Juvenile Medical God Chapter 90

3rd of six guaranteed chapters of this week.

Chapter 90 Second Mission


Night, after making up for the missed lessons, Qin Lang received Old Poison’s message:

“Second mission: Take over all of Qinghuan group’s assets and execute Qing Heyun!”

Qin Lang couldn’t help but frown when he received this message, taking over Qinghuan group’s assets was not out of Qin Lang’s expectations because Qinghuan group had relation to An Desheng, Old Poison clearly knew this and so he wanted to use similar method to take care of Qinghuan group. But before, Old Poison had only made Qin Lang capture An Desheng alive, whereas this time, he wanted to execute Qing Heyun which puzzled Qin Lang.

Naturally, Qing Heyun was undoubtedly Qinghuan group’s boss. With all the deeds of Qinghuan group, Qing Heyun could also be said to have been stained by crimes that couldn’t be removed by even death.

The only thing that was out of Qin Lang’s anticipation was that Old Poison wanted him to directly ‘execute’ Qing Heyun.

“Old Poison, you truly want him dead?” Qin Lang sent a message to Old Poison.

But as usual, Old Poison didn’t respond.

Without choice, Qin Lang could only take in a poison pill and meditate, cultivating his poison arts.


Zhao Kan didn’t disappoint Qin Lang; after eating dinner that evening, he, along with Han San Qiang, Man Niu and Zhao Hongfang, began to get busy on ‘Yuanping Security Company’ business affairs.

Many hands make the job easy; Zhao Hongfang had been engaged in construction materials business for many years, so he had a lot of contacts at Xiayang city, whereas Han San Qiang and Man Niu could mobilize a lot of free labor, so the matters regarding site selection and arranging the company were quickly settled in a few days. Regarding company approval, business permits and so on, they sounded rather complicated, but after Qin Lang gave a call to Chen Jinyong, the latter immediately took on responsibility for all these matters and guaranteed that he would settle these before the company opened. Moreover, Chen Jinyong half-jokingly said that even if there were no paperworks, Qin Lang’s company would have no problems, he guaranteed that there wouldn’t be anyone who would go to investigate.

And as a matter of fact, Chen Jinyong took only four days to settle all the affairs.

What was more surprising was that in the day of company opening, several real estate and property management companies expressed their desires to work together. They specifically wanted to hire security from Yuanping Security Company, and even wished to sign a contract as soon as possible.

Company opening was very auspicious, Han San Qiang, Man Niu and Zhao Kan’s father-son duo, were very happy.

After they calmed down, Han San Qiang and Man Niu felt this wasn’t so simple, because just by relying on his and Man Niu’s reputation, those real estate and property management companies’ bosses would not necessarily come to bring them business. After all, those that did real estate business nowadays, more than half of them had very strong background in both black and white path. After asking in all sides, Han San Qiang finally learned that these people came to give face to Mayor Wu, and who did Mayor Wu gave face to? Naturally, it was not Han San Qiang and Man Niu, it was Qin Lang whom he gave face to.

Though this was the security company’s opening day, Qin Lang didn’t make an appearance.

There were two reasons as to why Qin Lang hadn’t shown up; one was Qin Lang knew that he was not a businessman material, so he handed this matter to Zhao Kan’s father-son duo, Han San Qiang and Man Niu to deal with. Anyway, for receiving white path’s people, Zhao Hongfang was responsible; for Jianghu people, there were Han San Qiang and Man Niu. Second reason was Qin Lang had decided to be the behind-the-scenes boss, so he didn’t want to waste too much of his time in concrete business management.

However, when he learned that many had come forward with the intention to cooperate when they opened, Qin Lang didn’t let Han San Qiang to immediately sign the contract. Because Qin Lang clearly knew the subordinates of Han San Qiang and Man Niu were just a disorderly mob at present, so if they rashly signed up the contract and they show up a very bad performance, wouldn’t that destroy the company’s reputation?

These real estate and property management companies’ bosses were buying Wu Wenxiang’s face, but what would happen if Wu Wenxiang was transferred in the future?

Qin Lang clearly remembered one of the new contents from Luo Bin’s modified proposal plan —— staff’s quality to follow a standardized management.

This was written in the proposal plan: ‘For a company to carry out standardized management, it needs staffs whose actions and behaviors can comply with each and every rules of the company.’

Han San Qiang and Man Niu, these brothers were usually accustomed to being unruly, how could they conduct such standardized management, at present?

Since the proposal plan had already mentioned this, Qin Lang also had made earlier preparations. Hence, the following day after the company’s opening, at early morning, Qin Lang brought several sturdy and experienced middle aged men to the company.

The company’s decoration was very simple, even the office area was not very luxurious. The company was located at a corner of the southern city area, but Qin Lang was very satisfied with the company’s chosen location, because this place’s rent was rather cheap. Moreover, there was a patch of wasteland behind the company, there was also an abandoned warehouse, and they were both rented for cheap for company use. Like this, the wasteland and the warehouse could be used for ‘training’, Han San Qiang and Man Niu had made people arrange some fitness equipments in there for the training.

Seeing Qin Lang bring these people with him, Han San Qiang and Man Niu inwardly shouted ‘holy cow!’. They were old Jianghu people, from the orderly pace and robust aura of these several people, they had already guessed the latters’ origins.

“Qin bro, these several big brothers are so sturdy and also so robust, could they be from the military?” Man Niu couldn’t help asking.

Frankly speaking, in terms of sturdiness, Man Niu was not lacking, but he didn’t have the ‘Iron Blood’ aura which these people had and which could only be possessed by a true soldier, this was the temperament of those that had received the baptism of rain of bullets.

“Man Niu, your sight is not bad!” Qin Lang laughed, “That’s right, they are retired special forces soldier, I especially hired them as instructors. Ah’Qiang, Man Niu, choose a group of physically fit brothers to receive these several instructors’ military training! By half a month, I want them to have an earth-shaking transformation!”

“Qin bro ……. Military training?” Han San Qiang spoke somewhat embarrassedly, “These brothers are all accustomed to being lazy, I am afraid they won’t be able to adapt to military training. Moreover, how much fighting strength could we increase in half a month?”

“Sir Han. Please trust our standard. Although half a month is not long, as long as they are able to persevere with the training, I guarantee that everyone of them will ‘cast off their old shelf and take on a new self’!” One of the instructors spoke.

“As I see it, inciting people to action is more effective than dispatching orders. Ah’Qiang, say to your subordinates that so long as they can persevere through the training, the company will officially sign employment contract with them, there will be a fixed high salary, insurance and moreover, the company’s core staffs will also be selected from these people in the future.” Qin Lang’s mind set into action and immediately came up with an idea.

“Qin bro, your idea is amazing! But if this happens then I am afraid too many people will sign up for it.” Han San Qiang said.

“It’s fine, once the first day’s training ends, half of them will be cleaned out.” Another instructor gave a faint smile. Qin Lang had asked them to drill the special forces training to these gangsters, that training meant that not all the gangsters would be able to persevere through it.

“Then this affair is decided. Instructors, I hope you can formally start the training from tomorrow.” Qin Lang said, “Additionally, our company has already made a contract with the guest house next to us, it will be the instructors’ and the staffs’ dormitory. The training begins tomorrow!”


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