MP Glossary




杨开 - Kai Yang: The MC in this story, he is a trial disciple at the Sky  Tower Sect working as a lowly sweeper.

周定军 - Zhou Ding Jun: An Ordinary Disciple at the Tempered Body fifth stage

十数丈 - Shi Shu Zhang:

夏凝裳 - Xia Ning Chang: A Dark Hall Disciple in charge of keeping tabs of      activities in her area

梦掌柜 - Treasurer Meng: XNC’s master and a sleazy old geezer

苏木- Su Mu: A Fellow Disciple at the Sky Tower Sect.

十一长老 - Eleventh Elder → Mysterious elder for now

成少峰 - Cheng Shao Feng → Storm House → DEAD

胡媚儿 - Hu Mei Er → Blood Group

胡娇儿 - Hu Jiao Er → Mei Er’s elder sister.


Minor People


李云天 - Li Yun Tian : Su Mu’s follower

苏颜 - Su Yan

怒涛 - Nu Tao DEAD


Place Names


Inside Sky Tower

凌霄阁 - Sky Tower/Pavilion : One of the two major sects in the _______ area, currently attended by the MC.

贡献堂 - Contribution Hall: A place at the Sky Tower Sect where Disciples trade Contribution points they have earned, either through work or by challenging other Disciples, for various necessities in the path of cultivation.

杂事处 - General Affairs Office:  

困龙涧 - Destitute Dragon Stream

长老会 - The Council


Various groups:

凌霄閣 - Sky Tower Pavilion

风雨楼 - Storm House

箫若寒 - Xiao Ruo Han → Head

血战帮 - Blood Group

胡蛮 - Hu Man → Head


Other Places


黑风山 - Black Wind Mountain: A mountain near the Sky Tower Sect that is inhabited by many beasts, it is also a place where rare herbs grow.

黑风林 - Black Wind Forest

困龙涧 - Coiling Dragon Stream


趟凌霄 - Tang Ling Sect

乌梅镇 - Black Plum Village: A village in the ________ area that caters to the needs of the cultivators from the two major sects as well as the smaller sects in the area.

风雨楼 - Windy Rain Sect: The other major sect in the ______ area.


Martial Ranks

Tempered body : This is the beginning stage for cultivators, it is divided into 9 stages


  • 5th stage → 气感 - Atmospheric sense
  • 7th stage → 元气 - World Qi
      • 武技 - Martial Skills → Able to cultivate them now

开元境 - Initial Element Stage

  • 周天 -  Zhou Tian?

气动境 - Qi Transforming Stage

离合境 - Separation and Reunion Boundary

真元境 - True Element Boundary

神游境 - Immortal Ascension Boundary


Martial Terms

神识 - Divine Sense

穴中 - Chestal acupuncture point

淬体 - Tempered Body

经脉 - Meridians

天地之桥 - Heaven and Earth Bridge

真阳诀 - True Yang Tactics

阳源印 - Origin of Yang

 阳液 - Yang Liquid

淬体篇 - Tempered Body Record

淬体篇拳脚 - Tempered body fist


Martial Skills

身法武技 - Bodily Martial Skill


Sky Tower Disciple Ranks


普通弟子 - Ordinary Disciple: Upon entering the sect a disciple has three years to show acceptable progress and be accepted by an elder/teacher within the sect and increase their standing. During this time they are an Ordinary Disciple.

试炼弟子 - Trial Disciple: If a Disciple does not show sufficient progress in three years they are demoted to a Trial/Experimental Disciple. These Disciples have exceedingly low standing within the sect and are not provided for at all. Though, this is of your own choosing.

下弟子 - Lower Base Disciple

精英弟子 - Elite Disciple

核心弟子 - Core Disciple

暗堂弟子 - Dark Hall Disciple: They are each given an area of jurisdiction where they are responsible for the recording of duels and other things.


Demonic Beast Rankings


一级 - First Realm

蜘蛛妖兽 - Demon Spider Beast


Weapon Ranks


凡级 - Ordinary Grade


Medicine/Herb Ranks


灵果 - Spirit Fruit

灵草 - Spirit Grass

灵树 - Spirit Tree


凡级 - Ordinary Grade

  • 三叶残魂花 - Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower (Lower)
  • 绝地枯木草 - Dead Jedi Tree Grass (Lower)

地级 - Earth Grade

  • 血灵芝 - Blood Mushroom (Lower)
  • 天元果 - Tianyuan Fruit (Lower)
  • 三阳果 - Three Sun’s Fruit (Lower)

天级 - Heaven Grade

玄级 - Mystery Grade

灵级 - Spirit Grade

圣级 - Saint Grade

Divided into lower, middle and peak levels.  




枚丹药 - Red pellet

凝血祛瘀膏 - Blood Clotting Cream

小回元丹 - Small returning pellet

阳炎石 - Bright Yang Stone

洗髓丹 - Essence Developer Pill


List of Volumes

Volume 1 Sky Tower – Chapters 1-116

Volume 2 Showing off one’s ability – Chapters 117-217

Volume 3 Rising Fame – Chapters 218 - 365

Volume 4 Tables are turned, Yang won the entropy war – 366-614

Volume 5 Exotic Foreign Land – Chapters 615-982

Volume 6 Star – Chapters 983-1926

Volume 7 Astral – 1927-?