MP Volume 1 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 - The written challenge

The next day, Kai Yang was awoken by a light knocking on his door.

By the time he had crawled out of bed and opened the door, there was nobody outside. But in the distance, a familiar body figure could be seen rapidly running away.

Li Yun Tian’s figure!

(TL: He didn’t die. ED: Sadly)

What is this guy up to? Perplexed, Kai Yang didn’t know what to think until he noticed a letter had been placed on his doorstep. Opening the letter, he read the contents and was unsure whether to laugh or cry.

There were a few words written on the letter however they were written in blood.

Dear senior brother, long time no see. I hope that senior brother would be generous enough to comply to this junior brother’s wishes and come to Black Wind Forest.

Bright red these words were, there could be no doubt these words were written in blood. He just didn’t know whether it was chicken blood or a person's blood, however Kai Yang was certain it was not Su Mu’s.

On the back, there was another row of words and these were far more crude and vulgar than the first message.

If you have the guts, then come!

These couple of words conveyed the great arrogance of the writer, clearly displaying the extreme hatred the writer had while simultaneously acting as provocation.

It was probably because Su Mu was afraid that his invitation would be rejected by Kai Yang, so he added an extra sentence on the back to attempt to provoke him into action. Young people were often hot-blooded and Su Mu had experienced this many times already. He was already long used to this and was very experienced with regards to using it to his advantage.

Scrunching up the bloody letter in his hand, Kai Yang slowly shook his head.

In regards to Su Mu’s provocation, Kai Yang didn’t take it too seriously. Perhaps Su Mu really had some grudge against him, but Kai Yang was different; his mentality was different, his goal was different. With regards to these type of small scale issues, Kai Yang only treated them as an opportunity to measure his development and aid him in his training.

Although the first few meetings between him and Su Mu were unpleasant affairs, through his constant interactions with him later, Kai Yang had discovered that Su Mu wasn’t really that bad. He just had major dandyism issues.

If you were to develop good relations with this type of person, then they would treat you really well. But if you were to become enemies, they would become like maggots on rotting bones, pestering you to no end.

These past few days, he hadn’t seen a hint of Su Mu’s group, they were probably hiding from him. He didn’t know why they suddenly wanted to duel him again and came running over to issue a letter of challenge.

Originally, Kai Yang didn’t want to pay too much attention to Su Mu, but when he was doing his daily sweeping he thought about the challenge and decided to go.

Su Mu was undoubtedly a petty person, and had chosen to ignore the Main Gate’s rules with regards to issuing a  challenge and instead used a letter to issue his challenge. He probably intended to make his fight a group one rather than an individual one as per the Main Gate’s rules.

The selected location also raised many questions. Black Wind Forest was located at the base of the Black Wind Mountains, it was a pine forest and as such a great place to dispose of a person.

Although the group of people who hung out with Su Mu didn’t number that many, only Su Mu had reached the tempered body ninth stage. Li Yun Tian was at the tempered body seventh stage, while the rest were either at the fifth or sixth stages. Kai Yang didn’t know whether or not he could win, but he really needed a proper battle in order to fully understand his current progress. Not the kind that disciples usually held!

Currently, Su Mu was personally waiting on Sky Tower’s road towards the Black Wind Forest, not a single person was hidden in ambush. He stood there valiantly, full of vigor he stood there.

When he thought about his failure a few nights ago, his fully unconscious embarrassing state, Su Mu’s face became really ugly. That night, he didn’t even know what had happened, all his fellow disciple brothers who had come with him to Kai Yang’s small wooden hut had fainted suddenly. It had happened all too suddenly and mysteriously.

It wasn’t until the next morning, that they managed to wake up. Although it was summer and sleeping outside wouldn’t do them any harm, there were still a lot of mosquitoes. When they woke up, everybody felt like a couple of hundred bumps had formed all over their bodies; an unfathomable amount of mosquitoes had bitten them and drank their blood while they dreamt.

(TLer: Here come da mozzies, ;))

The following couple of days, Su Mu’s group had all been bedridden and were in a extremely weakened state.

After they had healed, all the disciple Su Mu had taken under his wing had run away from Sky Tower. If they couldn’t afford to offend Kai Yang, then why couldn’t they run away instead?

