Juvenile Medical God Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Yi Pin Tang

“Zhao Kan, I am inviting you to dinner.” After the school dismissed, Qin lang said to Zhao Kan, “It is to thank you for helping me in making the proposal plan.”

“Good! Just worry about which place to go tonight.” Zhao Kan smiled, “I spent a lot of efforts for this proposal plan, so I will pick a good place and waste all your money!”

“You can choose any restaurants at Xiayang City.” Qin Lang said generously. Recently, he could be said to be filthy rich as he obtained a lot of ill-gotten wealth from Sang Kun and An Desheng’s assets, treating to a dinner was no problem, to say the least.

“Really? Even ‘Yi Pin Tang’ will be okay?” Zhao Kan jokingly said.

“Yes!” Qin Lang said, “Then let’s go.”

“This is real or fake?” Zhao Kan was serious, on the contrary, “Yi Pin Tang is a newly opened restaurant and is Xiayang City’s highest grade restaurant!”

“Didn’t I already say, no problem!” Qin Lang confirmed it again.

“Yes or no?” Zhao Kan was apparently, still not convinced.

“Yes! Why are you on edge!?” Qin Lang said impatiently.

“Okay! When the bill comes, don’t blame me for not reminding you!” Zhao Kan snorted.

“I am not a stingy person.” Qin Lang gave a faint smile. The two exited out of the school gate and immediately called a taxi to go to the restaurant.

Actually there were two reasons for Qin Lang in inviting Zhao Kan to dinner: first was indeed to thank Zhao Kan for making the proposal plan; and second, Qin Lang wanted to discuss properly with Zhao Kan to see if he wanted to follow him in ‘doing business’. ‘In wine, there is truth’, Qin Lang believed after Zhao Kan drank two bottles of wine, he could hear the latter’s ‘truth’.

Don’t look at Zhao Kan as a sloppy guy, even if the proposal plan had to be improvised by Luo Bin, there were still many good things about Zhao Kan’s proposal plan which were highly operable.

Not long after entering the taxi, Qin Lang discovered that the taxi crossed a bridge and was headed straight to Three Rivers Island.

Hence, Qin Lang asked, surprised: “What? This Yi Pin Tang is at Three Rivers Island?”

“Naturally. In fact, this Yi Pin Tang is the previous Pure Beauty Bay changed to food and drink business now, but the expenses are rather amazing! You two gentlemen, it seems someone invited you to dinner, right? Not bad.” The taxi driver inserted few words.

“That’s right, someone invited us to dinner!” Zhao Kan chuckled, saying in his mind ‘Let’s see how this kid pays the bill, in a while!’ But, if Qin Lang really couldn’t pay the bill then he would, naturally, pay for it. Anyway, it was his father’s money, so he didn’t mind it too much.

Soon, the taxi stopped at the Yi Pin Tang’s gate.

At a glance, Qin Lang could see this place was really the previous Pure Beauty Bay clubhouse.

After going through renovation, it had changed into a top-grade restaurant, named ‘Yi Pin Tang Restaurant’. ‘Yi Pin’ meant that it was the absolute number one at the Xiayang City.

Three Rivers Island was, originally, Xiayang City’s ‘Rich man’s area’. Moreover, ‘Pure Beauty Bay Clubhouse’ was very well know, so now that it had changed into a restaurant, the business was extremely booming and the restaurant was packed now.

Qin Lang and Zhao Kan found a table in the hall, with some difficulty. Zhao Kan then took the menu and said with malicious intentions: “Hey……. bro, you made me choose this place.”

“All right, do you think I still can’t tell your petty thoughts? Hurry and order up whatever you want.” Qin Lang said.

“Really or are you kidding?” Zhao Kan said, “Take a look at the price list first.”

Qin Lang looked at the menu, the variety of dishes and beverages were indeed extremely costly, it could be said to be ‘Five Star’s price’.

If it was before, Qin Lang would have definitely retreated, but he was filthy rich now and was not worried of being bankrupted by Zhao Kan. He said, smiling: “Just order, don’t make server sister wait for too long.”

“I really won’t be polite?”

“Hey, I said don’t be so edgy.” Qin Lang didn’t want to tangle with Zhao Kan, so he took out his purse and drew out a new credit card, “See? This is the credit card, eat as you like.”

“F*ck! Platinum card!” Zhao Kan cried out in shock, “Kid, you are really awesome! My father also has this card but he could only make it this year. The savings at the bank should be over a million to issue it, and he has never let me use this card——hey, you didn’t pick up this card from somewhere, right?”

When Qin Lang took out the platinum card, even the female server’s smile became more charming.

“Is this something you can pick up and use?” Qin Lang gave a disdainful look to Zhao Kan, “Don’t speak rubbish, order quickly!”

“All right! Looks like I can waste a rich family today—— best quality abalone and deep sea lobster, one each. Also, this mitten crab and this and this …….. also tonic soup to nourish my injured heart and spirit.” Zhao Kan, sure enough, wasn’t polite.

“You are still saying that you are injured?” After the orders were given, Qin Lang said to Zhao Kan, “I will tell you that Zhou Lingling might return to school.”

“What!?” Zhao Kan couldn’t help being alarmed, his expression seemed to be complicated, “I told you, don’t mention her name in front of me!”

“Hey——your belly is big but your heart is actually so small.” Qin Lang said, “Anyway, Zhou Lingling returning to the school is a fact, she has already recovered. She wants to return to the school to prepare for college entrance. Even if you have prejudice against her, you don’t need to act so ferocious, right? Besides, she was really not at fault as she, herself, was the victim.”

“This……. I know it, but I don’t want to accept it for now.” Zhao Kan sighed, “When she returns to school, I will just pretend not to know her, so that I won’t disturb or upset her, I will just act like a stranger.”

“These thoughts will do, I was worried you would go upset her again. You also know about her affairs, it takes a lot of courage to return to school, after all the things that occurred.”

Qin Lang knew to not overdo it, so he didn’t continue to delve with this issue. Taking the iced beer which the female server had brought over, he twisted the lid off and then gave a glass of it to Zhao Kan, “This glass to express my thanks to you for making the proposal. Cheers!”

“Good!” Zhao Kan bumped his glass with Qin Lang’s glass and after drinking it, he continued to speak, “Actually, the biggest contributions were still by Luo Bin. I am really convinced in Luo Bin this time, I really looked down on those academic talents previously, thinking they were only good in scores but low in ability. But Luo Bin is different, she has true skills!”

“I am under the impression that you still will not admit defeat.” Qin Lang laughed and poured another glass of beer again to Zhao Kan, “Drink this slowly——Zhao Kan, I want to ask you if you really have the thoughts of doing business or not?”

“Nonsense, I definitely have the thoughts!” Zhao Kan promptly replied, “I am very clear about the people. Why do we study and enter the next grade, isn’t it precisely to earn money and get a wife? If we can do business and earn money earlier, then shouldn’t we go for it? Although, graduating from senior high school and entering a good university is very impressive and is very enviable, what will people be compared with once they graduate from the university? They are compared by their income, assets, and even by the number of women beside them! At that time, who will care about which university you studied in and how much percentage you got!?”

Qin Lang couldn’t deny it, Zhao Kan had said the great truth. In Qin Lang’s view, if middle school teachers taught this obvious sense to their students; every year, there wouldn’t be so many people facing unemployment after just graduating from the universities.

“Good, since you have such thoughts, I also won’t beat around the bush——brother, I hope you can come and help me!” Qin Lang gave a sincere invitation to Zhao Kan.


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