Juvenile Medical God Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 In order to capture, one must let loose

Undoubtedly, Luo Bin was Seven Mid’s most arrogant student, describing her as having eyes above the head was not excessive, because everyone acknowledged her arrogance as just, she had every capital to be arrogant, and many male students would feel inferior in front of her.

Even someone like Cai Weidong, who had considered himself as unexcelled in the world before, couldn’t help but acknowledge defeat in front of Luo Bin.

What about Jiang Xueqing? Although she didn’t have Luo Bin’s arrogant ice-coldness, in many male students of Seven Mid’s opinions, she similarly was too high to reach. Don’t look at Jiang Xueqing taking the initiative to approach Qin Lang, there were a lot who pursued her, normally, but she had declined all of them.

Because Jiang Xueqing and Luo Bin were alike, she also had her dreams and a goal, that was to pass the entrance to Central Conservatory of Music and then become a true dancer.

Due to having a big ambition, Jiang Xueqing put bitter effort in studying and assignments, while also snatching time to study dance, she was very hardworking, thus she simply didn’t think about romantic matters. As for those pursuers, she didn’t pay any notice to them.

Until Qin Lang appeared, his appearance completely changed Jiang Xueqing’s feelings.

That day at the Circle Water bar, outside of the art school, Jiang Xueqing saw for herself the extreme martial prowess of Qin Lang, sweeping everything before him, it really was an imposingness that showed if one man holds the pass, ten thousand cannot pass. Moreover, he had successfully rescued her out of the tiger’s den. However, at that time, Jiang Xueqing only felt grateful to Qin Lang, but what she didn’t expect was after that time, Qin Lang didn’t come in front of her, and she was the one who was not able to endure it, on the contrary. She even got a little angry, she was habituated to having people revolve around her, this was the first time, she was ignored by someone.

Afterwards, Jiang Xueqing couldn’t help but take the initiative to talk to Qin Lang, but after learning that Qin Lang and Luo Bin were on good terms, her heart felt and indescribable sadness. Only then, she realized that she might be falling for Qin Lang. She was an independent girl, she knew what she should do to pursue her dreams, and she also knew how to fight for herself regarding her feelings.

With Luo Bin’s departure, Jiang Xueqing knew she had some chance, so she began creating opportunities to be in contact with Qin Lang.

“Iced cola ……. Can I have it?” Zhao Kan teasingly asked Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing shook her head embarrassedly, she was just about say sorry to Zhao Kan, who knew Qin Lang would give the iced cola to Zhao Kan: “Here, you can drink it, be less annoying!”

“This …… is not good, right?” Zhao Kan was only teasing, even if he was a blind person, he could see that Jiang Xueqing bought this cola especially for Qin Lang. If Qin Lang gave it to Zhao Kan, didn’t that mean Qin Lang didn’t accept Jiang Xueqing’s good intention? If it was really like that, Jiang Xueqing would definitely resent Zhao Kan to death.

“You want to drink, so drink!” Qin Lang directly put the opened cola within Zhao Kan’s hand.

Zhao Kan was indeed thirsty, but there was already a long queue in front of the snack store now, it won’t be easy to buy iced drinks, so he didn’t hesitate anymore and after saying thanks, he disappeared in an instant with the cola. While running, Zhao Kan still felt a strong resentment behind him.

“Qin Lang ——” Jiang Xueqing looked at Qin Lang with a sad look, her heart was getting really vexed, her original intention was to comfort Qin Lang, but she hadn’t thought Qin Lang would not feel grateful and even not accept the cola.

“Ah ……. I need to drink first!” Just when Jiang Xueqing’s anger was trying to flare-up, Qin Lang suddenly took the bottle of cola on her hand and gulped it down completely.

“You, this, cola ……. I had a drink from it just before.” Jiang Xueqing was vexed and angered, but right now, when she saw Qin Lang took the cola, which she had drank several mouthfuls, and finished it, that little anger vanished completely and was replaced by shyness.

“Really? Doesn’t matter, your saliva is not dirty.” Qin Lang randomly said, then he casually threw the bottle; the bottle drew a beautiful parabola, and fell in the trash bin that was beyond several meters away.

“Your throw is really accurate!” Jiang Xueqing exclaimed.

“Heh ……  I am usually too lazy, so I trained my throws.” Qin Lang gave a faint smile, he used the towel that Jiang Xueqing gave to wipe away his sweat, while walking towards the stairs beside the playground, “Want to take a seat?”

“Alright.” A sweet feeling was growing in Jiang Xueqing’s heart.

The two went to the stone stairs and sat on a grassy area, Qin Lang put the towel around his shoulders, then said to Jiang Xueqing: “For your good health, you need to drink less of iced cola in the future.”

“Only cola?”

“Iced drinks and any ice-cold stuffs should be taken less.” Because of the friendship Jiang Xueqing showed by giving the towel and the drink, Qin Lang felt it was necessary to remind her of some things.

Jiang Xueqing thought Qin Lang was concerned for her, she nodded her head: “Then, I will take this things as less as possible in the future.”

“It will be best if you don’t take these ice-cold stuffs. Moreover, you need to take note of nutrition.” Qin Lang used a doctor’s tone to remind Jiang Xueqing, but at Jiang Xueqing’s mind, she thought Qin Lang was concerned for her.

“Yes, I understand.” Jiang Xueqing agreed with a soft voice.

Qin Lang sensed there was something wrong with Jiang Xueqing’s voice, as he continued: “Sigh …... my meaning is that your blood and qi is insufficient, your body is in poor health, you need to pay special attention regarding the food you eat, if not you might fall sick.”

“Ah, you understand medical arts?” Jiang Xueqing’s star like bright eyes looked at Qin Lang.

Jiang Xueqing’s eyes were pure and untainted, as if it contained the exquisite beauty of mountains and forests, making Qin Lang unable to avoid looking at those two eyes for a while, then he said: “Yes, I understand a little bit. I learned it from a very amazing old chinese doctor.”

“Really? Then can you take a look at me?” Jiang Xueqing admiringly looked at Qin Lang, then she extended one arm to Qin Lang, “Doctor, you need to feel my pulse, right?”

Jiang Xueqing believed Qin Lang deliberately would use the method of feeling the pulse to approach her, so she happily extender her little hand.

Jiang Xueqing’s hand was snow-white like Jade, Qin Lang originally didn’t need to feel the pulse to make out Jiang Xueqing’s illness, but apparently demons and gods were at work, as Qin Lang put his fingers on Jiang Xueqing’s wrist, feeling her pulse.

After a while, Qin Lang said to Jiang Xueqing: “Not feeling the pulse would also have been okay, I didn’t think that the problem could be seen with just one pulse. It seems your body indeed has insufficient blood and qi, you need to properly take care of your health. Don’t doubt, if I haven’t made an error, your monthly menstruation is in disorder, right?”

Hearing Qin Lang, Jiang Xueqing’s face completely turned red, her face had become just like a red apple.

Such private matters, how could she have the nerve to discuss with Qin Lang, their current relation was far from being at such an intimate level, after all.

“Student Jiang Xueqing, you realize I am a doctor, right? No need to feel embarrassed.” Qin Lang assumed an appearance of an upright gentleman.

But whether he was an upright gentleman or not, only he, himself, knew.


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