Yesterday when he was informed that Li Yun Tian had learnt his first martial skill, Su Mu’s flame of revenge was once again ignited. So he sent Li Yun Tian to give Kai Yang a letter of challenge with the fight to be held in Black Wind forest.

The reason why this duel wasn’t held in Sky Tower was because Su Mu didn’t have a lot of faith in Li Yun Tian. If Li Yun Tian were to once again lose to Kai Yang miserably, then the remaining people would flock to spectate. What Main Gate rules, to hell with the rules, for he only wanted to beat Kai Yang until he looked like a pig. If he couldn’t release this resentment within him, then he would surely lose his head.

Just as he was thinking about this, Li Yun Tian hurriedly rushed over.

“Did you deliver it?” Su Mu asked, a fierce light in his eyes.


“Good, then let’s wait for that bastard to come.”

There he waited, but no matter how long he waited, Kai Yang did not appear. Su Mu’s face showed his impatience as he paced about before finally asking: “Could it be that, that bastard didn’t have the courage to come here?”

Just as he swore, Li Yun Tian cried out abruptly. “Young master Su, someone is walking over here.”

“Eh?” His mind shaking, for he thought that Kai Yang had really come over in search of death. When he went to look, the person who was walking over was not Kai Yang.

“Young master Su, it’s people from the Storm House.” Li Yun Tian reported as he continued to observe the approaching group. “And the lead person seems to be Cheng Shao Feng!”

“Cheng Shao Feng?” Su Mu’s expression became cold as he turned his head to look at the incoming group. It really was Storm House’s Cheng Shao Feng who was leading a group of people, they arrogantly approach Su Mu.

“Young master Su, do you want to take a walk and avoid them?” Li Yun Tian asked hesitatingly, for he knew that between Su Mu and that Cheng Shao Feng, there was some history. Both of them were cultivators at the peak of the tempered body stage and had crossed paths many times over these past years, with about the same amount of wins and losses belonging to each. If they were to meet right now, there would certainly be some friction.

“Avoid what?” Su Mu responded coldly: “Does he have the qualifications to make this lord move for him?”

Li Yun Tian didn’t reply, for he knew that this matter was related to one’s face for these two. Su Mu was a very proud person, how could he possibly move aside for another? But the number of people in the opposite party was quite a lot, so if they really started to fight then his side would suffer.

As they were speaking, Cheng Shao Feng had already spotted them from afar, and his expression immediately became cheery and he said some things to the people following behind him. Their pace noticeably hastened.

Not long after, the two parties met up with each other. Although Su Mu’s group was occupying the road that lead to Black Wind Forest, this road was a four-way intersection that also lead to the residences of Storm House and the Blood Group. It also continued throughout the whole of Sky Tower and it’s various buildings.

With the positioning of Su Mu’s group, it was equivalent to blocking Cheng Shao Feng’s path.

“I didn’t know who it was that dared to block my way, but it turns out it was actually Su Mu!” Walking up, Cheng Shao Feng looked down at Su Mu in contempt while sizing him up. His voice was slightly mystifying.

Su Mu just rolled his eyes and continued to stand there with a back as straight as a javelin stick. He wasn’t even in the mood to bother with him.

This blatant disregard made Cheng Shao Feng somewhat displeased.

“Ge, ge, ge, younger brother Cheng, they are ignoring you.” A tender voice sounded, it was pleasant to hear, but gave one a unrestrained feeling.

Following the sound of the voice, Su Mu looked over to see a lovely looking young lady standing behind Cheng Shao Feng. This young lady wore a loose jacket with a hint of her pink shoulder showing, while emitting a porcelain doll-like aura. Her skirt barely covered her bottom, revealing half of her **, her white legs were also revealed and her jade-like feet were enclosed in a pair of wooden shoes. Small and exquisite jewel like sparkling fingers were  accompanied by a pair of seductive eyes.


p.s. The author actually wrote ** in the raws, so I don’t really know or want to know what ** means, I want to keep my innocence. And I’m already hating Cheng Shao Feng and that girl with all my heart now. Kai Yang hurry up and appear to help Su Mu beat up these pompous people!


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