Juvenile Medical God Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 Who is disciplining who?

One look at this pistol and Zhu Guangcong’s pulse rate abruptly doubled and almost fainted, he promptly said: “Brother Qiang …… you don’t have to worry, I know what to do!”

“Look at you, don’t be afraid. I didn’t mean to scare you, I was only looking for the cigarette.” Han San Qiang put the replica gun back.

“Big brothers, I …… I don’t smoke, I still need to return for a meeting. You don’t have to worry, I guarantee there won’t be any problems for those two students. I will settle that matter right away!” Zhu Guangcong really didn’t want to stay here, a moment longer.

“Alright, we won’t force dean Zhu.” Han San Qiang indifferently said, “However, dean Zhu, if you don’t settle this properly, as long as you step out of the school gate, I guarantee you won’t be able to return back again!”

Shit! This was a naked threat!

Zhu Guangcong didn’t dare to utter a word, as he hastily got out of the car and then said to Qin Lang and Zhao Kan, good-naturedly: “Tell me what happened?”

“Sun Bo wants to expel us.” said Zhao Kan.

“This Sun Bo is really fooling around!” Zhu Guangcong had a righteousness look as he furiously said, “What rights does he have to expel a student, no, two students! Walk, I want to see who gave him such big courage!”

Qin Lang showed a faint smile to Zhao Kan.

When Qin Lang, Zhao Kan and Zhu Guangcong hurried to the classroom, Sun Bo was in the middle of teaching the class.

Zhu Guangcong recalled the threat to his life, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he directly walked to the teaching platform and pointed to Sun Bo’s nose: “Sun Bo! What the hell is wrong with you!? As a teacher, teaching and educating students are your most important tasks, so how could you speak of expelling students? Don’t you know how serious affair it is to expel a student!? What’s more, you are only a teacher, if you want to expel students, then you have to go through school’s management group, how did you become the one to decide it!? Do you think Seven Mid is opened by your family! ……”

Sun Bo didn’t expect his own uncle would actually shower him with curses, he said in a somewhat depressed tone: “I didn’t prepare for the school management group, but I was going to send a report to you.”

“Report, where is your report? How come I haven’t seen this report of yours!?”

Zhu Guangcong clearly didn’t intend to let Sun Bo off lightly, “Sun Bo, ah, Sun Bo, although you are my relative, I, Zhu Guangcong always have kept reason before relative, your current style of work really has issues! As a teacher, aren’t you conscious of what you should and shouldn’t do? Frequently talking of disciplining students, frequently expelling, if disciplining and expelling could achieve the teaching objective, those trash high schools would have already surpassed our Seven Mid! Sun Bo, you like disciplining? Today, I will discipline you —— I will propose to the school to give you a demerit record, in the view of your recent performance!”

“What? You want to discipline me?” Sun Bo really hadn't thought his own uncle unexpectedly would place righteousness before family.

“Yes!” Zhu Guangcong confirmed, for the smooth sailing of his own old life, he could only make an example of Sun Bo.

Then, Zhu Guangcong again took a friendly appearance as he said to Qin Lang and Zhao Kan: “Students, you can continue to attend the class. Later, you also need to comply with the school rules, but if any teachers give you an unjust treatment, you are welcome to file a complaint.”

After Zhu Guangcong finished speaking, he didn’t pay any attention to Sun Bo whose face had become black and blue.

Sun Bo’s anger had reached an extreme and was on the verge of breaking out, but he didn’t dare. Because Zhu Guangcong was not only the school dean, he was also his uncle, was his elder, hence, regardless of whether in public or in private, Sun Bo didn’t dare to flare-up towards Zhu Guangcong. Naturally, he also didn’t dare to do that in front of Qin Lang and Zhao Kan, because Zhu Guangcong clearly was sticking out for them.

“Remaining class will be self-study time!” With his anger reaching the extreme, Sun Bo could only leave the classroom.

“Yeah!” When Sun Bo left the classroom, there was a burst of cheers in the classroom.

These students had been suppressed for a long time, it was good to release their feelings, occasionally.


The final class of the afternoon was physical education.

Qin Lang squandered his energy and sweat at the soccer field, like his life depended on it. With this, he wanted to adjust his feelings, and forget the complicated feelings brought upon by Luo Bin’s departure.

“Fuck! Qin Lang, take it easy, no need to run that hard. This is not an official competition, we are just playing for fun, what are you trying to do by running like you want to throw your life away?” Zhao Kan reminded Qin lang.

But Qin Lang seemed to not have heard Zhao Kan, and ran more quickly, instead. Moreover, what made Zhao Kan confused was that Qin Lang didn’t even go after the ball, sometimes, and just kept on purely running. But after recalling Luo Bin’s departure, Zhao Kan could roughly guess Qin Lang’s current mood.

Just like before, when Zhao Kan saw Zhou Lingling at Pure Beauty Bay, that feeling really felt worse than death.

Even now, with one look of Zhou Lingling or one thought of her, Zhao Kan’s heart would faintly ache.

However, regarding Qin Lang’s formidable endurance, Zhao Kan sincerely admired it because throughout the whole game, Qin Lang hadn’t stopped even once and had practically ran throughout the whole period, as if he was a rutting bison.

When the physical education period ended, Qin Lang’s whole body had sweat dripping off like water and there seemed to be steam coming off of his hair, it was obvious how much he had moved.

“Alright, no need to run anymore, brother knows your heart’s sadness.” Zhao Kan comforted Qin Lang, “Let’s go drink some cold drink, my treat!”

Zhao Kan hadn’t finished speaking, when they saw a graceful girl running in small steps towards them, that girl then handed over an iced cola in Qin Lang’s hand: “Qin Lang, you really went mad when playing soccer, quickly drink a little and replenish your body moisture content ……. Here, a towel, wipe your sweat, otherwise you may catch a cold …….”

Zhao Kan rubbed his eyes to confirm that he hadn’t seen the wrong person, the one in front of his eyes that gave the drink and the towel to Qin Lang, unexpectedly was Jiang Xueqing, one of the school’s prettiest girl in the beauty index who was not inferior to Luo Bin.

“What bullshit luck did this kid walk on!? Was just dumped by a beauty and another beauty immediately comes to take over!”

The jealousy in Zhao Kan’s heart could practically cause death, he thought in his mind ‘It really is different life while being of the same age.’ Qin Lang’s romantic luck really is too good, but he, Zhao Kan had to endure ravaging blows, there was no one who had come to comfort his heart’s injury, up until now.

Actually, Zhao Kan’s guess was not bad because Jiang Xueqing really had been ‘waiting for the opportunity’.

Last time, the reason why Jiang Xueqing gracefully appeared and immediately disappeared, was only because of Luo Bin’s existence. In the whole Seven Mid, the only person who could give pressure to Jiang Xueqing was Luo Bin, because she not only was beautiful, but also had high IQ that was directly proportional to her beauty, she was even proficient in music, all this made Jiang Xueqing feel that she had no superiority over her. So, after Jiang Xueqing found out that Qin Lang and Luo Bin’s relation was good, she firmly forced herself to give up, until today, when she learned Luo Bin was leaving for abroad.


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