Juvenile Medical God Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 Super Training

“Hey Qin Lang, where did you bring these several instructors from?” Returning to the company office, Zhao Kan couldn’t help but ask Qin Lang. Through the office window, Zhao Can could see those several instructors training, and even from there, he could hear the sound of the sandbags being punched.

“How are they?” Qin lang answered with a question.

“Very strong!” Zhao Kan said, “If they could become members, our strength will definitely be much more formidable!”

“I promised them that they would only work as instructors, they won’t participate in any other operations.” said Qin Lang.

These several people were introduced by Ma Zhenyong to Qin Lang. Although Luo Bin’s proposal plan was excellent, implementing them was not so easy; in particular, the subordinates of Han San Qiang and Man Niu had ruffian aura all over their body, they had too many faults. Even if they put on security guard’s clothes, they wouldn’t resemble one. Hence, Qin Lang didn’t allow Han San Qiang to immediately sign the contract, he didn’t want to let people have the ‘disorderly mob’ impression when they had just opened the company.

Since they had already opened the company, they needed to start with success, rather than start destroying their reputation.

These several instructors were retired special forces from Ma Zhenyong’s group. Because they didn’t have any family background, their local government had not transferred them to civilian works. When Ma Zhenyong learned Qin Lang was recruiting instructors, he immediately recommended several very strong and capable retired soldiers, this way, he could kill two birds with one stone.

Regarding these soldiers, Qin Lang gave enough respect to them. Not only, did he offer generous salary, but he also promised that they wouldn’t have to participate in any of the company’s operation. After all, these instructors knew what these so-called security companies did.

When Zhao Kan heard these instructors were actually retired special forces soldier, he felt deep veneration for them: “With such instructors, those people will really be able to cast off their old self and take on a new self. At least, their spirits will definitely be raised and they will be able to stand against a group, without fear!”

“That’s right.” Qin Lang said, “It seems that as a company in charge, you have it very relaxed?”

“Come on, this is because we have just finished opening the company.” Zhao Kan said, “I realize now that managing a company is really not easy. If I didn’t have my father’s help in these several days, I would definitely not be able to do it all by myself! By the way, my father helped me find several capable people to lend a hand, you can look and decide whether to sign employment contracts with them or not.”

“You can make the decisions for the specific business matters.” Qin Lang said, “Don’t forget, you are this company’s in charge, and also one of the board members!”

“I am only a small shareholder who has three percentage of the company’s shares!” Zhao Kan jokingly said. Qin Lang promised three percentage of company shares to him but Zhao Kan actually did not care, he enjoyed the joy of opening a company. After all, if it wasn’t for Qin Lang’s confidence and support, Zhao Kan wouldn’t have the chance to experience the process of opening and managing a company. Because even if it was Zhao Hongfang, he also couldn’t give money to a senior high school student son to start a company. Unless he had enough money to burn his hands.

“Don’t look down on this three percentage.” Qin Lang smiled and said, “Even at present, this three percentage of shares are worth several tens of thousands of money. If the company’s assets and business scope expands by hundreds of times in the future, that three percentage of shares’ worth will be several millions and even over ten million!”

“Ah ….. That’s true.” Zhao Kan was looking forward to the future.

“Hence, you need to put in more effort.” Qin Lang said with a smile, then he handed over a paper to Zhao Kan, in which was written names of many chinese medicines.

“What is this?” Zhao Kan asked, confused.

“Chinese medicine prescriptions.” Qin Lang said, “Send people to buy these medical ingredients, and also buy some wooden barrels for bathing purposes. Boil these medicines into liquid form and make those that took the special training bath in it. It can promote blood circulation to remove blood stagnation and clear the meridians, strengthening the body.

“So magical?” Zhao Kan was doubtful.

“Just do it.” said Qin Lang.

This prescription was called ‘Copper Skin, Iron bones method’. It was a prescription taught to Qin Lang by Old Poison, used to stimulate body’s potential and especially strengthen body’s ability to resist beatings. However, Qin Lang didn’t give the complete prescription to Zhao Kan, there were two crucial medicines missing; both of these two medicines were deadly poisonous and were not likely to be sold by common medicine shops.

“Alright, I will deal with this.” Zhao Kan hesitated a bit and then somewhat awkwardly said, “Qin Lang, I want to consult over something with you.”

“Why are you acting so polite, just say what you want.” Qin Lang smilingly said.

“I ……. Qin Lang, I want to say that I don’t want to stay here all day to work.” Zhao Kan’s face was red, seemingly very embarrassed, “Before, I really wanted to leave my studies to start a business, but in these two days when I didn’t go to school, my heart felt anxious, as if I lost something. Qin Lang, I am not deliberately ——”

“I understand.” Qin Lang didn’t get angry at all, because he actually understood Qin Lang’s thoughts. School was like a fortress, while inside, people wanted to go out, but when they go outside, they wanted to return at all costs. The students who are trapped at the school all day, would always keep on thinking of leaving the school to start their careers; but those that had already begun their careers, wanted to return back to the times of their school life.

“Let’s do it like this —— you can manage the company as a part-time job, you can also try out the training, afterwards, we can recruit some more people. But, in crucial business and financial affairs, only trustworthy people must be allowed to handle them.” Qin Lang gave a suggestion.

“Great! Doing it as a part-time job is great! Two birds with one stone!” Zhao Kan was very satisfied with Qin Lang’s suggestion, then he said, “Actually, the company has already opened now, so long as the business runs on the right track, management would become more easy. Also, my father really wants to invest in the company.”

“Haven’t you, father-son duo, discussed properly?”

“How could we?” Zhao Kan was worried that Qin Lang had misunderstood, so he promptly explained, “My father feels our company has a lot of prospects, so he wants to invest money and become a small shareholder. You don’t have to worry, I will not let him have an unfair advantage. If he decides to invest, the company shares will be sold to him at twenty percent more than the actual price.”

“F*ck, won’t your father scold you that you are living off of him while helping others!?” Qin Lang laughed, “Just forget about it. Sell ten percentage of shares to your father in the actual price.”

“This ….... Won’t that be bad? Our company’s growth potential is so big, isn’t it a deficit if we sell in original price?”

“Original price, ten percentage, it’s settled. Like this, your father will pay attention towards company management.” Qin Lang made up his mind. Through these several days, Qin Lang saw that Zhao Kan indeed had gift for doing business, and he inherited this gift from his father. Zhao Hongfang had built up his current position from scratch, his net-worth had already reached several millions, he had really done quite well. Moreover, Zhao Hongfang was a veteran in handling matters, slick and sly, definitely more capable than a hothead like Zhao Kan. Hence, Qin Lang didn’t feel any loss in selling ten percentage of shares to Zhao Hongfang.


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