Juvenile Medical God Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Bad Judge of Character


Zhao Kan couldn’t help but be alarmed and the beer inside the glass spilled out, “Qin Lang, are you saying it genuinely or is it just a bogus? Do you really intend to invest money to open a company with this proposal plan?”

“Right.” Qin Lang nodded his head, “If not, why else would I spend so much effort for this proposal plan and even invite you to dinner in this top grade place? It is because I hope you can join me.”

“Me? I …… I really didn’t expect this! Haa.” Zhao Kan said, somewhat embarrassed, “I am just a senior high school student who has not even graduated, will it be suitable for me to follow you to start a business?”

“I am also the same as you, a senior high school student who is able to invest money to open a company. Why can’t you help me to manage the company?” Qin Lang said, “If it was someone else, I wouldn’t be able to be at ease.”

Qin Lang didn’t ask Zhao Kan to join him because of an impulsive decision, but through careful deliberation. Because Qin Lang intended this security company to be completely legit in the eyes of the law. But there would definitely be some ‘secrecy’ in the accounts and its operative range, if they were managed by someone whom he didn’t trust, Qin Lang wouldn’t be able to rest at ease.

And although Zhao Kan was young, he had a talent in business, and moreover, he had learned many things from his father. He should also be pretty good in social interactions and with one-two years of experience, he could absolutely take charge of the company. Moreover, they had a partnership with Han San Qiang and Man Niu, these old Jianghu people, so they shouldn’t have any problems opening this security company at the Xiayang city.

“Brother ……. you have put so much trust in me, I will accept your offer!” Zhao Kan finished the beer in one gulp.

He was young, and even if young people didn’t have any experience, they had unlimited energy and drive!

As Zhao Kan agreed with his offer, Qin Lang then started talking about the company’s actual work and some matters to pay attention to.

“Kid, why are you here!? Do you intend to spend a month’s salary?” When Qin Lang and Zhao Kan was talking happily, a middle aged fatty walked over and slapped Zhao Kan’s head.

“Who the f*ck —— father, it was you?” Zhao Kan had been very angered when his head was slapped but seeing that it was actually his father, he could only endure it as he explained, “Father, it’s not me but my brother here who is giving the treat, this is Qin Lang —— Qin Lang, this is my father.”

“Hello, uncle Zhao.” Qin Lang got up and greeted Zhao Kan’s father.

“Hello, little Qin.” Zhao Kan’s father was actually behaving politely, he felt the family of a student who could invite his son to this place for dinner, definitely had some background, so he could only attach more importance to Qin Lang.

“Old Zhou, hurry up—— is that your son? Bring him in too!”

At this moment, a bald middle aged man beckoned Zhao Kan’s father, there was a domineering tone to his voice. The baldy was wearing a thick chain on his neck, giving off a blatant aura of a nouveau riche.

“Little Qin, son. Since we met, let’s go drink together.” Zhao Hongfang said to Qin Lang and Zhao Kan.

“Alright, since we ran into each other, I will take up Uncle Zhao’s offer and have a glass.” Qin Lang said, smiling. No matter what, Zhao Hongfang was Zhao Kan’s father, which meant he was Qin Lang’s elder. And since they met now, proposing a toast with beer or at least tea, should be okay to express his respect.

Zhao Hongfang and others had reserved a private room. After several people entered the room, wine and food quickly were delivered.

Regarding the other people, Qin Lang had no intentions to make friends,  so after the server poured a glass of beer, he looked towards Zhao Hongfang and said: “Uncle Zhao, this is to our first meeting, please take care of me in the future. I am of the younger generation, so I will empty my glass first to show my respect to you.”

“Little Qin, I also ask you to take care of my son.” Zhao Hongfang politely said.

Qin Lang offered his respect to Zhao Hongfang with the glass of beer, but regarding others, he ignored them.

Zhao Hongfang saw Qin Lang had no intention to continue to propose a toast, so he promptly said to Zhao Kan: “Child, you are still not proposing a toast to your several uncles!”

Zhao Kan was already prepared; holding a glass, he approached that baldy, and Zhao Hongfang hurriedly introduced him: “This is Uncle Ma, your Uncle Ma is a person who is sought after in both black and white paths in Xiayang City, you need to toast uncle Ma properly!”

“Uncle Ma, you are really amazing, I hope for you can look after me later, I offer ——”

“Wait, wait ——” The baldy was sitting very leisurely, as he pointed towards the Maotai on the table, “Little Zhao, if you want to propose a toast, then drink this!”

“White wine!” Zhao Kan spoke somewhat awkwardly, “Uncle Ma, I have a very little capacity for liquor, I won’t be able to drink white wine.”

“Right, this child still needs to return to school to study, being drunk won’t be good. Brother Ma, please let it be.” Zhao Hongfang stood up to explain for his son.

“Youths, if your alcohol capacity is not enough, then you should toughen up.” The baldy said to Zhao Kan, “Little Zhao, drink at ease, this is Maotai, one small mouthful costs over hundred yuan. Propose a toast with it to every uncles and your uncle Ma will make sure that no one bullies you later at Xiayang city! How can using beer to toast show sincerity?”

The baldy’s words made Zhao Hongfang feel awkward. This baldy was named Ma Hongliang and could be said to have some reputation at Xiayang city. He had made quite a lot of money by reselling steel in these years, so he was filthy rich. Moreover, he had some underground background, so Zhao Hongfang naturally didn’t dare to offend him. In fact, Zhao Hongfang organized this dinner party to build a good relation with Ma Hongliang.

“Son, just go round and finish this, okay?” Zhao Hongfang helplessly said, he regretfully asked his son to do it.

Zhao Kan looked at that white wine, although this was Maotai, it was like a bomb in Zhao Kan’s eyes because he simply couldn’t drink white wine. Drinking a glass of it occasionally was okay but drinking a round of it would definitely ‘fry’ his butt.

“Mr. Ma, since Zhao Kan cannot drink white wine, you shouldn’t make things difficult for him as an elder.” Qin Lang interfered at this time.

“Child, you know the ones sitting here are your elders, so do we need you to butt in!?” Ma Hongliang coldly snorted. This guy was now filthy rich but his conscience was becoming smaller. Before, when Qin Lang only proposed a toast to Zhao Hongfang, this had already put Ma Hongliang in bad mood, and now Qin Lang dared to butt in, this made Ma Hongliang angry.

“Brother Ma, please calm your anger.” Zhao Hongfang winked towards Qin Lang, “Little Qin, pour brother Ma a cup of tea, brother Ma is very magnanimous, he won’t bicker with you students.”

Zhao Hongfang said this due to kindness, because he didn’t want Qin Lang to offend such a character like Ma Hongliang.

“Pouring tea won’t do, if you want to apologize, pour wine.” Ma Hongliang snorted, he intended to make Qin Lang drink wine as an apology.

“Did I say I will pour you tea?” Qin Lang coldly snorted.


EdIT: I forgot to mention that pouring here doesn't mean actual pouring, not completely. More like, doing cheers, one by one / toasting. It can be seen in movies, dramas, and especially in chinese wuxia dramas, where someone who has a celebration goes to important visitors and drinks a small cup of wine with them.


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