Juvenile Medical God Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 Deskmate’s Dreams

“Ahh! ——”

“Aiyaa ——”

“F*ck! The pain is killing me …..”


In the evening of the first day of the Yuanping Security Company’s special training, miserable screams could be heard resounding throughout the guesthouse.

After going through the first day of devilish training, these members whose body had already become scaly and were about to fall over from exhaustion, didn’t expect that at evening, they would still have to face ‘second degree’ torment, because the bathing cask the company had prepared for these members with utmost care, unexpectedly was filled with chili water which made people not want to enter, and these members who entered to take a bath felt such pain that they started cursing.

But after a moment, the curses suddenly stopped.

Because, while bathing, they suddenly discovered that after the pain at first, their whole body started to feel unspeakably relaxed, the torment and exhaustion from the daytime along with the pain had all disappeared, even the wounds on their body didn’t hurt so much.

Under their curiosity, additional group also entered the cask, resulting in another round of curses. Following which, the curses disappeared and were replaced by bursts of gasp.

Soon after, there were more curses and gasps …….

Only at midnight, did both the curses and gasps disappear, replacing them were snoring sounds.

At this time, several instructors who were living at the top floor of the guest house couldn’t help but be baffled. Today’s training was originally intended to teach these new members the severity of the superiors and let them know this half month of training wasn’t going to be that easy to complete. Hence, they had faith that today’s night was definitely going to be a sleepless night for these members, because they would feel pain as soon as they touch the bed. However, what these instructors hadn’t expected was that after these members cried with pain for two hours, they unexpectedly were able to fall asleep.

“Could it be because today’s training wasn’t enough —— this won’t do, tomorrow’s training difficulty needs to be increased!” At this moment, the several instructors’ thoughts unexpectedly were the same, as if they had made a secret agreement.


No blackouts cemetery was brightly lit, as usual.

Qin Lang saw that it was already late, so he got up to drop Tao Ruoxiang to her dorm.

Ever since the previous rainy night treatment, the distance between Qin Lang and Tao Ruoxiang had returned back to the previous state —— neither apart nor near. Qin Lang seemed to see a bit of hope, but at the same time, he felt this little hope was extremely vague.

Only, there was no rain tonight, and instead, the moon was shining brightly.

“Aunt Tao, thank you for helping me to make up for the missed lessons.” Once they were out of the library, Qin Lang said while walking.

“Why are you acting so polite? Who was the one that made me your aunt?” Tao Ruoxiang gave a faint laugh, the moonlight made her smiling expression feel like a blooming night lily.

“But, I really feel sorry for making you accompany me all night, everyday.” said Qin Lang, “Insufficient sleep is the greatest enemy of a woman’s beauty, I really feel sorry.”

“If you feel sorry, then quickly raise your grades, monthly test will be here soon, you need to do your best.”

“Be at ease, with your constant advices and teachings, it will be difficult for my grades to not improve. Naturally, I have no means to compare to a ‘crazy study machine’ like Luo Bin.”

“Crazy study machine ….. Haha, there is no comparison between you and Luo Bin!” Tao Ruoxiang couldn’t help but laugh, then she seemed to have thought of something, “Oh …… Qin Lang, how did you become acquainted with Luo Bin?”

“Teacher Tao, I had always thought that you were not a gossip girl type.”

“I am just curious.” Tao Ruoxiang explained, “In my impression, Luo Bin simply doesn’t care about making friends that are boys. But, she has also only few girl friends. Were you guys really kindergarten friends?”

“Yes.” said Qin Lang earnestly, “Other boys are not able to become Luo Bin’s friends, it is definitely because she feels that they don’t have the qualifications to be her friends. Naturally, only I have that qualification.”

“Forget it, you rarely let go of the chance to blow your own trumpet. From what I see, Luo Bin is only giving consideration to the childhood classmates feelings between you two, hence she is a little good to you. Otherwise, just from your grades, I am afraid she wouldn’t even put you in her eyes.”

“Aunt Tao, you are giving such a blow to your own student.” said Qin Lang, “My charisma isn’t reflected on grades. Even if my grades were a complete mess, I would still have a man’s charisma.”

“I don’t think so.”

“If you really didn’t think so, would you be talking to me? View me in another light?” Qin Lang teased Tao Ruoxiang.

“Kid, stop boasting. Who is looking at you in a new light? Speaking of which, has Luo Bin told you about her recent change?”

“Change? What change?” Qin Lang was puzzled.

“Forget it, this is her affair, maybe she didn’t want to tell you.” Soon after, Tao Ruoxiang changed the topic.

The following morning, Qin Lang was, as usual, asleep in the morning self-study class.

And per his previous habits, Qin Lang would take a small nap in the first class too. However, Qin Lang didn’t take a nap today, because at the first period, Luo Bin became his deskmate.

But, it was only limited to being a deskmate to attend the class and nothing more.

Luo Bin was very serious while taking the classes; except, it wasn’t that she was seriously listening to the teacher’s lecture, but rather, she was studying according to her own arrangements. Regarding Luo Bin, this super top-student, teachers could only turn a blind eye and never went to interfere with her study rhythm. Because many teachers knew that such a top-student didn’t emerge due to their teachings but was purely through her own self-study.

As Luo Bin was taking the class too seriously, Qin Lang was finding it difficult to create an opportunity to talk with her, and his mind started wandering about.

However, Qin Lang felt this scene was like deja-vu.

Qin Lang remembered that even at kindergarten times, Luo Bin would take classes seriously and because of this, she would frequently receive teachers’ praises, but this instead made her a thorn in many of the little classmates’ eyes. Some students would frequently look for opportunities to bully her; for example, quietly pulling her hair, hiding her toys and other such pranks. But, after ‘little vajrapani’ beat up the two main bullies, those who bullied Luo Bin became scarce.

From that time, Luo Bin became Qin Lang’s deskmate until the day they broke up.

Frankly speaking, even though Luo Bin absolutely was a great beauty, Qin Lang really had no wicked thoughts while sitting by her side, this was completely different from when Qin Lang was with Tao Ruoxiang. When he was with Tao Ruoxiang, Qin Lang’s brains were completely filled with ‘wicked ideas’.

Following, second period, third period and fourth period, Luo Bin became Qin Lang’s deskmate during all these periods.

However, besides attending the class and studying, Luo Bin didn’t say anything and didn’t do anything, there was no difference from when she usually attended the class.

The sole difference was that at previous times, she would be attending the class from the front row seat, whereas now, she was sitting with Qin Lang at the back row.

When the fourth period was almost finished, Luo Bin tore up a note paper where she had written something and handed it to Qin Lang.

Qin Lang opened the slip of paper and he immediately felt happy when he read it.

Cafeteria, let’s eat lunch together.

This, wasn’t this a date?

Ahh, must not be too happy!


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