Juvenile Medical God Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 A bolt from the blue

Ding dong!

The bell for class dismissal finally echoed out.

Qin lang immediately took a hundred meter sprinting stance, his whole body seemed to be like an arrow released from a bow, as he rushed out.

But, Qin Lang seemed to have realized something, as he came to an emergency stop; today, he was not going alone to rush for food, but he was going to accompany Luo Bin to eat together, how could he behave like he was going ‘fight for food’.

“What are you doing?” Luo Bin couldn’t help but ask.

“Conditioned reflex!” Qin Lang laughed, “The bell rang, so it’s time to fight for food.”

“Then let’s rush together!” Luo Bin unexpectedly showed a smile at Qin Lang and Qin Lang couldn’t help being stunned, because Luo Bin’s smile was as beautiful as a snow lotus flower that had blossomed in ice and snow.

“Now!” Luo Bin unexpectedly rushed out of the classroom, she really was going to rush for the food!

Qin Lang also quickly chased after her, he hadn’t expected Luo Bin to have such an unrestrained side to her.

Every time, at the lunch break, countless students would rush towards the school cafeteria like locusts, and previously, Qin Lang also was one of that group.

Qin Lang was very hungry. Being a cultivator, Qin Lang’s appetite and digestive force had naturally become very formidable. His stomach would rumble with hunger after just one morning class, hence rushing for food was his body’s instinctive reaction.

However, Luo Bin absolutely was out of the ordinary among the rushing for food army.

Many male students were gazing at her while running, thinking where this kindred spirit had come from.

Formerly, Qin Lang would be the first of the group to rush into the cafeteria, but today, as he was showing consideration regarding Luo Bin’s speed, by the time they reached the cafeteria, there were already people who had beaten them to it. After a brief moment of lining up, Qin Lang ordered a set meal and two drinks, then he looked for a place to sit. But, Qin Lang found the good seats by the window were all occupied.

Qin Lang looked all around, he thought in his mind ‘Today is our first date, I must find a seat with a little romantic aura.’ If they sat between these hungry chowhounds, how would Qin Lang have the opportunity to further the relation with Luo Bin?

So, Qin Lang decided to make a strong front today, as he carried the dish and walked towards a window-side seat.

“Forget it, window-side seats have all been occupied, we can just take another seat.” Luo Bin said to Qin Lang.

“It’s fine, they are almost finished up with their lunch.” While saying this, Qin Lang had already arrived beside a table.

This table was occupied by two male students, and they were most likely from the school soccer team, because they were wearing jerseys and they looked very robust. When Qin Lang walked to their table, one of the male student fiercely glared at Qin Lang, but another male student’s expression, however, changed. That male student signalled his companion and said to Qin Lang while smiling: “Isn’t this brother Qin? We have finished eating, you can take the seat.”

The two students carried their plates and left, only then that student whispered to the other student: “Did you see? That guy is Qin Lang! The person who sent young Cai flying with a slap!”

“What!? That was him!?” The other student was terrified.

“Please sit.” Qin Lang put the plates at the table.

“Brother Qin —— hehe, I didn’t think you would be famous so soon after coming to Seven Mid!” Luo Bin smiled faintly and took the seat,opposite of Qin Lang.

“Nothing can be done about it, you, yourself, know that I was already a bad juvenile at kindergarten times. Oh, I don’t mean bad child.” Qin Lang laughed.

Luo Bin also laughed and nodded her head: “Yes, you were rampant even at those times. I thought you would have exercised restraint now, but I didn’t think, hehe, you would be the same as when you were young.”

“Not true, I am much more low-key now.” Qin Lang said, earnestly.

“No way! Brother Qin ——” Luo Bin clearly didn’t believe, she took out chopsticks and took a bite of the food, then she nodded her head as she spoke, “Cafeteria food’s taste is not bad, it is not as unpalatable as I thought.”

“No way? You may be the only one person who is praising the cafeteria food as not bad.” Qin Lang smiled, “There is only one explanation, you have rarely eaten school cafeteria’s food, right?”

“Yes.” Luo Bin nodded her head, her expression seemed to be a little lonely, “I eat breakfast and dinner at home.”

“What about lunch?”

“You may not believe me. During lunch hour, I eat at the dormitory, my mother rented a room there, and especially found one of her distant relative to cook me lunch, she said the cafeteria’s communal meals don’t have any nutrition.”

“That is really blessed!” Qin Lang sighed.

“You feel that it is blessed?” Luo Bin asked Qin Lang.

“ ……. Don’t look at me like that, I feel pressured.” said Qin Lang, “To be honest, if someone cooked food for me, I wouldn’t have to eat cafeteria food and it would be pretty marvellous. However, it seems frightening that you have never eaten cafeteria food.”

“You feel terrified?” Luo Bin sighed inwardly, “Yeah, my mother’s love, sometimes, makes me really feel terrified.”

“At least, she still loves you.”

Qin Lang decided to change the topic, because this was the first date between him and Luo Bin, it was from being the time to talk about life and marriage, hence Qin Lang didn’t want to talk too early about future mother-in-law issues.

But at this time, Luo Bin put down her chopsticks, her expression became very complicated: “Qin Lang, do you think the feelings between people can’t stand the test of time?”

“Who says it can’t!?” Qin Lang patted his chest, “Our relation has endured it. However, you have changed, the previous ‘little slug’ wasn’t this melancholy.”

“The previous ‘little vajrapani’ also wasn’t this fickle.” Luo Bin winked at Qin Lang, she seemed to be telling Qin Lang that she already understood Qin Lang’s ‘love affairs’.

“Hey ……. How am I fickle!?” Qin Lang laughed somewhat awkwardly.

If a young man is not promiscuous, he would have wasted his youth. This also ……. nevermind. I will be leaving here anyway, I just wanted to know. It might be few years or maybe more than ten years, will you still remember that ‘little slug’ who would be behind you all day?” Luo Bin’s tone suddenly became sad.

Qin Lang suddenly felt the temperature had abruptly decreased, there was an unspeakable sense of loss in his heart. He blankly looked at Luo Bin: “You are saying …… you are going to leave, where are you going? Are you changing schools?”

“Not changing school, I am going to America to study. I have already received the admission notice.” said Luo Bin.

“You are going to study abroad in America?” Qin Lang felt like he was struck by a bolt from the blue, he hadn’t thought that not even few days had passed since he unexpectedly met with Luo Bin, but they were going to be apart again. Moreover, Luo Bin was going to America this time, it was unknown if they would ever have a chance to meet later.

Qin Lang recalled that yesterday, Tao Ruoxiang had talked about Luo Bin’s recent ‘change’, looks like she already knew about it.

“I am going to be leaving the school this afternoon.”

“In other words, this is our last lunch?” Qin Lang’s appetite was very good, originally, but at this moment, he felt it hard to swallow.


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