Juvenile Medical God Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 Business According to Standards

After coming out of Zhao Hongfang’s private room, Yu Chengming had already ordered servers to change Qin Lang and Zhao Kan’s seats to a private room and also changed the table of untouched dishes. Yu Chengming really knew how to handle matters, no wonder his food and beverages restaurant business was so large and popular.

“Qin bro, this Ma Hongliang needs a beating. If you want, I can make some people put him in order ——”

“Ah’Qiang, what have you been doing all this time?” Qin Lang glanced at Han San Qiang, “Ma Hongliang is only a minor character, we don’t have time to take care of him. Tell me what happened of the thing I asked you to check into yesterday.”

“Yes, I came precisely to talk to you about this —— this brother Zhao …….”

“Zhao Kan is a trustworthy brother, you can speak frankly.”

Do not use a person whom you can’t trust’. Since he had already decided to let Zhao Kan join him, Qin Lang didn’t intend to conceal the work affairs from Zhao Kan.

“Okay. I and Man Niu had sent people to investigate. The reason why An Yang can be so overbearing is because there is a strong force supporting him, he should be a member of Qinghuan group. Also, reportedly, he is making such loud movements this time, is to take revenge for his father, An Desheng, and also to take back his father’s assets —— Qin bro, you need to be careful!”

“When that time comes, we will see if the son is more ferocious than his father.” Qin Lang dismissed with a laugh.

“Qiang bro, the Qinghuan group you spoke of, is it the underground group that is dominating the several small counties of Xiayang city?” Zhao Kan asked.

“You know of them?” Qin Lang looked at Zhao Kan with surprise, “Is this Qinghuan group famous?”

“Their reputation is not small!” Zhao Kan explained, “There are not many people who have heard of Qinghuan group’s name at Xiayang city’s urban areas, but at the surrounding several small counties, especially at Nanping county, almost everything is under Qinghuan group’s rule! Isn’t that right, Qiang bro?”

“Yes.” Han San Qiang grimly nodded his head.

“That’s strange, if this Qinghuan group is so awesome, then why stay in a county, don’t they have the power to take control of Jianghu of urban areas of Xiayang city?”

“Qin bro, this is because Qinghuan group’s base is at Nanping county, and they grew in Nanping county. Although, a county’s territory doesn’t give profits like that of Xiayang city’s urban areas, they don’t easily receive police crackdowns. Hence, Qinghuan group should have been nurturing their strength all these years, and now that their wings are strong enough, they are expanding their influence to urban areas. Previously, An Desheng seemed to have made some transactions with Qinghuan group!”

“Oh …… this Qinghuan group knows the strategy of using rural areas to encircle cities?” Qin Lang smilingly said, “So, if An Yang thoroughly establishes his footing and completely takes control of northern and western city areas, then he will come to find us trouble?”

“Definitely!” Han San Qiang nodded his head, “So, what I and Man Niu are thinking is —— to make the first move! Even if Qinghuan group is more ferocious, this Xiayang city is not their territory, their words won’t mean anything!”

“Making the first move?” Qin Lang shook his head, “If we make a move now, you and Man Niu will be squatting at prison.”

“Qin bro, what do you mean?”

“Last time, due to the crackdown on crimes at Xiayang city, An Desheng and Sang Kun were gotten rid of, and Xiayang city government takes this matter as a great achievement. Now, if you along with Man Niu start a Jianghu war, where would their face go?” Qin Lang pointed out the crucial point bluntly.

Naturally, the credits to this should be given to Wu Wenxiang’s directions which allowed Qin Lang to analyze the situation even more clearly.

When Han San Qiang heard this, his back became cold, he had only thought of handling An Yang and becoming the boss of Xiayang city’s Jianghu, he hadn’t expected that by doing so, he would become a thorn in police’s eyes.

Although Han San Qiang and Man Niu were usually very rampant, they didn’t dare to counter Xiayang city’s police with force.

“Qin bro, you are really wise!” Han San Qiang lightly flattered Qin Lang, “Then Qin bro, what do you intend to do?”

“Turning to white, it is necessary to do it as quickly as possible, and at the same time, we need to pay attention to An Yang’s movements.” Qin Lang said, “In short, we need to do both things at the same time.”

“Turning to white? Haven’t we already turned to white?” Han San Qiang spoke with surprise, “Haven’t we registered a dummy corporation?”

“You really think police is so easy to fool?” Qin Lang snorted, “Genuinely turning to white means having the assets and manpower for company management, and also, it can only be done if all the business can be guaranteed to be legitimate. Zhao Kan, explain to Qiang bro.”

“Okay. Qiang bro, it is like this …… for instance, we are taking care of these bars, taking protection fee for dance halls is definitely not legal; but, if we use our security company name to sign a security contract agreement, it will be right and proper to receive fees, i.e completely legitimate.” Zhao Kan gave a simple example.

“Ah, this is not bad.” Han San Qiang nodded his head, “But, doesn’t signing the contract mean we have to hand over tax?”

“Of course.” Qin Lang laughed and said, “But, you can consider the taxes as giving protection fee to the police. Thus, the business will be legitimate, and we can earn money without worrying about police catching us.”

“This is amazing!” Han San Qiang nodded, “But isn’t complete operation of a company, very complicated? Furthermore, it also needs a lot of money.”

“This is a necessary process.” Qin Lang said gravely, “Qiang bro, you also want your brothers to have a safe job where they don’t have to be worried all the time, right? Moreover, they can have a legal worker identity and receive all kinds of insurance, they also won’t have to keep on worrying about the future consequences, is this not a good thing?”

“It is ……. It is really a good thing! But, I feel it is too complicated, I am afraid my ability won’t be up to par!” Han San Qiang patted his head and said.

“It’s fine, I will let Zhao Kan help in handling these miscellaneous stuffs later, he will be responsible for company’s inner management. Ah’Qiang, you and Man Niu will be mainly responsible for company’s business dealings.” Qin Lang roughly divided up the work, “There are not much to inner management affairs for now, Zhao Kan, you can ask your father to help or find a clever and trustworthy person to help. I have already thought properly regarding company’s name, it will be called ‘Yuanping Security Company’. In a few days, the company’s related procedures should all be smoothly dealt with. After the company opens, everything must operate according to the standards and we can never let the police think that we are law-breakers! And Qiang bro, your future identity will be an entrepreneur!”

“Haha ….. An entrepreneur, I didn’t think that there would be a day where I, Han San Qiang, could also be called an entrepreneur!” Han San Qiang laughed out loud.

“In short, the top priority right now is to quickly open the company according to the proposal plan. Regarding the procedures, there is no need for you to be worried. Zhao Kan, Qiang bro, discuss about opening the company as quickly as possible and at that moment, all the brothers will become law-abiding citizens. When the time to deal with An Yang comes, they will have more courage and confidence!” Qin Lang said his thoughts.

“Good, then we will hurry up!” Zhao Kan agreed. Being able to start a business with Qin Lang made him feel his blood boil at this moment.

“Qin bro, I will definitely finish this matter with all speed. But, I have a little curiosity, why is our company named ‘Yuanping Security Company’? I feel that it lacks some power. Why not call it ‘Golden Armored Soldiers’ or ‘Divine Shield’ or ‘Tyrant’s Wind’, aren’t these names domineering?” Han San Qiang couldn’t help but ask. Actually, he had already thought for quite a while regarding these three names, so he felt compelled to speak up.

“Haha, Qiang bro, you thought for a very long time for these three names, right? But, the name won’t be changed.” Qin Lang insisted on the name because that was Old Poison’s name - ‘Pang Yuanping’.


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