Juvenile Medical God Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 Not dare to neglect

However, over twenty minutes already passed and Qin Lang was still not out. Chen Jinyong was worried Wu Wenxiang would flare-up due to waiting so long, so he called Qin Lang once again, who could have guessed Qin Lang’s reply: “Why are you so anxious! The bath water has still not heated, electric water heaters really are no good …….”

Chen Jinyong was starting to feel like exploding, he had finally realized that Qin Lang deliberately was punishing him. However, he didn’t dare to flare-up towards Qin Lang, because Qu Wenxiang’s instruction to him was: “Ask Qin Lang to please come to my house.”

The leader had paid particular attention to his wordings. ‘Bring[接]’ and ‘please[请]’ had completely different meanings.

As a person who worked for the leader, Chen Jinyong was very good at figuring out the important details, those that were able to make Mayor Wu use the word ‘please[请]’, were definitely not people that could be neglected, let alone offended. But, this showed that Chen Jinyong had offended Qin Lang.

Originally, Chen Jinyong had thought Qin Lang was only a relative of Wu Wenxiang, and adding to that, with the recent promotion, he was immeasurably satisfied, so he hadn’t thought he would have to extremely regret his careless offense against Qin Lang. So-called to be in the king's company is tantamount to living with a tiger, though Chen Jinyong was a trusted aide of Wu Wenxiang, he clearly understood if he really angered Wu Wenxiang, he might not even consider his previous merits.

Time passed rapidly, Chen Jinyong felt like he was sitting on pins and needles in the car. After thinking for a while, he finally got out of the car, and walked to Qin Lang’s dorm with large strides. Reaching the dorm’s door, Chen Jinyong knocked and opened the door, but what he saw was that Qin Lang wasn’t taking a bath, he was playing games with Zhao Kan, instead.

Chen Jinyong was furious, but he spoke very deferentially: “Sir Qin, it is getting late, why not take a bath after you return?”

“How is that okay? I just returned from physical education period, my whole body is covered in stinky sweat.” Qin Lang continued to play games while dealing with Chen Jinyong.

“........ Sir Qin, it was my mistake regarding the afternoon’s matter ……”

“Alright. Since the bathing water hasn’t heated, I will take a bath when I return.” Qin Lang stopped this show, before it went too far. He only wanted Chen Jinyong to have a good attitude, make him understand that he was not someone who could be neglected. Since Chen Jinyong already yielded, Qin Lang also didn’t want to delve into this.

“Great, let’s quickly go, before the mayor waits for too long.” Chen Jinyong inwardly gave a sigh of relief. Since Qin Lang said this, it meant he wouldn’t accuse Chen Jinyong in front of Wu Wenxiang.

After Qin Lang got in the car, Chen Jinyong quickly drove the car towards the mayor’s residence.

While driving, Chen Jinyong even rushed through several red lights, but he was not worried there would be any police that would dare to give him a violation ticket.

After driving at top speed, Chen Jinyong dropped off Qin Lang at Wu Wenxiang’s house gate. Old lady Yan opened the door and when she saw Qin Lang, she happily said: “Little Qin, you came! Aiya, I am embarrassed for looking for you again, I didn’t waste your study time, right? ……”

Seeing Old lady Yan’s attitude towards Qin Lang, cold sweat appeared on Chen Jinyong’s back: This esteemed elder’s attitude to Qin Lang is too good! If this kid had decided to be cooped up in the dorm today, he, Chen Jinyong definitely would be out of luck!

What made Chen Jinyong embarrassed was that he was completely ignored by old lady Yan who pulled Qin Lang aside for the treatment.

“Little Chen, thanks for your trouble. I originally wanted to make the driver go to pick Qin Lang, but little Qin is an honored guest, so I could only ask you to rush over.” Wu Wenxiang smilingly said to Chen Jinyong, smiling; his tone seemed to be praising Chen Jinyong but his words held a hidden meaning, what made Chen Jinyong really frightened and tremble with fear were the two words ‘honored guest’.

Qin Lang didn’t notice what Chen Jinyong was feeling at the moment. He checked old lady Yan’s situation, and found that the esteemed elder only had a slight migraine, and there was no need for a prescription. He massaged several acupressure points in her head and neck area, which immediately improved her symptoms greatly.

