Juvenile Medical God Chapter 98

5th of 6 guaranteed chapters.

Chapter 98 Getting whatever one wants

“Well, my …….. menstruation indeed has some disorders. But when I went to the hospital, they said there were no big problems.” Jiang Xueqing said in a low voice.

“There are no big problems now, but if you don’t pay attention, this small problem will become a big problem.” Qin Lang said, seriously, “Your qi and blood are insufficient, which is causing disorders in your menstruation, you need to take in a lot of qi and blood repairing food, like Jujubes, white mushroom, longan, papaya, oats and such foods. Moreover, don’t take in ice-cold stuffs, if not the pain will be unbearable during your menstruation period.”

“How do you know there will be pain during my menstruation period?” Jiang Xueqing was astounded.

“I am a doctor.” Qin Lang released Jiang Xueqing’s wrist, “Remember, eat a lot of qi and blood repairing foods and pay attention to nutrition. Actually, it is simple, just eat a lot of nutritional food.”

“Eating a lot of food ……” Jiang Xueqing seemed to feel embarrassed.

“What? Is eating food painful?” Qin Lang was puzzled.

“Eating a lot means becoming fat.” Jiang Xueqing said in a low voice, “If I really become fat, it will have a lot of influence when I take art exam and during interviews.”

“Nonsense, you are not fat all, you are too thin, on the contrary.” Qin Lang persuaded patiently, “Furthermore, if you need to lose weight for art, becoming a morbid beauty, will there still be any meaning to such morbid art? Believe me, no matter fat or thin, quickly replenish your nourishment. Otherwise, before you pass the entrance exam, your body will collapse.”

“Okay, I understand.” Seeing Qin Lang so agitated, Jiang Xueqing hurriedly agreed.

“Oh, Qin Lang, I heard Luo Bin has gone to America to study?” Jiang Xueqing pretended to have carelessly brought up this topic.

“Yes, it seems she is going to Harvard, it is a very good University, she should be able to achieve her dreams” Qin Lang calmly said, his tone showed faint reluctance, however.

“Yes, people should pursue after their dreams. Moreover, she is only going for study, you will have chance to meet again.” Jiang Xueqing comforted.

“Yes, that’s right. There will be chance to meet again.” Qin Lang agreed, then he stood up and returned the towel to Jiang Xueqing, “Thank you for the drink and the towel, I still have some matters, so I am leaving first.”

“Alright, let’s chat some other time.” Jiang Xueqing held that towel, and her mood was somewhat complicated as she spoke.

Just when Qin Lang stood up, he gazed far away because he had kept on feeling like someone was observing him.

However, there were countless high buildings around the playground, and although Qin Lang’s eyesight was stronger than ordinary people, he couldn’t make out any issues.

Qin Lang thought that it was his misconception, hence he turned around and walked towards the school cafeteria.

However, at this moment, on a room of a high building east of the playground, there were two youths observing the Seven Mid’s playground through telescope. One looked to be twenty seven-twenty eight, he had long hair and was emitting tyrannical aura from all over his body; another was a eighteen-nineteen years old short haired youth, he was tall and sturdy, his height was at least over one hundred and ninety centimeters, and he was emitting a domineering feeling.

“Yang bro, that kid was the one who got rid of your father? It doesn’t look like he has three heads and six arms.” The short haired youth observed through the telescope, “Instead, the girl beside him is very awesome, much more better than the girls in our class, tsk tsk~”

“Qing Jun, don’t underestimate him. Even though, I didn’t like that devilish father of mine, I know his kungfu was very good. Otherwise, the gang’s boss would not have let him come to Xiayang city’s urban areas to start ‘business’. However, this kid will be suffering very soon, he actually snatched my stuff, I will let him experience a hundred times worse pain!” An Yang said with full of hatred.

“How, Yang bro? What do you have in mind?” Qing Jun asked, “Could it be that you also want to kill his father?”

“Yes, the hatred of father’s murder and seizing of the wife, gives the worst pain to a person. Hence, I want him to 一一taste it both, however, I need to get rid of his women first.”

“Yang bro, this woman is pretty awesome, killing her would be a pity. How about you hand her to me?” Qing Jun had a lustful smile on his face, “Didn’t you say ‘hatred of having wife seized’ was painful? I will seize his girl, and throw her away after having fun with her, wouldn’t it make him feel more pain?”

“Fine, deal with that girl.” An Yang indifferently said, “But, he still has one more girl, I saw her at Seven Mid’s entrance gate, she looked pretty good, I really want to deflower her, but I really don’t have the heart to do it.”

“Yang bro, how about you give them both to me?” Qing Jun gave an evil smile.

“First settle this and then speak.” said An Yang, “That girl’s family background is somewhat amazing, don’t go take the risk. Just wait for me to send a ‘big gift’ to her.”

An Yang had just finished speaking, when his mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone: “Okay, prepare good fresh flowers to deliver to her …… moron, use that Qin Lang’s name and she will definitely receive it personally! Be sure that she personally receives it!”


Qin Lang said he had some matters, but it was only an excuse.

Regarding Jiang Xueqing, Qin Lang had good opinions but it was only limited to good opinions. One couldn’t deny that Jiang Xueqing was a beauty with character, but Qin Lang didn’t love her, and there were also no childhood sweethearts feelings like with Luo Bin, so in Qin Lang’s heart, Jiang Xueqing was someone to appreciate, but not someone to go make contact with.

After Jiang Xueqing left, Qin Lang was planning to go to the cafeteria to eat evening meal, but his mobile phone rang.

This call was from Wu Wenxiang; because his mother had a headache, he was calling Qin Lang to come take a look. The esteemed elder had received only pain from eating western medicines previously, but ever since Qin Lang cured her rheumatism, she had a superstitious degree of faith in Qin Lang’s medical skills, hence when she got a headache now, she first thought of Qin Lang.

Not to mention, the kind of official rank Wu Wenxiang had, his moral character was also pretty good, and was a filial son, so he immediately contacted Qin Lang.

“Little Qin, I have asked the driver to receive you, come over for dinner.” Wu Wenxiang was very polite.

“Can you ask Chen Jinyong to come receive me?” Qin Lang was someone who held grudges; previously, he had asked Chen Jinyong for help, but this guy unexpectedly took bureaucratic tone with Qin Lang, so now that there was a chance, Qin Lang naturally wanted to put Chen Jinyong in order.

“Okay.” Wu Wenxiang agreed to Qin Lang’s demand. Anyway, in Wu Wenxiang’s eyes, Chen Jinyong’s position was not much higher than a driver.

Although Chen Jinyong was already a deputy department head now and had his own driver, he didn’t dare to not listen to Wu Wenxiang’s words. Because his future prospects rested in Wu Wenxiang’s hands, if mayor Wu was not happy, firing a deputy department head was as easy as turning the hand.

Chen Jinyong was not an idiot, when he received Wu Wenxiang’s instructions, he felt something was odd and after carefully thinking, he recalled that Qin Lang had called him previously, but he had clearly neglected it, it was most likely that Qin Lang had a complaint against him.

With a perturbed heart, Chen Jinyong drove the car to the boys dormitory entrance gate, then he phoned Qin Lang.

“Oh, you are Chen Jinyong ……. wait a moment, I will come after taking a bath.” Qin Lang said and hung up the phone.


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