Juvenile Medical God Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 Break Up, Once Again

“Qin Lang ……. I ……. I actually ……”

“Nevermind, this is a good thing.” Qin Lang quickly calmed down, he knew of Luo Bin’s performance and abilities, studying abroad would be the best path for her. Hence, he couldn’t become an obstacle in her path, “Later, during holidays or vacation, perhaps we might have the chance to see each other. How about this, when you leave this afternoon, I will help you pack your things.”

“I need to leave after lunch.” Luo Bin also forced herself to calm down.

“Then let’s eat quickly.” Qin Lang took big mouthful of the food, but his heart, however, was downhearted, “Oh, which university are you going to?”

“Is it really important which university I go to?”


Although it had been so long since Qin Lang and Luo Bin had parted with each other, Luo Bin, however, had always been collecting their beautiful childhood memories and the childhood sweethearts feelings, in her heart. At this moment, they suddenly were going to be apart again, and Qin Lang only then realized how much he cared about this feeling.

However, everything was already destined to fail.

After half an hour, Qin Lang and Luo Bin arrived at the school gate.

Luo Bin didn’t live in the school, so she didn’t have any luggage, except for few books.

The afternoon sunshine was burning, Qin Lang felt his eyes didn’t feel well, and Luo Bin also was the same, apparently.

“The weather is a bit too hot, I will go buy an ice cream for you.” Qin Lang said to Luo Bin.

“I want ‘little snowman’.”

“Hehe, you still like that flavor.” Qin Lang nodded his head. He went to a nearby snacks store and bought two ‘little snowman’ ice cream.

Qin Lang had just bought the ice cream when he saw a black luxury car stop in front of Luo Bin.

But Luo Bin didn’t immediately enter the car, she was waiting for Qin Lang to bring the ice cream.

The window of the back row of the car opened, and a luxurious married woman could be seen, who said to Luo Bin: “Little Bing, why are you not getting on the car?”

“It’s you ——”

Qin Lang recognized this woman; he had a very profound impression of this face, this face had given Qin Lang a ‘childhood trauma’ because at the day when little Luo Bin had left the Taiyang Huahua kindergarten school, this woman had slapped him and scolded him as a ‘little rogue’.

“Who are you?” The luxurious woman inside the car watched Qin Lang carefully, but soon after, she removed her gaze and said to herself, “Forget it, little Bing is going to leave this place, there is no need to be worried about some housefly.”

Qin Lang was furious, but he had already vaguely guessed this woman’s identity, so he could only endure silently and not show his feelings. He didn’t want Luo Bin to leave with a bad impression of him.

“Qin Lang …… goodbye!” Luo Bin’s tone unexpectedly choked.

“Goodbye —— eat the ice cream quickly, don’t let it melt.” Qin Lang usually had a smooth tongue, but he didn’t know what to say, at this time.

“Little Bing, get on the car, it is time to leave.”

At the woman’s urge, Luo Bin got on the car. Only after the car had disappeared from the ends of the street, did Qin Lang come to his senses.

After that, Qin Lang went to the school’s small garden and stayed there for a long time, until the afternoon class bell-ring woke him up.

Qin Lang blankly walked inside the classroom, Luo Bin’s seat at the front row was already ‘deserted’, this apparently reminded Qin Lang that Luo Bin had indeed left. At the same time, those beautiful childhood memories also would be covered in dust with passing of time.

“Everyone, I am going to announce a good news——”

After walking on the teaching platform, Sun Bo spoke loudly in high spirits, “Our class’s student Luo Bin has officially received admission notice from Harvard University! And Harvard University has granted her full scholarship!”

The classroom was in uproar, there were gasps of surprises as well as envious sounds.

Harvard University, how thunderous its name was and what a distant dream it was.

Especially to these senior high school students, that was a dream they could only hope for, but not achieve.

“This is a matter of pride for not only, our class eleven, but also for our Seven Mid!  Although, every year, our Xiayang city’s Seven Mid has many top students who pass the entrance exam to Xi’an University, Kyoto University, but being able to get into Harvard University with full scholarship, Luo Bin is the sole person! As her teacher, I am proud of raising such a student ……”

The speech rolled out from Sun Bo’s lips, as if it was all due to him that Luo Bin had been recruited by Harvard.

Only after almost ten minutes, Sun Bo stopped his speech and then he started to make criticisms: “I feel extremely proud that our class is able to bring out a top student like Luo Bin. But, there are also some bad students and some black sheeps that pains and angers me! Qin Lang! Zhao Kan! Stand up!”

After all, Sun Bo was the homeroom teacher, he had some imposing aura and by his shout, Zhao Kan stood up with conditioned reflex. When Zhao Kan stood up, he found that Qin Lang was unexpectedly unconcerned, he hurriedly pulled Qin Lang up.

“You two have recently been cutting classes too much, and even being absent from the school sometimes, for whole day! Your attitudes are causing an extremely vile influence to our class. For a school life with solemn atmosphere, I have decided on severe disciplinary actions for you two: Qin Lang, I am giving you a disciplinary warning, and sending you to school’s moral education class for the afternoon, to learn about the school rules; As for Zhao Kan —— inform your family head to make preparations for your expulsion!”

“What!?” Zhao Kan couldn’t help being aghast from Sun Bo’s words, although he had cut a lot of classes these few days, he didn’t think Sun Bo would be so fierce as to doom him eternally. This clearly was killing the chicken to warn the monkey! Moreover, Zhao Kan knew the number of times Qin Lang had cut classes was much more than him, but how come Qin Lang only had to endure a superficial disciplinary warning?

How would Zhao Kan know that Sun Bo actually also wanted to expel Qin Lang, but the key was that Sun Bo still didn’t know everything about Qin Lang. Last time, after the conflict with Qin Lang, the always savage Cai Weidong had actually become quiet, which made Sun Bo feel that Qin Lang had some background. Hence, even though he hated Qin Lang very much, he could only give a disciplinary warning to Qin Lang; but Zhao Kan was not the same as Qin Lang, Sun Bo knew Zhao Kan’s father was only a businessman, so Sun Bo could casually punish Zhao Kan, but whether Zhao Kan would be really expelled, that would depend on how good his father is at building ‘public relations’, thus Sun Bo especially said to Zhao Kan to notify his family head.

“Alright, this is decided, now prepare for the class.”

“Teacher Sun, isn’t this unfair?” At this time, Qin Lang interrupted Sun Bo, “Teacher Sun, if I am not mistaken, I should have cut classes much more than Zhao Kan, so why is my punishment so light?”

When Sun Bo heard Qin Lang, he cursed inwardly ‘is this kid sick?’, but he still spoke righteously: “Student Qin Lang, you just transferred to Seven Mid, you might not know about Seven Mid’s strict school rules and regulations, so based on our spirit of curing the sickness to save the patient, we are putting importance in reforming you through educating; but Zhao Kan is different, he has been in Seven Mid, longer than you and should be very clear of the school rules, so what he did is equivalent to knowing the law and breaking it, and as such, he is doubly guilty!”

“Teacher Sun, you cannot expel him!” Qin Lang’s tone was very firm, he didn’t even try to provide an explanation to Sun Bo, as his mood was very bad today.

“Qin Lang, don’t forget, I am the teacher! I have the power to do this, I am going to expel him, so what!?” Sun Bo also was angered, he had very bad impression of Qin Lang, originally, and now he was provoked like that by Qin Lang, his anger naturally was steaming.

A strong smell of gunpowder seemed to be pervading the classroom.


little Bing - Bing (冰) is a nickname for her and it means ice.


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