“Little Qin, there really are no words to describe your medical skills! Without any acupuncture treatment and prescription, my head already doesn’t ache anymore.” Old lady Yan couldn’t help praising Qin Lang again, after which she spoke again, “Little Qin, if you officially start to examine patients as a doctor, there will definitely be a long line of people to visit you —— Wenxiang, tell me if it is true or not?”

“True, True.” Wu Wenxiang repeatedly nodded his head, no matter what was said, Qin Lang’s medical skills really were excellent. Not only did he cure the rheumatism that had disturbed his mother for many years, Wu Wenxiang himself also knew from experience; the last time, the ‘bruise’ he got when he went to Pure Beauty Bay had already completely healed under Qin Lang’s treatment, and even boosting his male vigor, not only did he thoroughly say goodbye to the little blue pills(viagra), it even seemed like he had gotten younger by several years. It was to the extent that he was impatiently trying to find a girlfriend these days, because with his previous frightening experience, he didn’t dare to go to those red-light districts anymore.

“If I settle and see to the patients, I am afraid that before my butt even warms up, Industrial and Commercial bureau’s, and health bureau’s people will have me arrested. Esteemed elder, I don’t even have the certificate to practice medicine, how could I go and see patients.” Qin Lang joked.

“Who dares to arrest you!? This old lady will not spare them! Though there are a lot of doctors at present, there are not even a few who have true skills. Little Qin, if you open a clinic, I will back you up, let’s see who dares to hassle you!” Old lady Yan was actually protecting Qin Lang, her heart was pure and simple, she only knew that Qin Lang’s medical skills were good and had treated her illness, so she had to return this favor.

“Mother, don’t interfere with this. What little Qin said is correct, the country has policies, without the certificate to practice medicine, how could anyone officially treat the patients —— nevermind, no need to talk about these stuffs, let’s eat first, little Qin also should be hungry.” said Wu Wenxiang.

“Yes, I really am hungry.” Qin Lang was not polite.

“You know policies? Little Qin doesn’t have any medical certificate but he treated my illness, could it be you want to arrest him?” Old lady Yan was somewhat angry.

“Esteemed elder, no need to get angry, I was only joking. Moreover, I don’t want to officially see patients at the present, I am still a student, I still need to learn and enter a university, right?” Qin Lang said, smiling.

“Right, how could I forget. You still need to enter university, still need to date, and only then get married and settle down.” Old lady Yan prattled on.

“Exactly. Anyway, I am afraid it will be hard to permanently cure your headache, as this is an illness of the old age. But, I will tell you of some acupuncture points, you just need to massage these acupuncture points when you have a headache, and it will be cured without having to take any medicines.”

“Wait a moment, I also want to observe, mother, if you have headache, I will be able to help you.” Wu Wenxiang took the advantage to show his filial piety.

“Your thoughts will do, you are the mayor, where would you have so much time …… let’s eat now.”

“Yes, let’s eat first.”


After the dinner, Qin Lang told old lady Yan of the several acupressure points of the head and neck areas, then when the esteemed elder started watching television, Wu Wenxiang called Qin Lang to the study room, he spoke to Qin Lang: “I really hadn’t thought you would have opened the company so quickly. However, why haven’t you conducted business yet?”

“Several companies came to discuss business with us, but I know these people came only to give you face. Moreover, currently, the company is conducting a special training for the staffs, I hope this can completely change their mental attitude. Also, we cannot conduct business in a rush, if not the company reputation would be smashed, right?”

Qin Lang’s reply made Wu Wenxiang look at him much more highly: “Not bad, you have such thoughts, I hadn’t even thought of that. If you can make these society gangsters turn over a new leaf, that would be a great contribution. Keep it up, so long as you don’t do anything that breaks the law, I will support you! —— That’s right, there is something, recently my that side is getting too excited, is there any problems?”

As far as Wu Wenxiang was concerned, this originally was a good thing, but recently, even with a look at a pretty woman, he would get the urge to prosper. Especially when he had to face his female subordinates in uniform, every time he saw these women, he could only cross one leg over the other to conceal the excitement, this was really annoying him.

“There is no problem.” said Qin Lang, “This is because of the improvement in your physique. What, you feel this is not good? If you feel it’s not good, I can find some ways …….”

“Good, it is a good thing. Sigh, it seems it is time to find someone, to avoid holding back the problem ……” Wu Wenxiang talked to himself aloud.


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