Juvenile Medical God Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 Demerit

“Qin Lang ……. Forget it.” Zhao Kan hurriedly persuaded Qin Lang, even if he was really expelled from the Seven Mid, he could still go to a different school to study, his father still possessed this ability.

“This matter can’t be dismissed.” Qin Lang said to Zhao Kan, “He wants to expel you, it won’t be so easy! Let’s go!”

“Go where?” Zhao Kan was puzzled.

“Isn’t teacher Sun Bo saying we were cutting classes, then we will just cut his class!” Qin Lang coldly snorted, and walked out of the classroom with Zhao Kan.

“Troublemakers, really troublemakers! Fuck!” Sun Bo furiously cursed.

After they came out of the classroom, Zhao Kan apologetically said to Qin Lang: “Qin Lang, I am sorry for involving you too.”

“Fuck! What are brothers, if not for sharing ups and downs!” said Qin Lang, “What’s more, you cut so many classes these few days, is because you also were busy with the company opening matters, so no need to say that you involved me.”

“But, you made such noise, I am afraid even you will be out of luck.” Zhao Kan said, very anxiously.

“Sun Bo is too arrogant, but he is only a homeroom teacher. He still needs to go through school’s consent, if he wants to expel students!” Qin Lang snorted, his tone was filled with disdain because he knew Su Bo’s heart was very petty and was a typical case of someone who seeked revenge for even the smallest grievance.

“Sun Bo has the right to be arrogant, his uncle is Seven Mid’s dean, so if he wants to expel a student, it really is very easy for him!” said Zhao Kan, “Perhaps, there will already be disciplinary verdicts for us before the school ends.”

“Don’t worry, that is not likely.” Qin Lang said with certainty, Sun Bo could be so adamant, only because he had the support of the dean, who was his uncle, but to the current Qin Lang’s resources, a trivial dean was nothing difficult.

“How about I ask my father to give send some money to Sun Bo?” Zhao Kan was shrewd, he quickly thought of a solution.

“No need, even if your family has a lot of money, you cannot give advantages to such a guy!” Today, Qin Lang was focused on Sun Bo, his mood was not so good today and Sun Bo just happened to be running into the gunpoint.

After deciding it, Qin Lang immediately called Chen Jinyong’s mobile.

After dialing Chen Jinyong’s number, it took a while before Chen Jinyong picked up the phone: “Oh, it is little Qin …… so it is like that …… if I have time, I will deal with it ……”

Qin Lang could make out the neglect in Chen Jinyong’s tone. Hence, Qin Lang didn’t speak more, and quickly hung up the phone.

Actually, Qin Lang could understand Chen Jinyong’s neglect. After all, Chen Jinyong was a deputy division chief now, and was no more only a section chief, so he could be said to be a respected deputy cadre of bureau level. Hence, the current Chen Jinyong also was a small part of the bureaucracy.

But Qin Lang had no time to consider Chen Jinyong’s feeling, he also didn’t immediately call Wu Wenxiang. Qin Lang knew Wu Wenxiang had a lot of affairs to attend to and working him for such a small matter would not be good.

Thereupon, Qin Lang gave a call to Han San Qiang and Ponytail.

After this two received Qin Lang’s call, they hurried over and reached the school gate, within just over ten minutes.

“Qin bro, what instructions do you have?” Ponytail fawningly asked Qin Lang.

“Do you know Seven Mid’s dean, Zhu Guangcong?” asked Qin Lang.

“Dean? That fat belly guy? I heard people say that he was an old pervert.”

“Right! That’s him!” Zhao Kan nodded his head, “This guy likes harassing female students and teachers, he is really an old pervert.”

“Isn’t he Sun Bo’s supporter? So, we need to deal with him properly.” said Qin Lang, “Think of a way to bring him out.”

“That is simple, I will call him as a student’s parent, saying it is to give gift. This old pervert will definitely come, when he hears that.” Zhao Kan gave a wicked grin.

“Alright, go find his number and give him a call.” said Qin Lang.

After few minutes, Zhao Kan came back to the school gate and gave Qin Lang an OK gesture.

Then, after almost ten minutes, Zhu Guangcong indeed arrived at the school entrance.

This guy was only a dean, it was not that big of a position, but his belly was not small, however. At a glance, one could see he was a corrupt member with ‘very big appetite’.

“Who is looking for me?” Zhu Guangcong arrived at the school gate, and asked Qin Lang and Zhao Kan, with an aloof tone.

“My parents asked for you.” Zhao Kan smiled and pointed towards Han San Qiang’s car which was parked beside the street to the school.

Upon seeing the counterpart had a car, Zhu Guangcong immediately was happy, he felt there might be a big harvest today, thereupon, he hurried over towards the car. When Zhu Guangcong arrived beside the car, the car’s door suddenly opened and then he felt someone push him from behind, forcing him inside the car.

“You ……. What are you up to?”

After Zhu Guangcong was forcefully pushed into the back-row of the car, he immediately felt there was something fishy, because the person who was sitting beside him, the so-called ‘parent’ was a robust man that emitted gangster’s aura and had a fiendish look on his face.

And the one driving the car had a ponytail, he also didn’t look like a good type.

At this time, the driver turned around and said to Zhu Guangcong: “Dean Zhu, you recognize me?”

“You are this street’s Ponytail …… no, big brother Ponytail.” Zhu Guangcong knew Ponytail was the boss of this street, and with regards to such person, Zhu Guangcong definitely wouldn’t dare to offend.

“It is good that you know me.” Ponytail coldly snorted, “The one beside you is my big brother.”

“I am Han San Qiang.” Han San Qiang indifferently said.

“Han …….. Brother Han!” Although Zhu Guangcong didn’t recognize Han San Qiang, he had heard of Han San Qiang’s great name, or to be precise, he had heard of Han San Qiang’s ‘vicious fame’. After all, now, Han San Qiang was already one of the top characters of Xiayang city, and the legends about him were not few. For instance, carrying out several life debts, chopping over ten opponents in the middle of streets, a secret stash of firearms and so on.

“Big brothers, why are you looking for me?” Zhu Guangcong said, without confidence, “I have never offended you two.”

Zhu Guangcong absolutely didn’t even have thoughts of provoking people like Han San Qiang and Ponytail, hence his posture was very low.

“Heh, it’s like this.” said Han San Qiang, “That two students you saw just now, are my, Han San Qiang’s brothers, but I heard your nephew, Sun Bo, intends to expel them. This has really angered me, you aren’t giving them face, that means you are making things difficult for me. And those that make things difficult for me —— Ponytail, what happens to them?”

“Heh, Qiang bro, you chop them into pieces and make a mincemeat out of them, then throw them in the river to feed fish.” Ponytail went on.

“Hehe, I am quite impressed.” said Han San Qiang to Zhu Guangcong, “Dean Zhu, are you impressed?”

“Of course! Of course!” Zhu Guangcong promptly nodded his head, his whole body was perspiring with cold sweat.

However, Han San Qiang still continued to speak: “Dean Zhu is really a smart person, I like having dealings with smart people, so would you like to have a smoke?”

Following that, Han San Qiang felt around his jacket pocket, apparently looking for cigarette packet, but who would have thought that he would, instead, take out a black pistol!


I had thought that Ponytail(Ma Wei) was a nickname, but it seems to be his real name as dean Zhu calls him as brother Ma, I am thinking of changing the previous versions to Ma Wei. What are your opinions?

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