didn’t! Otherwise……You can go check, if you find any evidence that shows I betrayed master An, I …… let thunder strike me for five days! Let me be struck by a car and die ……”

“Evidence?” The long-haired youth indifferently said, “I have no evidence——but, my guts tell me you did it!”

The long-haired youth then waved the steel pipe on his hand and ruthlessly smashed the top of the head of the middle aged man. Only a dull thud echoed and the middle aged man’s head broke like a mature watermelon.

But this middle aged man didn’t immediately die, his eyes were wide open and he produced surprised sound: “I…….didn’t……”

“But I feel you did!” The long-haired youth kicked the middle aged man's face and then threw the steel pipe on the ground.

Coming out of this old house, the long-haired youth instructed the two people that were standing on the doorway: “Clean it up!”

“Yes, brother Yang!” These two people promptly nodded their head.

The long-haired youth then entered a black car and when the car moved, he said to himself: “Old thing, although I don’t have much good impressions of you, you are dead now, your properties also can only be inherited by me. Anyone who fights over my stuffs will pay with blood!”



On monday afternoon, after second period, Luo Bin came beside Qin Lang’s seat and put the proposal plan in front of Qin Lang.

Qin Lang looked at the proposal; it was not only amended properly, but also, already printed and binded. Its cover also gave off an elegant atmosphere. All in all, it looked very professional and made people feel more confident in this proposal.

“What? Class monitor Luo, this is the revised proposal!?”

Zhao Kan’s mood was sour. In one aspect, he had poured a lot of effort in his proposal plan and one could say this was his most sincerely done 'homework'; in another aspect, Zhao Kan didn't believe Luo Bin could make a much better proposal plan because he felt

"Zhao Kan, are you not convinced?" Luo Bin could make out Zhao Kan's thoughts with a glance and proudly said, "Zhao Kan, don't be under the impression that I, Luo Bin, am only a exam machine. Look carefully, I, Luo Bin, am not only better than you in grades but my proposal is also many times better than yours!"

Full-on provocation!

Zhao Kan didn't have a formidable imposing aura like Luo Bin's, but he was yet to be outdone: "Good! I will happily appreciate class monitor's proposal!"

"Then read it carefully.” Luo Bin gave a faint smile and left.

"Qin Lang, isn't your 'little slug' too arrogant?" Zhao Kan said jokingly to Qin Lang in a low voice. The reason he was speaking in low voice was because he was worried he would be heard by Luo Bin, he knew this class monitor was not to be trifled with.

"This is not arrogance, this is confidence!" Qin Lang defended Luo Bin, “Zhao Kan, look at the proposal, it is seriously professional!”

“Forget it, I see you take love more seriously than friendship.” Zhao Kan said resentfully. He then held the proposal plan and after reading two pages, his expression became serious, “Eh, cannot figure out——miss class monitor really has some skills, this proposal plan is indeed rather professional……. I need to take a closer look!”

In the next class, Qin Lang and Zhao Kan, two people were carefully reading Luo Bin’s modified proposal plan.

It really was without looking, one wouldn’t know, Zhao Kan was startled with one look.

Luo Bin’s proposal plan was really wonderful, not only did she correct Zhao Kan’s previous gaps and mistakes, but she also added information on management, marketing and funding budget analysis. The information on funding budget analysis was especially important to Qin Lang; Luo Bing made a mathematical model of it with a computer program. Zhao Kan asked himself if he had such skills.

Not speaking of anything else, solely Luo Bin’s skill to produce a mathematical model was sufficient to show that she absolutely was not ‘high in score but low in ability’ type of person.

When the class was over, Luo Bin again went to Qin Lang and Zhao Kan’s seats, then asked to Zhao Kan: “Convinced?”

“Sincerely convinced!” Zhao Kan gave a long sigh, “I originally was under the impression that beauty and intelligence were two incompatible things, but class captain Luo, your existence has changed my mistaken way of thinking!”

“Zhao fatty, didn’t I say that, I need to look into your copyrights!” Qin Lang snorted.

“Citing cannot be regarded as stealing ....... citing! .....can you regard scholars as thieves?”Zhao Kan laughed.

“Qin Lang, I gave the proposal plan to you. But, I would like to ask, are you not planning to go to university? Or you want to attend a university but drop out later to do business?” Luo Bin asked.

“How can you tell?”

“Actually, I think the people who don’t attend university or drop out are very cool.” If what Luo Bin said was heard by the teachers, they would definitely think she was rebelling, “For instance, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and also Oracle’s Ellison, they are all university drop-outs who achieved success, I think these people are very awesome!”

“Hehe, then I might disappoint you because I don’t plan to drop out.” Qin Lang smiled then spoke, keeping the suspense, “The main thing is even if I drop out to do business and achieve success, it will definitely not be cool, know the reason?”

“Don’t keep us in suspense, speak!” Luo bin glared at Qin Lang. Since their encounter at the train yesterday, the distance between the two seems to have been reduced.

“These people you spoke of, in any case, were all famous students, right? Bill Gates and Zuckerberg were talented students of Harvard University, they passed the Harvard exam and chose to drop out, they originally had such eye-catching skills, i.e, like you said, awesome. But, I can at most pass a three-year college, and there would be many who would choose to drop out from such results. If I drop out then will there be anything cool about it?”

Qin Lang jokingly explained, “For instance, Luo Bin drops out from Harvard to start a business, this will make a news headline and there will be a lot of people to invest into her; whereas, Zhao Kan drops out of Seven Mid to start a business, this won’t make into news and it will be impossible for him to attract others’ interest. Hence, the main point is not dropping out but from which school you drop out of. Others drop out from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, but if you drop out from a specialized school, you will feel embarrassed to even greet others!”


Hearing Qin Lang’s evaluation, Luo Bin couldn’t help laughing and Zhao Kan also couldn’t help laughing heartily.

Luo Bin's laughter attracted a lot of students' attention. After all, in the class eleven's classmates' eyes, Luo Bin was not frivolous in talking and joking. Cai Weidong also heard Luo Bin's laughter, his heart immediately gave birth to hatred towards Qin Lang but he quickly recalled his father's warning and hurriedly forced himself to remove his hatred towards Qin Lang because he really couldn't afford to offend him.


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